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How to remove channel barriers and focus on customer experience


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The infinite rise of marketing channels makes creating great customer experience increasingly difficult to attain. This session will show you how to break down the multichannel barriers and focus on what really matters (and converts) by serving personalised and relevant content to your customers in real time.

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How to remove channel barriers and focus on customer experience

  1. 1. Content without boundariesHow to remove channel barriersand focus on customer experience
  2. 2. Monday 25thof February 2013
  3. 3. Acting like it’s 1999
  4. 4. Diagnosing your digital neural system• Will your web infrastructure enable you to easily incorporate video and phone support in the future?• Do your digital systems enable you to provide a personalized experience for customers who come to your website?
  5. 5. Duplicating content
  6. 6. Guessing what a mobile user wants 84% are mobile at home 74% waiting in lines 64% at work
  7. 7. Marketers depend on data for just 11%of all customer-related decisions
  8. 8. Get your content ready to go anywherebecause it’s going to go everywhere
  9. 9. “Responsive web designonly optimizes contentfor different screen sizes,not the customer”
  10. 10. Mobile and location drive context
  11. 11. “Context - the sum totalof what is known aboutan individual along withwhat he or she iscurrently experiencing” Julie A. Ask, Forrester
  12. 12. Your next pair of glasses?
  13. 13. Today’s channel istomorrow’s context
  14. 14. Create engagement Manage experience Context awareness Take advantage of data
  15. 15. All about Experiences Optimize Deliver Create
  16. 16. Target BehavioralWeb Social Customer Context Analyze Context DeviceApp E-Mail Goals Engage Create Experiences Optimize MVT Content Products A/B
  17. 17. Optimize A/B Testing Multivariate Auto Testing OptimizingWeb Social Mail Apps Analytics Context Multi Deliver Targeting touchpoint Social Create Touchpoint Reuse SEO Preview Content
  18. 18. CreateExperiencesContent lies at the heart of all marketing.
  19. 19. Create Experiences Create once Use everywhere Instant preview Adaptive templates Automatic layout
  20. 20. Create Social Experiences One place Different audiences Engagement analysis Real-time
  21. 21. DeliverExperiencesScreens, channels and touchpoints. Did someone saycontext is king?
  22. 22. Content Targeting Behavior Context Business rules Everywhere Real-time
  23. 23. OptimizeExperiencesTaking advantage of numbers and countingconversions.
  24. 24. Optimize A/B test MVT Real-time insights Self optimized content
  25. 25. Analyze Overview Detailed insights Across touchpoints Conversion tracking Engagement analysis
  26. 26. Your ExperienceDesign is the differentiating factor.
  27. 27. Thank at Stand D18