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Filter 2008


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Filter Design Competition

Aimed at convincing sponsors to finance the second edition of the only independent design competition in Romania. Created to be sent via email.

2008: concept+text+layout

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Filter 2008

  1. 1. Time required to view the presentation // 7 to 8 minutes Click to continue
  2. 2. Part one: the essentials gn On desi “ Design adds value faster than it adds cost
  3. 3. *w w w Let’s get to know each other Differentiator Starting with 2007, Filter is The most an enthusiast independent important design competition run by design competition ORICUM. in Romania Filter’s main purpose is to promote young and creative Romanian designers in various fields of design, such as graphic, industrial, 3D and web.
  4. 4. *w w w Why run a competition like this? Here’s the Because we want to “ Educate yourselves, make raison d’etre behind our improve the way people view design. competition your world view bigger Because we strongly believe that everthing can be improved through wise use of design techniques. Because we love good design and we want to share it with the rest of the world.
  5. 5. *w w w Why design matters Design will Designers might not be that visible in save the world. our everyday life, but their work sure is. And the better the quality of their Let’s show work is, the easier our life gets. you how. Design is meant to be a given solution to an actual problem. Design-education is time consuming, thus the ones who choose to pursue a design career are not your average Joe. Designers are a premium type of consumers, with high expectations and lots of brand-loving potential. You need to get through to them.
  6. 6. *w w w Facts on design Remember- Shares in design-led businesses have everything can be outperformed the FTSE 100 by more improved than 200% over the past decade. through design techniques. Every £100 a design alert business spends on design increases turnover Here’s the by £225. proof: On average, design alert businesses increase their market share by 6.3% through using design Bottom line is that design can significantly increase our life’s quality in the end. Well not any design, but good design.
  7. 7. *w w w Why should you get involved? 3 reasons Because competition leads to for your business to innovation, which leads to support evolution [isn’t this what democracy is all about?]. “ Filter Design Competition I'll give you the gift, but Because you want to be part of this event from the first use the gift to uplift editions. Because we can help you and your brand become friends with the design loving community. Because you to have strong faith in the creative potential of young Romanians.
  8. 8. *w w w A little bit on Filter 2007 Filter 2007 The first filter edition accepted entries in four was very well received categories: graphic design, industrial design, by both auto design and freestyle design. designers, design The freestyle final was special: the four finalists professors, actually executed the creative brief (received only companies and media. hours before the final) in front of a large audience. The audience could see the step by step creative process projected on displays and could vote for the winner. We also pride ourselves with the international jury we managed to pull together and the two Filter conferences on design which were great for starters. A big thank you! to all our partners who supported us: Peroni, Adobe Romania, Apple/IMC Romania, Klar Professional, International Advertising Association, The Czech Centre, Centrul National al Dansului
  9. 9. Part two: the details On Filte r 2008 “ It is an attitude, an awareness, a way to view the world
  10. 10. *w w w Filter 2008 Filter 2008 From here on you will find out about has grown prior to the the main elements that make up previous Filter Design Competition – 2008. edition. The conferences&workshops The actual competition The jury The prizes The communication campaign The calendar
  11. 11. *w w w The conferences&workshops The Filter is a real learning process. Besides the conferences cover more valuable feedback and experience that the general contestans will gain after submitting their topics and works to Filter, we will also provide them with will take place before a series of conferences and workshops. the actual competition, We have scheduled three conferences on while the workshops graphic, industrial and auto design between are more October-December 2007 plus a big one just specific and before the launch of the competition, in will take place during February 2008. We’re thinking of bringing big the names in Romania – the likes of Johnathan Ive competition. or Phillipe Starck. The workshops will be held by our jury members and the finalists will be granted free access.
  12. 12. *w w w The competition itself Filter 2008 The competition consists of seven categories: has grown prior to the previous main secondary edition. Learn how. graphic design packaging design industrial design 3D design auto design web design freestyle design All of these six categories have a preliminary selection period and a final stage. The contestants will work on creation briefs developed by the partners of the competition, be they organisations or companies.
  13. 13. *w w w Jury&prizes It’s not about For the main categories there will be three the money, it’s about prizes, as follows: what you 1st place 1500 euros learn. 2nd place 750 euros But they 3rd place 500 euros come in handy too. For the secondary ones, the only winner will receive the grand prize which will consist of 800 euros. All of the winners will also receive   a trophy, especially created for the competition
  14. 14. *w w w Communication campaign Filter 2008 Nation wide with the help of the media partners. has grown prior to the previous TVR 2 edition. Time Out Bucharest Learn how. Compact Visual Cotidianul 24-Fun Radio Guerrilla Realitatea TV We will also be present in design faculties Academia Catavencu and art galleries with innovative BTL techniques based on fresh creative concepts
  15. 15. *w w w Calendar The next Filter Design Competition will stretch slide is dedicated to from October 2007 to March 2008. the detailed calendar of The 2007 part will held the Filter the 2008 edition Sessions, while the 2008 whil showcase the actual competition.
  16. 16. *w w w Period Activity Period Activity Announcing the subject for the October- One Filter Session/month final stage. The beginning of the 1 December application period 14-28 January Promotion Campaign 10-11 Graphic design conference 28 January -22 Application period; 9 Graphic design workshop February Announcing the Industrial Design conference 13-14 problem to be 12 Industrial Design workshop solved for the 17-18 Auto Design conference preliminary 19 Auto Design workshop selection stage 28 January – 1-29 March 1-16 Freestyle application period 22 February 1 February Filter Session. A Announcing the freestyle finalists conference held by 16-23 a designer like Deadline for sending the Jonathan Ive or 24 applications Philippe Starch The subject for the freestyle 26 session The jury evaluates all the applications Announcing the winners 22- 29 February received 29 Freestyle Session The finalists’ names are announced . Party
  17. 17. *w w w Numbers Enter text Title here Title
  18. 18. *w w w Sponsorship packages First Text text Package
  19. 19. *w w w Sponsorship packages Package 2 Text text
  20. 20. *w w w Sponsorship packages Package 3 Text text
  21. 21. Contact information Răzvan Crişan +40 727 719 303
  22. 22. thank you! Some quotes taken from KRS-ONE lyrics. Some photos take from Flickr. Please visit our website: