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Yoxel SW: Adaptive Project Management


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Yoxel Project Management Portal is an integrated project management portal solution that provides new generation of collaborative tools for adaptive product and project management.

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Yoxel SW: Adaptive Project Management

  1. 1. YOXEL SW Adaptive Project Management
  2. 2. Project Management Challenges Project planning process is very inaccurate and inefficient One person (project manager) is gathering and processing large amounts of data (list of tasks, priorities, risks, dependencies, time estimates, resource allocation parameters) Manually synchronizing multiple tools (Excel, MS Project, Bug- tracker) and duplicating a lot of information Project execution easily gets off of track Existing tools do not allow to have real-time accurate project status Project manager fails to notice execution problems soon enough Clear communication is hindered by lack of integration among various tools used in the project management process 2
  3. 3. Traditional PM model R&D/QA Field/Support PM Project Marketing Inefficient data input and synchronization Unrealistic and inaccurate estimation High risk of improper prioritization Low visibility into project execution progress Hindered team communication 3
  4. 4. Development vs. PM gap Development and PM teams use different tools MS Project/Excel used by project and product managers A bug/request tracker used by R&D and QA teams The tools lack proper integration Request Tracking Project Management GNATS Bugzilla/Mantis/RT Jira Seapine FeaturePlan NetOffice DotProject MS Project 4
  5. 5. YOXEL can help you!
  6. 6. Enable collaborative management R&D/QA Field/Support Marketing YOXEL SW Backlog Project Stakeholders from R&D, Marketing, Field PM1 PM2 PM3 PM4 Connect your backlog to the project management system Benefit from team collaboration and distributed data input Allow multiple stakeholders to manage one project 6
  7. 7. Project planning becomes much simpler Leverage your existing backlog (existing bug/request tracker) All requests entered by other team members or customers in the past are available for simple and quick inclusion into a plan. Automatically inherit hierarchy and dependencies of requests already defined in the backlog Plan collaboratively to speed up and improve the process Allow multiple project members to add requests to the plan Allow selected members to vote on priorities of the tasks to mitigate the risks of improper prioritization in isolation. Quickly get implementation and test estimates from appropriate task owners in R&D and QA Allow R&D and QA managers do resource allocation Promote open collaboration in your team Receive more support from your team in critical decision making 7
  8. 8. Clear visibility during execution Provide real-time accurate project status Automatically get real-time status updates for all individual requests/tasks from your backlog Accurately predict the time required to implement and test remaining portion of the project Avoid unpleasant surprises and react to issues in time “Planned vs. Actual" monitor shows you right away when a task is not moving as planned Role based dashboards allow individual team members to know exactly what requires their attention, according to their responsibilities Enable clear communication in context of the project Get feedback from any team member regarding risks, issues, and recommendations through a dedicated project communication panel. 8
  9. 9. Enabling Customer Participation ● Share Support Knowledge YOXEL SW ● Learn customer priorities ● Communicate requests status Project Management Help Desk Knowledge base PLAN: Request tracker ● Refine requests and priorities ● Allocate and balance resources Customers ● Let R&D enter estimates Help Desk ER ● Evaluate project feasibility Knowledge base ER TRACK: Request tracker ER Monitor progress Idea Bug ● 1. 2days ● Collaborate 2. 1day ● Resolve bottlenecks Help Desk Enhancement 3. 2days ● Stay on schedule Knowledge base Request tracker 4. 4days RELEASE: Backlog of all requests gets prioritized according to     RELEVANT, FUNCTIONAL, ON TIME! customer feedback 9
  10. 10. YOXEL SW Critical Requests  1. Set exact order Request Tracker and Project Manager  2. of execution for your  3. critical requests  ... Marketing R&D/QA Project Management Plan Projects Professional Services RTS/KBS Collaborate Technical Support Requests Prioritize Knowledge Track Execution Customers Clients Partners Technical Reporting Add Custom Fields Access with Share Templates limited visibility Customize Reports 10 YOUR USERS/CUSTOMERS YOXEL SW
  11. 11. Summary YOXEL can help you fix your broken project management processes! Focus on product value and product relevancy Significantly simplify project planning process Always have clear visibility into project execution Succeed with your projects! 11
  12. 12. Appendix 12
  13. 13. AGILE PRODUCT MANAGEMENT Iterative/Adaptive Product Delivery ● Short incremental releases - iterations ● Frequent re-prioritization based on customer feedback ● Delivering functional incremental releases in each iteration Maximize product value with “Agile”! 13
  14. 14. Critical Requests YOXEL SW  1. Set exact order On Top of Your Existing Bug Tracker  2. of execution for your  3. critical requests Marketing  ... R&D BTS Bugzilla Project Management Sync Plan Projects Mantis RTS/KBS Trac Collaborate Requests Prioritize Knowledge Track Execution Professional Services Technical Support Customers Technical Reporting Clients Partners Add Custom Fields Share Templates Access with Customize Reports limited visibility 14 YOUR USERS/CUSTOMERS YOXEL SW