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Alexandra Duff

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  1. 1. ADAPTIONS OF THE KOALAFeature Function & how does it help the animal adapt to its environment.Thick coats of fur The koalas located in the southern states of Australia are found to have thicker and shagger fur compared to the koalas found in the north of Australia. This is because the fur is to help the koalas keep warm in the colder nights and in the freezing winters.Pear shaped body Koalas have a pear shaped bodies to provide stability for the koala when they are sittigng or laying in trees.Opposable thumbs and rough palms The Koala species are born with opposable thumbs and toes. This helps the Koala hold a tighter grip on the tree they are climbing and the rough pads on the under surface of the hands and feet of the koala help create more traction between the koala and the tree.Large sized ears and nose The large size ears are very sensitive helping the koala to detect movement around them. The large nose on the koalas face helps them to distinguish the best bunches of eucalyptus leaves from the branch.
  2. 2. Adaptions of the Eucalyptus TreeThick trunk- The Eucalyptus tree built witha think trunk to support its height andweight of the tree.Green leaves- To provide food for itselfand animals that are consumers of thatplant.