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Harness the power of online marketing

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  • Hello everyone, my name is Tracy Smith, OK, so I know what you are thinking…the party is over. After having an hour of excitement….here comes the Yellow Pages guy. The pitch has begun…. Well you are only partially right. The party is NOT over….since in 30 minutes, when I am done, Bill Barnes from Mediative is going to charge you up again with Insights on Search Marketing. Kidding aside, while I will not shy away from the “occasional” reference to our Solution Set - simply because it is an important part of the marketing landscape for SMB’s - the intent is not to PUSH Yellow Pages Products and Services . The reason we are organizing this event is to ENGAGE with YOU, our customers. In the world Leonard outlined, in the world YOU live in ENGAGING AND EXCHANGING with customers is increasingly important….  
  • So, in this rapidly changing world, where consumers are searching everywhere, are YOU being found? Do you exist ? Whether that means being present in Search Engines, on Mobile devices, in Directories, in Radio, in Social media….are you being found? Let me ask you a quick question, as consumers not businesses, how many of you have searched for a business on a mobile phone… (TS to react) Did you know that… In the past year, nearly 1B users searched on Google, using a phone? In 2014 internet usage on mobile devices will surpass usage on PC’s? YPG mobile search has gone from 5% of searches to 30% of searches in less than 18 months? So in a very limited amount of time mobile has gone from being a consideration to a significant opportunity for businesses to connect with consumers. Also you will notice that in the video, there is little or no mention of Group Buying. The ability for a group of people to get a great discount on a Spa or a Sporting event for example. So let me ask you another question, again wearing your consumer hat, how many of you receive a Group Buying email from either, Deal of the Day, Groupon, Tuango, Living Social or others? How many of you have actually bought a deal? Again, this is a in fact a very new and significant opportunity for businesses to connect with consumers.
  • So, again in this rapidly changing world what are Canadian SMB ’ s telling us about w ha t marketing programs they plan on using Well firstly more traditional media most significantly P r int Directories, Community Newspapers and Direct Mail still garner significant usage intent from SMB ’ s. Growth however, without any surprise, lies with Online Marketing and the good news is that a lot of the things we have talked about this morning are hitting your radar. Websites are leading the charge. Nearly 75% of SMB ’ s plan on having a website in the next couple of years. Websites are the doorway to the internet. They allow a business to EXIST online. In reality not having a website compares to not having a business card 20 years ago … Online Directories remain a force to be reckoned with but Social, Search and Email marketing are boasting impressive numbers. Social admittedly is early and it ’ s likely over represented simply because it is hard to define. But the trend is clear. On the Search side SEO keeps gathering speed and is quickly becoming the darling of Search Engine Marketing. But why does this matter. Well from your purview, I would argue that from your vantage point this give you an appreciation for what your peers and more importantly your competitors may be doing to build business. Take a look at someone in this room a few tables down from you or maybe even at your table. This person may be an existing or future competitor. While you are thinking – I don ’ really need a website, my works speaks for itself – He or she may be building his website to showcase his work and what makes him different - pictures of the patios he has built ; video testimonials from satisfied clients that were amazed at how painless having their wisdom teeth was - While you are looking at the negative review a customer posted about service at your restaurant and saying rubbish, if he is not happy he can stay home!!! He or she may be looking at a similar review and apologizing for what they are sure was an isolated event, offering a 15% discount to the customer and two of his friends and ….. potentially turning an unsatisfied customer into an evangelist.
  • So I a world with so many options, what is right for YOU, not for Canadian SMB’s on average, but for YOU. Well it depends….sort of a boring answer I know….but it really does. Very few SMB’s have the time, resources and skillset to do it all. And by the way even if you could, doing it all is very likely not the right answer. When determining what marketing initiatives you need to solve for a few things: Are you looking to improve brand awareness or drive leads quickly Who are your target customers? Are you looking to drive new customers to the front door? Or ensure existing customers keep returning and spend more? Are you looking to grow sales or sustain them? Do you have a seasonal/cyclical business? In this last example, say if I am a business trying to drive leads in a slow period of the year, Deal of the day or an temporary increase in my Search Engine Marketing campaign might just do the trick and only require a short term boost in my marketing spend Alternatively, if I am the owner of an up an coming bar looking to create a hip high end image, perhaps I will look to do targeted display advertising or create a FB Fanpage get influencers to adhere and spread the word.. So, not a simple task and I certainly could not do it justice in the limited time. So, let’s cut through some of the complexity and distill it down to something every advertiser large and small wants to accomplish when it spends hard earned dollars in it’s marketing program…..
  • … .Lets talk about VALUE and how some of the solutions we have alluded to can help drive REAL, SIGNIFICANT and YES….COST EFFICIENT leads About 100 years ago one of the fathers of modern day marketing said “I know half of my marketing dollars are wasted. The problem is, I simply do not know what half” Still today, 60% of SMBs say their biggest “quam” is that they truly do not know what value they are getting out of their marketing programs. While Marketing is about behaviors, not technology, in this instance, technology certainly helps us get much closer to understanding what drive value for advertisers.
  • I will start by talking about Search Engine Marketing. Though I won ’ t provide a detailed explanation since Bill will talk about this at length, I want to make sure that everyone understands the basic differences between Search Engine Marketing and Search E n gine Optimization before I provide some sample results. Search Marketing is about making sure your business is prominent on major Search Engines such as Yahoo, Bing and Google but Google is clearly the reference in this space, SEM is about being present in Sponsored links at the top and on the right hand side of the page. This is a world of instant gratification so to speak. You can buy yourself “ in ” by bidding on keywords. If people click the advertiser pays. I f no one clicks well … the advertiser does not pay. Make no mistake the relevance and quality of your ad counts, it is not purely about the price you pay. SEO is about being present in organic results. Organic results are all about relevance. T o improve your chances of ranking you can do On Page changes and Off Page. On page is about building a site with an easy to search structure and relevant content. Off Page is about driving quality links to your site via respected cites, articles, etc. I compare it to riding a bike in an uphill slope. Your bike is your website or your on page activity. It your bike is not in order …say it has a warped wheel. It’s going to be difficult to get going and build momentum. The energy you apply to the peddles is the Off Page activity or Link building. Now eventually you muster enough to get over the hump and start cruising. Feels good, but, if you stop…you will keep going for a while…but inevitably you will slow and stop. So SEO takes a little more time to yield results and contrary to popular belief, is not a one time thing.
  • Taxi & Limousine started advertising with SEM in May 2010. Also a print advertiser (full page ads) Campaign targeted specifically to Richmond Hill area, over 200 keywords used Clicks on the ad have been consistently high, but more importantly, averaging 100 calls per month Average of $5 per call Most calls will turn into business, so imagine the return on investment! This is more than just putting up an ad and hoping someone sees it – this is TRUE performance – this is the TRUE power of the new age of advertising This customer has recently renewed and doubled their SEM advertising budget
  • This is a National campaign built around a string of keywords. In all candor and in line with my earlier comments, while providing Page ranks give a solid sense of progression and clearly such significant movement drives value to the advertiser – At #65 you simply DO NOT EXIST, while at # 5 you are right in the mix for attention – this is not enough. This type of report needs to become traffic based.
  • 9 Markets in and around Brandford. Brantford, Burlington, Cambridge, Dundas, Hagersville, Hamilton , Ingersoll ,Simcoe, Tillsonburg , Woodstock
  • Monthly Clicks not leads
  • Calls are the best way to track the performance of an advertiser ’ s print ad Industry Standard Average customer value for Pizza is $28 Conversion - 8 out of 10 calls become sales Break Even – Only 16 calls are needed to pay for this ad ($340 / month) Over the past 4 yrs YPG has tested 37 Pizza companies and the median monthly call volume is 162
  • Toronto - Tracy Smith

    1. 1. Harness The Power of Online Marketing Presenter:Tracy Smith
    2. 2. Times Are Changing Fast <ul><li>WHAT WILL YOU DO ? </li></ul>
    3. 3. Consumers Are Searching Everywhere ARE YOU BEING FOUND?
    4. 4. This Is Where Canadian SMB ’ s Will Invest ONLINE Q: And thinking of the next 2 to 3 years, how likely is your company to use these advertising solutions? (NET Likely for users; Very likely for Non-Users) Base: User planning to Continue Using (n=149-2372), Don ’ t Currently Use But Plan to Begin Using (n=734-2965) % SMEs Planning to Use Media Current users - plan to continue using (NET likely) Newcomers - plan to begin using media (very likely) Current Media Usage
    5. 5. But What Is Right for YOU? Well, It Depends…
    6. 6. Ultimately, You Are Looking To Drive Value
    7. 7. SEM & SEO
    8. 8. SEM Taxi & Limo Company Average cost of $5/call Average 380 leads/mo Average 100 calls/mo <ul><li>CAMPAIGN DETAILS: </li></ul><ul><li>Campaign Length: 12 months </li></ul><ul><li>Campaign Cost: $500/month </li></ul>
    9. 9. SEO Moving Company Inc <ul><li>CAMPAIGN DETAILS: </li></ul><ul><li>Keyword: Long Distance Movers Canada </li></ul><ul><li>Campaign Length: 12 months </li></ul><ul><li>Campaign Cost: $650/month </li></ul>Google Ranking increased to #9 from #65+ Yahoo and Bing Ranking increased to #5 from #65+
    10. 10. Online Directories – Auto Parts <ul><li>CAMPAIGN DETAILS: </li></ul><ul><li>Heading: Automobile Wrecking & Recycling </li></ul><ul><li>Products: Sponsored Placement </li></ul><ul><li>Campaign Cost: $463/Month </li></ul>
    11. 11. Online Directories – Auto Parts Average 76 Clicks per month Average 78 Calls per month Cost per call $5.96
    12. 12. Print Ad – Bravo Pizza A unique phone number inserted into the print ad tracks all call activity <ul><li>CAMPAIGN DETAILS: </li></ul><ul><li>Advertiser: Bravo Pizza </li></ul><ul><li>Ad Size: 1/ 8 of a page </li></ul><ul><li>Cost: $340/Month </li></ul>
    13. 13. Our 360 0 Solution | Make it simple RELY ON YOUR TEAM OF MEDIA & TECH EXPERTS To build a multimedia solution that’s right for you. PROVE THE VALUE OF EVERY DOLLAR SPENT REACH THE MOST CONSUMERS