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About YP


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YP Buddhist Fellowship Presentation

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About YP

  1. 1. BF YP ProgramPresentation to BF EXCO By : Bita Seow 22 Nov 2010
  2. 2. Formation of YP • Part of BF’s Next Gen vision • YP : Young People • Pioneer group Sec 1 & Sec 2
  3. 3. YOUNG PEOPLE YP’s Vision “BFF” “Best Friends Family”A community of true-hearted friends & family that lead & practice a life of gentleness, kindness & happiness “My faith is gentleness, kindness & happiness”… Ajahn Brahm
  4. 4. YOUNG PEOPLE YP’s Mission DRUM Symbolic significance of DRUM : • Rolls the sounds of the Dhamma • Serve to awaken the people from their delusive dreams & confusion • Remind them to practice diligently • Echoes of imprints & lasting impressions “My faith is gentleness, kindness & happiness”… Ajahn Brahm
  5. 5. YOUNG PEOPLE Mission & Objectives DRUM Dhamma Relevance Unity Mentor Guide all projects & provide focus Ethos • DHAMMA as Life’s compass & guiding beliefsDRUM 4E’s objectives Establish • Have RELEVANCE in lives of the young people • Focus on pertinent & applicable sets of programs, tools, means & measures Engagement • Unity of the hearts & minds • Opportunities for fostering friendships & bonds • YP’s environment is where “Innovation meets Engagement, Breakthrough & Impact” • Develop Advocates of the BF YP Empowerment • Mentor & Coach, be empowering for growth • “To be nurtured” & “Nurtured to be” program of development “My faith is gentleness, kindness & happiness”… Ajahn Brahm
  6. 6. YOUNG PEOPLE YP’s Motto“My faith is gentleness, kindness & happiness”Permission granted by Ajahn Brahm on 18 Nov 2010 6
  7. 7. YOUNG PEOPLE Engagement Structure YP’s engagement model YPsmentor coach guide example/ role model deliver Youth Adult Parents & Mentor-Leaders Volunteer-Coaches Familyconsult collaborate support learn & share advice Resource Sangha Community & BF & Exco Parents & Family Community Youth Experts etc & more … “My faith is gentleness, kindness & happiness”… Ajahn Brahm
  8. 8. YOUNG PEOPLE Our Approach YP’s Holistic Wheel Sundays YP Dhamma Service @ BF, 10.15am – 12.30pm Character & Leadership ComCare Care for Self, Family, Structured development Community & of YP & future leaders Environment program PMO Planning (umbrella), Marketing, Operations CyberTronics FunSports Cyber-internet, Digital & Energetic, Interactive & Electronics- themed Engaging ; Indoor & environment Outdoor Learning “My faith is gentleness, kindness & happiness”… Ajahn Brahm
  9. 9. YOUNG PEOPLE Measures of SuccessSuccess of YP’s Vision & Roadmap will be measured by a “Happy Index”, in addition toother qualities of satisfaction Stakeholders Happy Index Other indicators 1. YPs # YP new sign-ups # referrals 2. Parents of YPs # compliments 3. Coaches # retained as BF member 4. BF # YP retained # promoted to Youth 5. Community- YP did make a at-large difference 9 “My faith is gentleness, kindness & happiness”… Ajahn Brahm
  10. 10. YOUNG PEOPLE Over-arching Principles1. Primary Purpose : Ehi-passiko : Come & SeeThe primary purpose is obedient & appropriate response to LIFE:Making disciples who are able to follow the training of the Noble-Eightfold Path-VISA le MC —2. Primary Strategy : is the intentional, systematic, development of leaders who can carry on the workof light in Buddhist Fellowship.3. Primary Curriculum is the Dhamma supported by appropriate teaching resources, with Opening theDoor of the Heart as one of the text. A revamped curriculum is being developed.4. Primary Process is regular, systematic, and thorough teaching of Dhamma content and suttas, allinterspersed with lively interactions for experiential learning.5. Primary dynamic is the building of relationships amongst Buddhist community that involve mutualcommitment and accountability.6. Primary structure includes a full range of groups, developed with a sensitivity to culture, needs,interests, and/or life stages.7. Primary oversight is the responsibility of the Coaching & Mentoring team of BF. “My faith is gentleness, kindness & happiness”… Ajahn Brahm
  11. 11. YOUNG PEOPLE Samples of Execution “My faith is gentleness, kindness & happiness”… Ajahn Brahm
  12. 12. YOUNG PEOPLE@ YP : Where innovation meets engagement “My religion is kindness & happiness”… Ajahn Brahm
  13. 13. YOUNG PEOPLE @ YP : Where innovation meets impact From : Destruction From : Education To : Care & concern To: Career choices From : Lost From : Food From : Conflict To : Journey To : Security To : Kindness “My faith is gentleness, kindness & happiness”… Ajahn Brahm
  14. 14. YOUNG PEOPLE@ YP : Where innovation meets breakthrough “My faith is gentleness, kindness & happiness”… Ajahn Brahm
  15. 15. YOUNG PEOPLE@ YP : Journey of integrity-driven self-responsibility “On My Honor, I Will” builds on timeless principles & foundation for self-value & responsibility  Live with personal integrity;  Create strong relationships with interpersonal integrity; and  Build a foundation for success in a hyper- competitive world through guidance of Buddhist truth & values “My faith is gentleness, kindness & happiness”… Ajahn Brahm
  16. 16. YOUNG PEOPLE@ YP : It’s All About Relevance & Right Application THE FIVE PRECEPTS On my honor, I will keep this 5 Buddhist practices for my happiness as well as for others ... 1. I will practice compassion & kindness towards myself and others. I will not harm any beings. 2. I will practice contentment and will rejoice in others’ blessings. I will not take anything which is not given to me. 3. I will practice consideration and respect for others and their relationships. I will be mindful of my moral conduct and not be hurtful or deceitful to myself and to others. 4. I will practice generosity of right speech of body and right thoughts of mind. I will not tell lies or speak harshly nor unkindly. 5. I will practice mindfulness in keeping my mind and my thoughts pure & clear. I will not drink alcohol or take drugs, causing harm to my body and mind. “My faith is gentleness, kindness & happiness”… Ajahn Brahm
  17. 17. YOUNG PEOPLE Proposed Schedule Yr 2011 & Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 End of Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 End of Yr 2012 Yr 1 Yr 2Membership 20 25 30 35 35 40 45 50 50 50 (no. of YP)Income* ($) 1000 1250 1500 1750 5500 2000 2250 2500 2750 9500 @$50/paxExpenses^ ($) (300) (300) (300) (300) (1200) (300) (300) (300) (300) (1200) @$100/mth *Excl donations, dana, sponsorships, etc ^Excl non-regular activities eg camps, outings, etc “My faith is gentleness, kindness & happiness”… Ajahn Brahm
  18. 18. YOUNG PEOPLE Summary of YP Asia’s Buddhist Vision BFF Targets in 2 years’ time : • Membership of 50 Objectives • Happy Index (score tbd) • Wants to come to BF • Advocates of YP’s program Dhamma Character & Engagement Practice & Strategies Literacy Leadership & Enjoyment Community Culture & Values Foundation (10 paramitas) “My faith is gentleness, kindness & happiness”… Ajahn Brahm
  19. 19. Thank You