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Bernadette australian scientists


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Bernadette australian scientists

  1. 1. Fiona Wood
  2. 2. Outline the Areas in Which They are Currently Working• Plastic surgery.• Director of Western Australia Burns Service and Royal Perth Hospital – burns unit.• Since saving around 30 people from the Bali Bombings, she has assisted in medical response for burns victims.• Invented “spray-on” skin for burns victims.
  3. 3. Information About Their Research• “Spray-on” skin. – Still being developed. – Used to take 21 days to produce enough cells to cover burns, her method only took 5 days. – Scarring was reduced when skin was available within 10 days.• Stem cell influence in burn healing. – Healing burn wounds contain bone marrow.
  4. 4. Information About Their Research• Genetics of scarring. – Samples of DNA are being collected to identify genetics of scar outcomes.• Keloid scars. – Can come from insect bites, acne, burns, etc. – There is current research on treatment to prevent these scars, including: • Standard treatment with an injection. • An anti-calcium drug.
  5. 5. How does Their Work Impact Society and/or the Environment?• Her work increased the knowledge of other scientists especially in the areas of: – Tissue engineering. – Skin culturing.• New methods are being developed from her own.• Able to help more burns victims recover in an efficient way.
  6. 6. Barry Marshall
  7. 7. Outline the Areas in Which They are Currently Working• Medicine, microbiology. – Professor of Clinical Microbiology at University of Western Australia.• Working on linking Heliobacter pylori infection and stomach cancer.• Continuing research of Influenza.• Research of Cytomegalovirus.
  8. 8. Information About Their Research• Cytomegalovirus. – Double stranded DNA virus. – Studies of the gene function. – Effects of genetic variations in virus immune evasion.• Environmental pathogens. – Working on a tropical bacteria infection from Northern Australia and Southeast Asia. – Genotyping for bacterial infections.
  9. 9. Information About Their Research• Heliobacter pylori infection. – Has proved that this bacteria causes most stomach ulcers. – Some patients may not be cured with ‘over-the-counter’ drugs.
  10. 10. How does Their Work Impact Society and/or the Environment?• Knowledge of bacterial pathogens in the: – Intestine. – Environment.• Knowledge of Heliobacter pylori. – New vaccines and treatments being developed over time.• New research of Cytomegalovirus from other scientists.