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Booze you can use! Engaging ways to crush it in the digital space

To cut through the clutter online today, you need to produce shareable, digestible and creative content that is tailored for every platform. From creative contests, engaging stories and authentic TV moments, find out how TODAY has become the number 1 morning show on social media, including a behind the scene look at the “Wine Bot,” which encourages customer engagement and conversation across channels.

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Booze you can use! Engaging ways to crush it in the digital space

  1. 1. Booze You Can Use Engaging ways to crush it in the digital space with authentic TV moments, creative story telling and Wine Bots! Kyle Michael Miller TODAY Digital
  2. 2. A little something from Kathie Lee and Hoda… Note: They were completely sober for this video
  3. 3. Lead social media producer TODAY with Kathie Lee and Hoda TODAY’s Take
  4. 4. More than 14 million strong on social media TODAY: 5.2M+ KLG&H: 1.3M+ TODAY’s Take: 335K+ Other verticals: 653K+ 7.5M+ Total Likes PINTEREST 228K+ SNAPCHAT 27K+ @TODAYShow: 3.5M+ @klgandhoda: 257K+ Other verticals: 148K+ 3.9M+ Total Followers PERISCOPE 47K+ 156K+ Subscribers TUMBLR 101K+ GOOGLE+ 1.2M+ TODAY: 1.1M+ KLG&H: 203K+ Food: 21.9K+ 1.33M+ Total Followers
  5. 5. Telling stories across platforms Not all platforms are created equal!
  6. 6. The basics… Newsfeed experience Content generated by an algorithm that measures post engagement Newsfeed experience Content appears mostly in real time Newsfeed experience Content appears in real time (for now!) Mobile platformDesktop mobileDesktop mobile
  7. 7. Facebook’s algorithm A formula that ranks the content posted by your friends, the people you follow and the pages you like. Between 1,500 - 10,000 posts you can possibly see You only see a few hundred in your feed.
  8. 8. It’s based on engagement Reactions, comments, shares, click throughs, video streams, bounce rate from link posts The more engagement, the greater number of people who will see the post in their newsfeed.
  9. 9. Shareable Easily digestible Baby Vale!
  10. 10. Tips for engaging posts on Facebook A clear, simple tease image so it stands out with all the other content in newsfeeds.
  11. 11. Complement the text, story headline and caption.
  12. 12. Headlines that tease people to click See this grandma’s deserving Ambush Makeover: I’ve been wanting this for year.
  13. 13. Watch this guy solve ‘Wheel of Fortune’ puzzles in seconds - over and over again
  14. 14. Ivanka Trump welcomes baby boy: Find out his name Milestones!
  15. 15. Know your audience! Know your brand! You must become an expert for your brand! KLG and Hoda Celebs Pop Culture Home Food Ambush MakeoversParenting
  16. 16. Know the content most engaging to your audience. Dig into the stats
  17. 17. Snapshot of when your fans are online
  18. 18. Insights on your audience
  19. 19. What we post on TODAY’s platforms Posts linking out to Native videos Segments from the broadcast Original lifestyle stories Trending stories Moments from the broadcast Original videos for digital platforms
  20. 20. Photos, albums, TOPS (text on photos)
  21. 21. Remember, on social media you want to post SHAREABLE and DIGESTIBLE moments.
  22. 22. A few examples
  23. 23. Charlie Sheen speaks out on TODAY Matt interviews Charlie for 3 segments on the show 1x1 1x1 Charlie’s doctor
  24. 24. How we handled it on digital… story Thorough write-up of the interviews 3 videos embedded in the story (TODAY video player) A few photos to create a nice user experience
  25. 25. What do you think?
  26. 26. 7:49 am - Native video of Charlie’s announcement 39 second video - - -3.8 million streams
  27. 27. 7:54 a.m. - link post with story
  28. 28. 10:54 a.m. - Charlie Sheen’s open letter on diagnosis
  29. 29. 3:03 p.m. - TODAY Health link post
  30. 30. 7:33 p.m. - Native video with interview highlights
  31. 31. Simple trending story with all the goods! Relatable to almost everyone Fun characters in it Great UX on story
  32. 32. It ended up TODAY the next day!
  33. 33. Authentic moments = social media wins Kathie Lee’s touching tribute to Frank Gifford Number 1 Facebook post of ALL time for TODAY 47M reach 14M video streams
  34. 34. Kathie Lee’s touching tribute to Frank Gifford
  35. 35. 'I am going to have a heart attack!' Mom flips out when Hoda surprises her on cruise
  36. 36. I gave Regis and Kathie Lee and iPhone. This is what happened.
  37. 37. Hoda loves Blake Shelton. The internet loves Hoda and Blake Shelton.
  38. 38. Facebook loves nostalgia Robin Williams was a frequent guest on the show Public figure celeb that most people knew Throwback video clips exclusive to TODAY
  39. 39. Facebook Live
  40. 40. A story that didn’t go as planned
  41. 41. Anyone else need a drink?
  42. 42. The Wine Bot makes its National Television Debut! Helps build Twitter engagement for @klgandhoda Powered by hash tags #TeamHoda & #TeamKLG
  43. 43. Andrew Pinzler (@pinzler) = Wine Bot creator
  44. 44. Here’s how it works…
  45. 45. Measuring the Wine Bot’s success 2,300 mentions The most mentions in one day since we started the @klgandhoda Twitter account in December 2009
  46. 46. We’ll drink to that!
  47. 47. Measuring the Wine Bot’s success We saw more followers in one day during August 2015, when Frank Gifford passed away. 1,600 new followers
  48. 48. TODAY’s Take with Al, Natalie, Willie and Tamron
  49. 49. TODAY’s Take launches “25 days of Giveaways” Increased from 0 to 300,000K fans in less than a month
  50. 50. It was great shtick! Anchors teased every day. The prizes were great! It gave a people a reason to engage with us on social media. Converted a loyal on-air audience to social media. Why did it work?
  51. 51. Interactive TODAY Greenrooms TODAY Digital Executive Producer @AshleyTParrish
  52. 52. TODAY’s #MiniRoom
  53. 53. Find your personal brand and build it! facebook.comRealHopeDealer
  54. 54. Questions?