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Inspiration for writing


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Youth.SG Campus Correspondent Session #1- By Kok Hui

Published in: Education
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Inspiration for writing

  1. 1. Campus Correspondents
  2. 2. Who am I? Graduated from NUS at May 2012 First batch of Campus Correspondents 2011-2012 Hobbies: Visiting forums, volunteering
  3. 3. What you can read about? Think of what you are interested in if you are the reader? Your views Interesting things about the school Useful information for students
  4. 4. Your views about common issue Your views
  5. 5. Little known factsWhy is this type of bell curves bad?
  6. 6. Your journey in school (tips forjuniors)
  7. 7. Useful information/service forstudents in your school! Help your school mates to know more about these useful services!!
  8. 8. Freebies / Good deals But only do it for really good deals and not too often as it will be seem as ads
  9. 9. Next steps What are some of the misconception about your school? Little known facts about your school Services in your school that few students knows And always remember keep a lookout for things that surprises you
  10. 10. No real public holiday for NUS My topic when I saw the mac packed with students despite being a public holiday!