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Journal 1


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Journal 1

  1. 1. BATMAN GREATEST DElECT'. /EQ I oArzl<. saeoolilc. HERO wnll A VENDETTA AGAINST INJUSHCE 8 SUPERPOll€RS. -Human Mind 05 G ‘Wits wemllt «wt ‘“t°'l>°Ws Hit Pl»l‘: ’SlCA9L. SRENGTH CIW‘! using MS in pg, detective s<rllS, $LlQncQ 0h<i ‘tQ(. i"flOig&33. -susmctous Aim LNTRUSTING or EVER gxccet H15 tsutttlz NEED. JERY ‘~lULNEl? AbL£ T0 SQCRET IDENUIY EXPOSURE. lNiELLE. Cl' AND Plllskwc PERFECUON «. EA? ~N l/ Alum or (DIME F16.-n1NC: sl<IL; s. Lnccuotue CHEMISTRY. (R1MlNOL06‘l , FOiEi. 'SiC§ , vlAl2i1AL Allis. &i'i. vlwstlc. s . o1$eut£ . -‘N3 ESCAPE i’/ ‘RTIJ TRY. ' - 65 NIU5. SUPER DEDUCTIVE SKILLS. AMERICAN E51LLtC>i~lA1lti: PLAYBOY "
  2. 2. iililfililii Ellilllil[ll§lil5llEEi H_rli’< ' BLACK , ’ sviolit HEIGHT ‘ G22’ , BODY r FIGURE _ Sm lvyTERlALS : S, iEEL~ToEl> , HARDENED LEATHEQ ‘NE 16Hl= 21ClLSS 195(6)
  3. 3. ":32 his clbrlilltlzs ind sperm ti»: rest of Hit. Me fiq'r“lrCj tbz fatal :2’ mi ' “alts SLJYF p¢r. t>io{§u~‘t sufftf ‘hi: way it had to wiser. he lost his pctrwrits i ii. 1.» ix“ l. I . iilaa9:liill (realm Boa Kant and lit! Finger drew 4-am 3 racing of ruiuzu In mating in or‘ nul txxlmon dsarodtr . aiuudi 1 tlkalo anew l. '!iM. §}§(iEQ -Tm si-new hKb mamd Batman‘: cloak, dual ldilrlmg and rl¢. m’ing abilities NRME‘ Batman's norm comes From no historical Fvuoor-l hgtdti-3 ting ‘frat who Baum :91 Bruce .0: King 3., “ sf §, _.tlcilcl. Fnr the sun-lam: . Fingtr ccocrvqlx-) oonnwtd ‘item Nttkuy, "Mod Anthony “Mayne. 11 5;-jgxfir general and Here NM 1914-) huge; Fqrbrwrs find: T-oé Msk OF who -W0 mam his uealtng orlxv ego j>Tru 15130 km ‘Tut Bit Nttl: [I[R}', whidn .4“ red his (“turn out ' but identlz; ‘r. EONI¢Rl)o EA mu‘: diagram of Wu 'uvlnfl*vi: ptr" {lama dgwe‘ wNd lmrnrrd his wings. 'g. "tk* lvvnricah rmoiimcnxg ‘Na lHl3lUlitll Bdtrmr. sine serif idmrtg cvtbrure wojrvz on »‘-mncm millionaire, lr~dusfnailsl. drd prilalittveplsi hating ~‘rn. sud the murder at his permit .1‘; J ; hi. <'. .hr. swim: «avenge an u? mmaLt. drl oath tempered with ‘ma grtatlzr ideal at ’ju: tlce. ile liuins himself him phgsicallg and ln‘. lille<Iuall, mil cam in 'r>dt~ihiimzd tlnitimz in order to "rlgr‘- crime» ‘Mike moat gjpuhcreu , ‘me doesriot posses mg sqxzrpoonrs ', l’t2 malts use oi human mind , '.¢clnd. ogq and weqnh in -{is contlrvucu: war crime
  4. 4. .-"-1 . Jl: CT §. V.; :KL To | _fi'v': , s.LL(t'7 ~ uzrwre u~, a-,3: _ K ‘:5 3'5, . , : _; .2 _. , _ _, n‘. -I)’ -. ;}'*" ""‘—)—‘*--‘-"K}‘c‘. f“ -2- . ._ {TA ~»__v, ~;_ . ~ u I 551%, ‘: ‘V/ x<. “‘ J , 1_ , “Ln; u=&Rifs4:. 'arr~ S’. r-saw
  5. 5. C‘ BA‘, C NU Tap UAJSTRUCT ”H/6 «mm; ” ‘ ". us UALLY ’ 5T14t. ‘h'€§ B e 14-/ tau (gm uue we so u5£ rm; KULI nay As‘ A Eibleflflb amae EARS am >’«. sep, rog, ,, To £MPHns/ “W0” :2.. .“ ,1 ele-IMP‘ U up. exnessw 5a7roM E’ “"2 who» Mos/ V" 45 77‘-"' Dou'f PL/7 In Paw "”mZ""i'a H I Nlglbflrw Look KIIIDA Pakfl. ‘Mr, --.1,, ¢y y n: mm wvnué *3? I H use tuea § Lane 1; 4—rr eels W ‘Ml: ‘MY )1 any: £61 89114 £415 New / N pklflnlé -0