June 2nd, 2013 Published by: julianhw1Youtube Rainmaker : TheLatest Youtube MoneyStrategyYoutube Rainmaker : Upcoming Yout...
June 2nd, 2013 Published by: julianhw2For instance, a marketer might try to sell you some softwarethat converts articles i...
June 2nd, 2013 Published by: julianhw3Imagine for a while -- what could happen to you and yourbusiness if you knew our sec...
June 2nd, 2013 Published by: julianhw4The Youtube Rainmaker is the most comprehensive programaimed at turning your video i...
June 2nd, 2013 Published by: julianhw5This bonus will include 6 additional PDFs to keep you steadilyin action mode and 5 m...
June 2nd, 2013 Published by: julianhw6programs. Imagine putting up a video and starting to getthousands of views in hours....
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Youtube Rainmaker : The Latest Youtube Money Strategy


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Youtube Rainmaker : Upcoming Youtube Celebrities, Companies, and Internet Marketers... http://affiliatebastards.com/youtuberainmaker

if you're searching for the catalyst to get loads of attention on Youtube to your Youtube Channel, company page, or internet marketing offer... Youtube Rainmaker is the thing what you need. From Malaysian Internet Marketing Nerds Patrick Chan and Gerald Soh, here's the perfect Youtube marketing system and game plan to get you those "Rainmaker Video Views" you need, if you're a Youtube partner, or simply more eyeballs on you, your business, or your product.
Check it out here... http://affiliatebastards.com/youtuberainmaker

Julian Wong
MLM Giant Killer

P.S. Also look at this.. here's the same offer that I do 80% of the time that puts $200-500 in my pockets every day. http://affiliatebastards.com/ezmoney

P.P.S. the link again.. (BONUSES INSIDE).... http://affiliatebastards.com/youtuberainmaker

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Youtube Rainmaker : The Latest Youtube Money Strategy

  1. 1. June 2nd, 2013 Published by: julianhw1Youtube Rainmaker : TheLatest Youtube MoneyStrategyYoutube Rainmaker : Upcoming Youtube Celebrities,Companies, and Internet Marketers... if youre searchingfor the catalyst to get loads of attention on Youtubeto your Youtube Channel, company page, or internetmarketing offer... Youtube Rainmaker is the thing whatyou need. From Malaysian Internet Marketing NerdsPatrick Chan and Gerald Soh, heres the perfect Youtubemarketing system and game plan to get you those viewsyou need, if youre a Youtube partner, or simply moreeyeballs on you, your business, or your product.Check it out here... http://affiliatebastards.com/youtuberainmakerJulian WongMLM Giant KillerP.S. Also look at this.. heres the same offer that I do80% of the time that puts $200-500 in my pockets everyday. http://affiliatebastards.com/ezmoneyYoutube RainmakerMost people, especially internet marketers, are WRONG aboutgaining traffic and making serious money from Youtube.com.I know - its a big claim, but if you read this webpage and all ofits content, I have a good feeling that you might agree with me.First of all, there are some "basic" pieces of information youshould know about Youtube.com...Its not a video directory. Its a search engine. This means,people from all arounf the world go to Youtube to search fortheir information, exactly how they use Google.com. So if yourvideos ranked well in Youtube.com, youre going to gain lotsof FREE traffic from it - on auto-pilot.Its among the top 5 largest sites in the world, commandingmore than 1,000,000,000 UNIQUE users a calendar month.Make no mistake - if you know how to tap the traffic fromYoutube.com, this alone would be "enough" of traffic for yourENTIRE business, forever. Just like Psys Gangnam Styleglobal phenomenon. He made 8 million dollars from just ads.Ponder that for a while...There are many people using Youtube not just to make goodincome, but also to become WILDLY FAMOUS. You see,when you or your business become famous, itll just open thefloodgate for you to making millions. Obviously, you knowthat Psys "overnight" fame and fortune is from Youtube, butdid you know that was the case for Justin Bieber as well? Ithappens to so many other ordinary people.First of all, Im sorry that youve been misled by most Gurusabout creating traffic or making money from Youtube. Guesswhat - most of them are probably clueless of how it worksanyway, they might not even have any "real" Youtube videosto show!The biggest BS is saying that you need some kind of magicsoftware to make this work for you. Frankly, you DO NOT needany special "Youtube" software to become successful - none atall.
  2. 2. June 2nd, 2013 Published by: julianhw2For instance, a marketer might try to sell you some softwarethat converts articles into videos for you to submit. Now,frankly, have you seen any of these videos receive thousands ofviews and people going MAD for it? I doubt it. In fact, it simplyturns people off!Or a software to "research" the market for you. Interesting,isnt it? Do you think Justin Bieber did any keyword researchbefore putting up his videos on YouTube, that later turned himto become a celebrity? Maybe he was targeting the keyword"cool songs" or something? Again, I highly doubt that. Ieven doubt Justin knows anything about internet marketingwhatsoever. :)Or perhaps a real YouTuber like NigaHiga who has acrazy 7,745,396 subscribers and videos being viewed for1,393,898,345 does any "keyword research" before releasing avideo? You know the answer - the answer is of course no.Its quite simple actually. Its all about the CONTENT of thevideo. And its about making people talk about it. Thats thesecret of how a video like Gangnam Style makes millions ofdollars overnight. It doesnt need 100 videos, or any softwareat all dude.Theres also another obvious secret - all it takes is ONE GREATvideo to become rich and famous. I call this amazing video, anexample of the "Rain Maker".When you have a rain maker video, not only does it commandmassive traffic towards you and grows on its own, it willautomatically bring your other videos a deal of success too.Focus on creating the one "rain maker" video, and Im goingto teach you how to do this. Let me repeat this - you need"rainmaker videos" that turns your visitors into "fans", notthose lousy videos that simply "trick" your visitors into clickingfor quick traffic.I have a student whos name is Gerald. Hes a smart dude. Andyes, he was making money online at that time as an internetmarketer, but he wasnt getting any real breakthrough. So hecame to me one day and asked me what should he do.Then Itook him to my "private marketing lab" inside of my house...I told him about tapping into YouTube.He took the advice and started by just playing around with it.At first, he wasnt getting anything remarkable. If one of hisvideos made it to 200 views, it would be a huge celebration forhim! Frankly, the initial result was quite embarrassing for usboth. He wast going anywhere....But after playing with it for while, actually for MONTHS it was,he managed to get it RIGHT. And gaining views and trafficwere no longer a problem for him... it becomes a snowballeffect.
  3. 3. June 2nd, 2013 Published by: julianhw3Imagine for a while -- what could happen to you and yourbusiness if you knew our secret code needed for YouTubemarketing...If youre a newbie, you coulduse it to make some greatpart-time income. This isrelatively simple - you getthe traffic from YouTube andsend it to affiliate programs.You could be getting paidper leads, or per sales, veryquickly. In fact, this canhappen within the same weekyouve gotten started.You could get a little bitmore serious and make somemoney from ads. You donteven need to sell anything,if you know how to play thisgame properly, YouTubewill accept you to becometheir new Partner. Thenyou can literally be makingmoney from your videosautomatically whilst theyrebeing watched.If you have an existingbusiness or an ONLINEbusiness, YouTube canbecome your "traffic partner".Drive all of the traffic youare getting from YouTubedirectly to your business andsee the subsequent revenuesskyrocket! Like how Im usingthis to promote my booksand other courses on theinternet...For example, have you heard of "Charlie Bit My Finger" video?As you can see in the image below, they now sell T-shirts too.It was featured on Mashable about how it earned half a milliondollars solely from the video! The video was also featured inTimes, CBS, ABC News, Huffington Post, New York Times, etc.Im sure the owner would love to know how to capitalize someincome from that kind of exposure. Lets just say, if you appearon Oprah because of your video, youre on your way to somegreat riches.
  4. 4. June 2nd, 2013 Published by: julianhw4The Youtube Rainmaker is the most comprehensive programaimed at turning your video into become a "rain maker"and using it to generate thousands of visitors daily, makingmoney online and turning you into an authority on YouTube.This is your complete roadmap to get started on leveragingYoutube.com for your business! Not to mention, the trafficfrom Youtube is 100% FREE!It comprises of 5 powerful modules, spread out through 5weeks to teach you the real secrets of Youtube marketing:The essense of success with YoutTube STARTS with havingthe skill and knowledge of how to create "rainmaker" videos.In this first module, youll discover the secrets to creatinggood videos without any experience or technical knowledge- start leveraging the power of YouTube community toaccelerate your overall success!A video without views brings no purpose. So for this week,were going to show you the steps on how to get views foryour video and optimize it to gain traffic -- generate loadsof views for your channel to become an "authority". And themethod is free to use for anyone.The secret to video marketing success, especially onYouTube is turning your video "viral" so that it continuesto work for you, even in months or years in the future!Personally, I have videos that continue to send lots of trafficto me, despite it being uploaded YEARS AGO! In the BuzzFactor module, it will show you how to turn your video tobecome buzzworthy, and also how to ride on upcomingtrends for siphon free publicity.- Dont have a product? No problem - theres another wayto make money online easily with YouTube - discoverthe strategy of using YouTube as an affiliate marketingWEAPON to create multiple new income streams foryourself! (Top Secret NINJA methods revealed...)Of course, if you have your own product, you can usethis same strategy to promote your own stuff or generatecommissions with affiliate programs.In this final module, youll discover the 5 UltimateRainmaker Principles that can GUARANTEE your long termsuccess on YouTube, allowing you to start making moneyonline now and for your long-term business. Go throughthis training and youll see how Youtube really can becomeyour "partner for life".In these 5 Modules, youll be exposed to...The secret techniques of generating thousands of views likea "storm"How to get tons of views within just 24 hours (this is not aGuru strategy, it really works - for everyone too!)The method needed to creating long term, consistentstreams of income, right from your own YouTube channelHow a secret techniques can make make your viewers wantto share your videos like crazyGenerating UNIQUE ideas and storylines that makes yourviewers love watching your videosProven KILLER METHODS that brand your YouTubechannel and get more subscribers every day, building your"list"...The "hidden" tactic to optimize your video, title andthumbnail to maximize your video rankings in Youtube for freetrafficThe 3 most important tips on how to be successful at makingmoney on YouTube without "selling" anythingAnd so much more!This Program Is For You:Beginner -YouTube is probably one of the easiest ways to get startedwith internet marketing. The reason is, youre ALREADYusing Youtube as a customer! Right now, instead of usingYouTube to watch your favourite videos, Im going to showyou how to flip it around; and instead to use it to makemoney for you.Internet Marketer -For the very first time, youre going to learn the right wayof using YouTube for internet marketing that brings aboutquality results. Regardless of whether you have your ownproduct, or simply an affiliate marketer, you could be usingYouTube to promote your products profitably.Business Owner -Turn to YouTube to become your "traffic partner" andcreate another new stream of traffic to your business! Thedifference of this traffic source than others is, YouTubecommands millions of hits every day and you can digest itstraffic for free!
  5. 5. June 2nd, 2013 Published by: julianhw5This bonus will include 6 additional PDFs to keep you steadilyin action mode and 5 mindmaps to get you organized for theYouTube Rainmaker. This way, once youve completed thecourse and want to go through for a quick reference, you canrefer back to the PDFs and mindmaps easily.One of the "secret weapons" for any YouTuber is their arsenalof MEDIA software. When you join the YouTube Rainmaker,Ill also throw in a massive package containing 400+ photos& illustrations and some royalty free music that you can usefor your first videos.This will save you hundreds of dollarsinstantly!Can you imagine using YouTube to make money within merelydays from now? Gerald did exactly that. Learn the exactstrategy that made him a hefty $151.50 in just 3 hours and 25minutes after the video was uploaded! This bonus is the exactcase study of how he did it, right from A to Z. There are just 3simple steps you need to follow to create a winning YouTubecampaign that works best for you, that also produces moreleads and sales for you.Why would I say that? Because the fact is, not everyone is readyto obtain success. Some dont even believe that this is possiblefor them. But if youre one of those who are willing to takeaction after learning something new, then this could be yourticket to some massive traffic on the internet.The fact is, regardless of whether or not you have your ownproduct, this is for you. Namely because its so simple to use.Put it this way -- if you have your own product, then youcan just use YouTube as your "endless traffic generator" tofurther promote your product. And if you do not have your ownproduct, thats totally alright too -- you could be generatingincome from YouTube by getting paid commissions from itsadvertising program and by promoting affiliate programs! Notto mention, you could also choose to become a YouTuber andturn your YouTube channel into an overnight power housebusiness!When Gerald learnt the methods and improvised on his ownlater on, it cost him $1,000 to partake in my live workshop.Right now, not only are you getting an expanded version ofwhat Ive shared with him, youll also be getting the addedsupport you need.Obviously, the value of the knowledge and marketing secretsin YouTube Rainmaker cost me thousands of dollars. Justimagine how much money itll cost you to buy your own traffic,especially if you werent getting it for free from YouTube.And what if... you follow the blueprint to become a #1YouTuber authority? The fact is, theres potential for you tobecome a superstar and make perhaps a 5 or 6 figure income.Of course, theres also the possibility youll hit a home run andearn millions of viewers (just like Charlie Bite My Finger did).Maybe, just maybe you can even quit your job then. All it takesis one solid "rainmaker" video.However, were going to make YouTube Rainmaker availablefor an affordable one-time investment of only $47 foreveryone.Not because its worth $47, the content is worth $1,000 ormore, but its because I was once in your shoes as well. So wasGerald. Frankly speaking, as much as I appreciate the money,promoting YouTube Rainmaker is not my main stream ofincome. Because I have many other streams of internet incomedaily, I can be lenient and make it affordable for everyone, whosincerely want to get started.100% Money Back GuaranteeAll you need to do is follow the outlined instructions inthe YouTube Rainmaker Program, and just try it out for 60days. If within that period of time you dont start gainingtraffic and making some money from the YouTube strategieswere teaching, then all you have to do is ask us and we willgladly and most promptly issue you a refund of every singlecent you paid. Put it this way - I dont want your money ifmy product doesnt work fully for you. Its as simple as that.I want you to succeed.And if for whatever reason you do ask for a refund, youcan still keep the entire course, and of course keep all thebonuses too.The truth is, you might even been fooled into so many"YouTube marketing" or those "push button" video softwares.So this is really the time for something real to be presented infront of you you.The matter of fact is, just by not leveraging YouTube is reallywasteful. I mean, this immense source located right in frontof you needs to be tapped. Your prospects are there - EACHAND EVERY DAY. How crazy can you be not do this. Once youhave cracked the code, it automatically opens up the floodgateto millions of extra traffic and lots of income for you to make.So picture how much easier your life would be when you canuse YouTube to help you promote your products or affiliate
  6. 6. June 2nd, 2013 Published by: julianhw6programs. Imagine putting up a video and starting to getthousands of views in hours. How awesome would that be.Order now for just a one-time affordable price of $47 and youwill get access to the entire YouTube Rainmaker series -- theseamazing tried-and-true techniques have taken me and Geraldmonths (and some serious money) to develop. Click the orderbutton below:Warm regards,P.S: In less than 10 minutes from now, you too can be on yourpath to start learning our Youtube marketing strategies andsecrets! Weve made it as easy as we possibly can. Theres justNO reason not to order from us right now. Dont let yourselfmiss out on this incredible opportunity to unlock the trafficfrom Youtube. Click here to secure your copy today.This site and the products and services offered on this site arenot associated, affiliated, endorsed, or sponsored by You Tube,nor have they been reviewed tested or certified by You Tube.ClickBank is the retailer of this product. CLICKBANK®is a registered trademark of Click Sales, Inc., a Delawarecorporation located at 917 S. Lusk Street, Suite 200, BoiseIdaho, 83706, USA and used by permission. ClickBanks roleas retailer does not constitute an endorsement, approval orreview of this product or any claim, statement or opinion usedin promotion of this product.