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Chuck Hemann presentation

  1. 1. Developing a Best Practices Approach toSocial Media MeasurementApril 13, 2012YouToo Social Media ConferenceContents are proprietary and confidential.
  2. 2. WARNING: I AM A MATH GEEK!! (AND NOT A PR PERSON)@chuckhemann ON TWITTER @YouToo2012
  3. 3. Contents are proprietary and confidential.
  4. 4. Listening (and data) are at the foundation of everything we do@chuckhemann ON TWITTER @YouToo2012
  5. 5. Here’s the good news for all of you… “In 2009, more data was generated by individuals than in the entire history of mankind through 2008” Weigend, Former Chief Scientist Andreas ON TWITTER @YouToo2012
  6. 6. But this is also the bad news… “In 2009, more data was generated by individuals than in the entire history of mankind through 2008” Weigend, Former Chief Scientist Andreas ON TWITTER @YouToo2012
  7. 7. Market research will make its big leap forward… SOON!! • Seminal paper on human memory in 1956 • George A. Miller/Harvard • People hold about 3-7 items in their short-term memory at any given time • We can’t quickly recall as much as we think we can. • In 2011, here is what we can do… • Ask customers for ideas, providing them and their peers a platform to iterate and update those suggestions and we start to engage a deeper, collective memory bank. • Long-term memory is tapped….the sub-conscious comes alive@chuckhemann ON TWITTER @YouToo2012
  8. 8. Three biggest “data” questions facing communicators  How do we turn a mountain of listening data into something actionable for an enterprise the size of some cities?  How do I build a robust (enough) measurement program to show value and please my boss?  Can influencer analysis be quantified, and can I do it without using Klout? Contents are proprietary and confidential.@chuckhemann ON TWITTER @YouToo2012
  9. 9. Which of these approaches best describes you and yourbusiness? MONITORING LISTENING “What is most important to our “What did people say today?” consumers?” ANALYZING MEASURING “How should we go to market “How successfully am I in new / different ways?” meeting my objectives?” Contents are proprietary and confidential.@chuckhemann ON TWITTER @YouToo2012
  10. 10. The way most organizations use listening data@chuckhemann ON TWITTER @YouToo2012
  11. 11. The way most organizations SHOULD use listening data@chuckhemann ON TWITTER @YouToo2012
  12. 12. Where do we get started?@chuckhemann ON TWITTER @YouToo2012
  13. 13. Understanding what listening can do for the brand…• Ability to optimize content in real- time• Foster a better customer experience• Learn about potential product issues• Marketing through conversation• Gain business intelligence@chuckhemann ON TWITTER @YouToo2012
  14. 14. Framing your listening approach around the Five W’s • What are people saying about your brand • Where people are talking about your brand • When people are talking about your brand • Who is talking about your brand • Why people are talking about your brand@CHUCKHEMANN ON TWITTER @YouToo2012
  15. 15. Just a quick note on answering “why” • Analytics platforms scratch the surface of analyzing why a “fan” or “follower” acts the way they do/don’t • Essential to answer this question from a planning and measurement standpoint • Surveys and focus groups aren’t dead@CHUCKHEMANN ON TWITTER @YouToo2012
  16. 16. Ok…So where do we get started? • What’s the goal of our listening program? • Has there been an internal decision made on a tool? • Do you have a training protocol in place? • Both tools and broader enterprise training • Have you outlined a regular reporting schedule? • Have you developed a competitive set?@chuckhemann ON TWITTER @YouToo2012
  17. 17. Picking an enterprise listening tool can be overwhelming THERE ARE OVER 225 VENDORS ON THE SOCIAL MEDIA MONITORING WIKI ALONE!!! Criteria you should be using to determine the right tool for your organization: • How many sites the tool captures overall • Workflow management • Ability to import and export information • Incorporating other data sources (web, search) • Cost NOTE: Don’t try to review every tool. Pick FIVE based on cursory research to review in greater detail@chuckhemann ON TWITTER @YouToo2012
  18. 18. Putting together an effective training program • Take advantage of training programs offered by the vendor you’ve selected to do listening • Start with a core team of people within the company • PR/Marketing • Legal • Social media/digital marketing • CRM • Human Resources • Consumer insights • Spread training program to other parts of the organization gradually as interest in listening is expressed • Hands-on training as much as possible • Create incentives/requirements to complete training programs Contents are proprietary and confidential. ON TWITTER @YouToo2012
  19. 19. Developing your response matrix@chuckhemann ON TWITTER @YouToo2012
  20. 20. Do you need the physical command center space? … The answer to this question is, as usual, MAYBE@chuckhemann ON TWITTER @YouToo2012
  21. 21. Or you can utilize a web-based application that is scalable Contents are proprietary and confidential.@chuckhemann ON TWITTER @YouToo2012
  22. 22. Where the listening “market” goes from here • Over the last two years the market has seen tremendous change and consolidation • Marketwire acquires Sysomos • acquires Radian6 • Visible Technologies acquires Cymfony • Social media management platforms forming partnerships to offer a “one stop shop.” • Spredfast partnering with Crimson Hexagon and Radian6 • Who is 3-10 on the list of social media listening platforms? • The next 12-18 months looks challenging as vendors scramble to uncover the next innovation Contents are proprietary and confidential.@chuckhemann ON TWITTER @YouToo2012
  23. 23. Measuring Social MediaContents are proprietary and confidential.
  24. 24. Channeling our inner myth busters…• Social media cannot be measured• ROI stands for something other than return on investment• Social media measurement is different than traditional media measurement• Social media is meant to be organic and we already have too much data@CHUCKHEMANN ON TWITTER @YouToo2012
  25. 25. Most companies take a two-pronged approachMost companies take a two-pronged approach to measurement to measurement “Improve” “Prove” Provide inbound insights to inform Use data to track and report decisions and optimize programs metrics, KPIs, business value Real-Time Weekly Analysis Intelligence & Monthly Gathering Dashboards Are our messages getting through with visibility and scale? Are we shaping the content and conversation we want? Are we a part of the conversation when it counts? Are we fostering greater advocacy from influencers and consumers? Contents are proprietary and confidential.@chuckhemann ON TWITTER @YouToo2012
  26. 26. Common measurement questions are important, but only one partof the puzzle COMMON MEASUREMENT QUESTIONS ANSWERS/GOALS Unique Monthly Visitors How many people did we reach? Like/follower counts Number of Social Media Impressions Share of Voice/Conversation Did the program create conversation? Rank posts by tonality How do I get ad equivalency so the brand Non-standard ad equiv or CPM model can compare this to our advertising? Were our fans/followers engaged? Engagement WHAT WE SHOULD BE ASKING MORE OFTEN Did the program drive results? Sales/Leads/Consumer Satisfaction@CHUCKHEMANN ON TWITTER @YouToo2012
  27. 27. Marketers are currently just feeding the beast… Top metrics: Two for reach/ exposure One for preference, One for action@CHUCKHEMANN ON TWITTER @YouToo2012
  28. 28. Landing on the right metrics SHOULD be a familiar process! • Understanding what your campaign goals and objectives are • Conducting benchmark research • Developing your strategy and tactics • Execution of your campaign • Measure and tweak@CHUCKHEMANN ON TWITTER @YouToo2012
  29. 29. Typical metrics across the big four social networks FACEBOOK TWITTER YOUTUBE FLICKR Comments Clicks (or CTR) Subscribers Total Photo Views Likes Retweets Total Video Total Photo Uploads Views Total Interactions Retweets/Post Views per Average view per Upload photo Total Clicks (or CTR) Tweet Reach Comments Number of comments Shares Retweet Reach Ratings Number of likes Impressions Average Reach Per Tweet Favorites Pageviews % of posts that are @ replies Overall Likes Number of lists Comment Sentiment Followers Demographics Sentiment …NOW BURN THIS SLIDE FROM YOUR MEMORY BANKS@CHUCKHEMANN ON TWITTER @YouToo2012
  30. 30. Surveys are still an integral part of the measurement/researchprocess • Minimum of 200 people in any given survey period • Exposed to messaging through social • Not exposed to social messaging • Identify how you’re going to survey people and on what frequency • Preferably every quarter using the same method so as to not confuse respondents • Offline research synergies whenever possible • Language and questions should be similar@CHUCKHEMANN ON TWITTER @YouToo2012
  31. 31. How often you measure depends on your thirst for information • How dynamic is your content going to be? • How often are you going to be expected to report results? • Do you have the internal resources to handle regular reporting requirements? • What social platforms are you using to engage your audience?@CHUCKHEMANN ON TWITTER @YouToo2012
  32. 32. SampleA Executive Dashboard: February 2012Brand executive scorecard Top Issue Areas by Volume Channel Volume Reach Brand A 534 influencer news 267,000 stories readers ▲ 5.3% ▲ 5.3% 1,272 social 165,360 media posts readers ▲ 11.6% ▲ 11.6% 517,660 3,982 followers users ▲ 4.9% ▲ 4.9% Key Findings and Insights • Brand A-related social media posts increased by 11.6%, signifying greater overall presence and relevance in social media sphere Reports of Brand A Twitter protest Brand A Social Media donations to • Healthcare reform issues received greatest Summit; Americans for amount of media attention – continuing an against TPP ALEC, American Action Tax Reform takes upward trend. agreement1 Network, lobbyists.3 $140,000 from Brand A2 • IPAB-related news received large increase in attention, due to upcoming legislative battle • Social media volume spiked when Brand A was tied in with various causes with high public attention (i.e., TPP, ALEC donations, lobbying) • By engaging citizens on issues with a Brand A- favorable public opinion, Brand A can increase share of volume and influence in conversation • Twitter and mainstream media were responsible for a majority of Brand A-related news sharing in February.@CHUCKHEMANN ON TWITTER @YouToo2012
  33. 33. SampleA Scorecard: February 2012 Brand full scorecard Channel Volume Reach Engagement Themes Quality* Key Findings by Channel 65 likes, 14 Volume of Facebook posts was lower 910 1. Innovation 7 posts comments, 54/100 than January. However, overall impressions 2. Patient Safety ▼ 36.4% 6 shares ▲ 2.1% engagement increased, showing ▼ 36.4% 3. Econ. Impact ▲ 6.3% value of targeted engagement. # of tweets and Twitter engagement 87 11,310 100 1. Innovation 71/100 saw a downturn this month, which tweets impressions retweets 2. Meds in Dev ▲ 9.2% ties into lower volume numbers ▼ 23.7% ▼ 23.7% ▼ 29.1% 3. Medicare Part D across the board. # of search phrases, as well as total 5,116 1,030,000 19,065 search to 1. Brand A 62/100 searches increased, showing effects search phrases total searches site visits 2. Pharma ▲ 4.9% of website modifications & ▲ 6.0% ▲ 4.9% ▲ 5.7% 3. Brand A code prominence of blog a. 1. Innovation Total number of blog posts Blog A 22 11,000 8 comments 2. Patient/Drug 63/100 decreased. However, amount of blog posts readers 0.0% Safety ▼ 5.8% engagement stayed level due to ▼ 31.3% ▼ 31.3% 3. HC Reform/Costs targeted, engaging content. Blog B 167 Facebook 1. Innovation Although total blog visitors 694 page 694 page likes, 28 2. Patient/Drug 62/100 decreased, overall engagement saw visitors visitors Tweets, 7 +1s Safety ▲ 4.9% a sharp increase due to increased ▼ 12.5% ▼ 12.5% ▲ 55.4% 3. HC Reform/Costs syndication and targeted content. Brand A Amount of total page views website 241,670 96,071 2.75 1. About 62/100 increased, indicating that readers of global rank page views pages/visit 2. Research ▲ 4.9% Brand are consuming more -- N/A ▲ 1.2% ▼ 3.1% 3. News/Media ( information as time progresses. Brand B 00:03:28 Amount of overall visits and unique website 34,984 24,830 1. About avg time on 62/100 visitors increased this month, total visitsContents are proprietary and confidential. unique visitors 2. Research site ▲ 4.9% showing results of targeted ▲ 4.6% ▲ 8.2% 3. News/Media ▼ 3.7% engagement and website redesign.
  34. 34. A different way to measure content performance@CHUCKHEMANN ON TWITTER @YouToo2012
  35. 35. Want more measurement examples? Contents are proprietary and confidential.@CHUCKHEMANN ON TWITTER @YouToo2012
  36. 36. This all seems so straightforward, right? • Marketers are overwhelmed by the sheer amount of data available • Unclear on which metrics are actually laddering up to campaign goals • Lack of clarity on how often we should be measuring THE BIGGEST REASON…NO OBJECTIVE SETTING AT THE BEGINNING@CHUCKHEMANN ON TWITTER @YouToo2012
  37. 37. Defining and Measuring InfluenceContents are proprietary and confidential.
  38. 38. Several open questions related to online influence • Do brands care about a rigorous approach to influencer identification? YES – NO QUESTION! • Is quantitative analysis more important than qualitative assessment? • What’s the ideal balance between automation and human intervention? • What are some metrics we can use to define influence?@CHUCKHEMANN ON TWITTER @YouToo2012
  39. 39. Lets say I’m building a list of gardening influencers… Michael Brito reaches a large audience online • 40,000+ followers on Twitter • On 2,127+ Twitter lists • Almost 3,000 subscribers on • Almost 500 photos on Flickr Does Michael ever write about gardening? NO@CHUCKHEMANN ON TWITTER @YouToo2012
  40. 40. Now what about my mother… My mom reaches a much smaller audience than Michael: • About 1,300 followers on Twitter • On 65+ lists • Has a small personal blog for gardening • Posts some photos on Flickr BUT! She’s hosted #GardenChat and tweets regularly on gardening@CHUCKHEMANN ON TWITTER @YouToo2012
  41. 41. The answer to the question about quantitative vs. qualitative isboth… of course! Who is a bigger gardening influencer? The answer is clearly @SusanHemann. Sorry, Michael. Womp. Womp.@CHUCKHEMANN ON TWITTER @YouToo2012
  42. 42. Which is better? The human or the robot? BOTH! • Gather large amounts of data quickly and in one place • Serves as a starting point for list of influencers • Be a central repository for information about influencers • Gut check for manual research• Define data parameters/needs• Gather and assess a large amount of data coming from an automated solution• Judge who from a data set is truly influential for a given category@CHUCKHEMANN ON TWITTER #SMCSEA
  43. 43. <50 people drive share of conversation about a brand online Thousands of Millions of Hundreds of 50 Top 57+ Metrics. key phrases. webpages. Outlets. Influencers. • Have complete clarity into who influences your world, and how to reach them with your content. Does anyone read this?@CHUCKHEMANN ON TWITTER @YouToo2012
  44. 44. Understanding influence through the Influencer Network Systematically Develop Your 1, 9, 90 rule 1 9 90 Meme Muse Meme • Top influencers – 1% or • 2nd concentric circle of • Like-minded customers who less who reach the world influence – where the are not yet connected to the of your current and top influencers get their brand. potential customers. content and ideas. • Important to educate them, • Important to build • Important to surround provide a unique experience, relationships here. sound paid + earned and share audiences with media. others Contents are proprietary and confidential.@CHUCKHEMANN ON TWITTER @YouToo2012
  45. 45. Bringing this all together… • Lots of data points so define your date range – 12 months preferred • Ranking only matters so much in the final analysis • Think about a person’s online presence in it’s entirety • Relative weight of reach, relevance and syndication will vary by type of influencer analysis CRITICAL TO REMEMBER THIS IS JUST A SNAPSHOT IN TIME! IT CAN (AND WILL) CHANGE@CHUCKHEMANN ON TWITTER @YouToo2012
  46. 46. WAIT! CHUCK! Aren’t you going to talk about Klout? Contents are proprietary and confidential.@CHUCKHEMANN ON TWITTER @YouToo2012
  47. 47. THANK YOU!Chuck HemannDirector, AnalyticsYouToo Social Media 2012April 13, 2012Contents are proprietary and confidential.