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Third Sector Alliance Pdf Brochure


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Property, Procurement VAT & Gift Aid specialists working exclusively in the charity, non profit and voluntary sector.

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Third Sector Alliance Pdf Brochure

  1. 1. The Problem : The Economic Downturn The recession has taken its toll on most organisations — charities, voluntary and community organisations are no exception. The UK Giving 2009 survey published recently by the Charities Aid Foundation and National Council for Voluntary Organisations found that total charitable donations to the UK’s 170,000 or so charities have dropped by about 11% in the past year to £9.9bn. While this may not sound like much, the impact, in many cases, has been severe. A large number of charities have had to make job cuts and other cost savings at the exact time - during a recession - when their services are in demand. It is the fate of charities to be needed most when there is least to give. This is emphasised by a survey carried out by the Charity Commission who has reported that 4 in 10 charities or non-profit organisations have been hit by the economic downturn and 58% of charitable organisations claimed to have experienced a downturn in income. CHOOSE THE WAY FORWARD | 01
  2. 2. The Solution : How to reduce overhead The positive aspect is that some charities have found new opportunities. Well in fact, 32% of the charities surveyed said they have taken steps to combat the effects of the recession. What can be done to tackle such critical financial pressures? Third Sector Alliance specialises in the third sector by providing straight rent reduction, improvement to lease terms and other property & procurement services. We have a strong track record of assisting tenants that require improved lease terms and greater flexibility. Our team have experience in landlord & tenant issues and has been formed to provide relief by securing reductions on overhead expenses. Third Sector Alliance recognises the need for non-profit organisations or charity tenants to receive adequate support and to operate efficiently, and will mediate on behalf of such tenants wherever possible. Third Sector Alliance seeks to help charity, voluntary and community organisations to achieve financial savings and continue to deliver their good work more efficiently. JUST ONE PIECE CAN BE THE SOLUTION | 03
  3. 3. A HELPING HAND IN About us : A TIME OF NEED The property professionals delivering the solution Jonathan Cohen - Founder & Director Having worked for a respectable property investment company Jonathan has successful experience in various commercial sectors and has become a skilled negotiator of leases with expert understanding of landlord and tenant. He has developed business strategies and growth planning for both commercial and third sector organisations whilst making a positive impact by delivering charitable initiatives in accordance with their objectives and experiencing excellent results. Yossi Pincus - Managing Director With strong experience in the property industry and being part of a committee for community projects, Yossi understands the needs of non profit organisations as well as the concerns of property investors. He has worked as a consultant to a hedge fund to deliver portfolio targets via returns on investments and sourcing financing for new commercial and communal projects, whilst being heavily involved with several charities in the UK and abroad. | 04
  4. 4. Our Alliance : It’s Ongoing Third Sector Alliance seeks to continuously contribute to supporting charitable organisations and the community as a whole. We understand that in today’s market there are various challenges to the community, and that there are also genuine opportunities for both the short and long term. We operate on a no reduction, no fee basis in order to provide no financial risk to your organisation. As part of the Aspire Property Group LLP, Third Sector Alliance intends on continuously delivering measurable results and make a positive impact based on excellent professional standards and customer service. AN EVERLASTING BOND | 07
  5. 5. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS PICK IT UP... Contact us : It’s worth a phonecall Whatever your requirements, lets discuss the possibility of how we can help your organisation. Think about the concept of ‘nothing to loose and so much to gain’...and then pick up the phone! Third Sector Alliance works on a strictly private & confidential basis and will not disclose your information to any third party. Head Office 314 Regents Park Road, London, N3 2JX T: 020 8371 3281 E: W: | 08
  6. 6. Third Sector Alliance Head Office T: 020 8371 3281 Lower Ground Floor E: 314 Regents Park Road, W: London, N3 2JX