(youthlab Indo) Youth & twitter trends in Indonesia (part 1)


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twitter trends in Indonesia became huge with a high pace since the last 5 years. Find out how youth interact with social movement, politician, and community account on twitter, and how those account create buzz
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(youthlab Indo) Youth & twitter trends in Indonesia (part 1)

  1. 1. Youth &Twitter Trends In Indonesia (Part 1) Profiling Popular Twitter Accounts Among The Indonesian Young People Collaborative Research by: Picture taken from:http://randomlovefreaks.blogspot.com/2011/03/galau.html
  2. 2. @Twitter Insights on @Twitter Rachmania Arunita (@Petitenia_) Online Creative Director Associate Expert: Youthlab Indo Collaborative Research by: The youth segment nowadays preferred to read “What other people think” on their timeline rather than invitation or encouragement that says “lets do something together”. That’s why, a person, figure, or account that gives more tweet on fact and opinion gets more Retweeted than account that try to push people to do something. Photo:http://www.flickr.com/photos/firdaususman/4173076379/sizes/m/in/photostream/
  3. 3. Method of Analysis * Track twitter accounts that have strong relation with youth nowadays. From pop culture, movement, to political account. * Catch the last 3200 twitter conversations for the following accounts: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. clubspeak greenerationid lomonesia mudagakorup pengajarmuda pramonoanung savestreetchild teretorial tifsembiring youngontop * Analyze by date of conversation, time of conversation, and number of re-tweeted post. * Analyze qualilatively from the social media data. Collaborative Research by:
  4. 4. Retweet analysis: • • Describe the number of post from an analyzed account that has been re-tweeted by others account. Assumption: post that have bigger number of retweet, have a higher impact rate from the audience, this also can describe as an impact of an account on it’s online audience. Collaborative Research by:
  5. 5. Time of Conversation analysis: • • Describe the number of conversations that happen on a specific date. Every account do not have same time period, if an account are very active, it will have shorter period than an account that is not active. Hour of Conversation analysis: • Collaborative Research by: Describe the number of conversations that happened on specific hour for all period in an account. Picture:http://www.flickr.com/photos/rfabianto/6418402201/sizes/z/in/photostream/
  6. 6. Most Retweeted Account From this chart we know that among among the accounts that are followed by the young people, Tiffatul Sembiring or what they call “tiffy” is the most retweeted acount. The interesting part, it doesn’t came from the substantions of his tweet but the intention of his audience to mock him. This unique behavior has been creating conformity among youth. On the other side, Mr. Pramono Anung, a parliamentary member is one politician that has been creating positive buzz among his followers due to his tweet contents that more grounded and down to earth. Movement accounts are found to be retweeted quite intesively by their youth followers. It proves that our young people really need a platform or community to share their ideas and to contribute, even in social media. Due to lack of offline media that facilitate it Collaborative Research by:
  7. 7. Social Movement Twitter Account Collaborative Research by: Picture:http://www.flickr.com/photos/tytypaus/1813972984/sizes/m/in/photostream/
  8. 8. @Mudagakorup Social Capital 1.087 tweets | Following 129 people |481 followers | Noted several times by activist and KPK as a pioneer in youth movement & social campaign on anti-corruption • • • • MudaGaKorup is a social project that promote awareness on anti-corruption and integrity among the youth. Corruption is discussed in a ‘light’way. Broadcasting it in a more relevant fashion for youth everyday context (example: policeman bribery, plagiarism at school, giving “present” to teacher etc). It is a pioneer for bringing anti-Corruption issues among the young people Young people are tweeting about #mudagakorup. Most of the tweets relates corruption to morality issues. Talking about corruption at school, honesty to parents, poverty, starting the movement with small things, case of the electricity hijack in their neighborhood Etc. Collaborative Research by:
  9. 9. Collaborative Research by:
  10. 10. @Pengajarmuda Social Capital 7.576 tweets | Following 195 people | 28.7381followers • • • Indonesia Mengajar is a movement initiated by Anies Baswedan who had the vision to provide access to knowledge to all children in Indonesia. Their goal is to fulfill the shortage of qualified educators especially in remote area all around Indonesia today and to prepare prospective Indonesian young leaders who understand their country’s grass-root issues. Pengajar Muda (PM), as what they’re called, serve to educate elementary students in a remote area for a year. They then have valuable experiences to share with their friends. They mostly talk about education issues, pengajar muda’s experiences, and also their involvement on events. From their timeline we often found inspiring stories from pengajar muda who are currently active or had finished their services from all over Indonesia. Collaborative Research by:
  11. 11. Collaborative Research by:
  12. 12. @Pengajarmuda • Indonesia Mengajar have successfully attracts youth as a prestige movement with an increasing number of applicants. As we know that, youth, on their year of development, are seeking for self-actualization. • PM twitter account often tweet/share links about inspiring stories from the current PM who’re on duty. Some motivation quotes have also been tweeted regularly. Sometimes they also communicate with their followers by asking challenging questions or starting up threads. these strategy wins their follower’s heart. • PM movement has also become a trend. Someone who retweet it wants to be valued as a person who has a big concern on the education. • Anies Baswedan as the people behind this action is also seen as a respectful person. • Their intensity to tweet is quite active. We can see from the time of conversation that they tweet and retweeted regularly, almost everyday but in a fluctuating quantity. • By the time of conversation, we can tell that they are active during productive hour, which is 7 am-9 pm, and it increases at 9 am, 11 am, and 7 pm. Collaborative Research by: Photo: http://www.flickr.com/photos/57404107@N06/5342492534/sizes/m/in/photostream/
  13. 13. @Pengajarmuda Insights on @pengajarmuda Rachmania Arunita (@Petitenia_) Online Creative Director Associate Expert: Youthlab Indo Collaborative Research by: This movement touch the heart of every young people that had the chance to experience education in a formal government institution (sekolah negeri) and emphatize with the shortage of good teacher. With the right combination between charity, adventure, and love @pengajarmuda gets its attention from the young people Photo: http://www.flickr.com/photos/57404107@N06/5342492534/sizes/m/in/photostream/
  14. 14. @ClubSPEAK Social Capital 11.554 tweets | Following 171 people | 3.207 followers • • • • • SPEAK is a youth organization (supervised by Transparancy International Indonesia) which the members admit their love and care to their country. They have the aspiration to build a new Indonesia without corruption. They give a taste of youth spirit in their tweets, as in full of fun, creative, and real action. So the spirit of anti-corruption can be shared by any kinds of actions : photography, music, video, text, even festivals. Clubspeak specifically tweets about corruption issues and youth actions against it. Their tweet content motivates young people to value their self as an anti-corruption agent. @clubSPEAK, daily, starts tweeting (and be retweeted) at 7 am and become more intense until their peak hour at about 8 pm. The number of conversation each day might be contrary different from the day before and the day after. Recently, the average number of their tweets is about 50-100 tweets/day. When a hot issue about corruption is on the headlines, the number of conversation will usually increased. And when they tweet about their events, their followers will retweet it. Collaborative Research by:
  15. 15. Collaborative Research by:
  16. 16. @ClubSPEAK Insights on @ClubSPEAK Rachmania Arunita (@Petitenia_) Online Creative Director Associate Expert: Youthlab Indo Collaborative Research by: Political issues are becoming trends and intensively talked about since several celebrities are involved in it. The young people also want their opinion to be heard and considered. @clubSPEAK movement fits this momentum to served as a platform for youth. Photo:http://www.flickr.com/photos/bramantya/2080461680/sizes/m/in/photostream/
  17. 17. @Savestreetchild Social Capital 4.944 tweets | Following 1.1.76 people |2.862 followers • • • • An Independent social network that focused on street children education. Located on Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Medan, Makassar, Manado, Jogja, Depok, and Padang. Established by a youth named Shei, they educate and advocate street children to have a proper education. From Save street child‘s time of conversation in twitter, we can see that it is not tweeting on regular basis. Their tweets are update of information about street children that they teached. From the hour of conversation, one can concluded that the interaction happened mostly in afternoon and evening (2 pm and 9 pm). 2 pm is the time when youth actually open their account and zap their timeline. At that time, their activity on school and campus are usually done. For high school student, they are waiting for non-academic activity while for college students it’s the right time to sit up and chat with friends while doing assignments. 9 pm is considered as free time between daily activities and sleeping (Some of them are accessing twitter from PC). At 2-3 am the conversations within this account are still happening because mostly college youth are still engaging with assignments, while at 4-5 is usually the time to sleep for mostly young people who considered as “kaskuser”, “gamers” and “kalong” Collaborative Research by:
  18. 18. Collaborative Research by:
  19. 19. @Social Movement on Twitter Insights on @Social Movement on twitter Rachmania Arunita (@Petitenia_) Online Creative Director Associate Expert: Youthlab Indo Collaborative Research by: Positive tweets combine with cute merchandises for good cause are key!. Since the ‘Indonesia Unite’ movement, youth now are craving for movements that could save the future faith of this nation. These kind of movement are a form of self expression and social existence. Photo:http://www.flickr.com/photos/64681508@N02/6339729813/sizes/m/in/photostream/
  20. 20. Politician Twitter Account Collaborative Research by: Picture:http://www.flickr.com/photos/tytypaus/1813972984/sizes/m/in/photostream/
  21. 21. @Pramonoanung Social Capital 8.158 tweets | Following 205 people | 60.738 followers • • • • A Parliamentary member from Indonesian Struggle Democracy Party (Partai Demokrasi Indonesia Perjuangan) who mostly tweet about daily issues, from football, cycling hobby, and politics. He’s followed by a lot of people, foremost young people who engage in politic and campus movement. Because his contents are not merely about politics ideological matters, but also daily and grounded issues. His tweet talk about everything, from serious stuff to daily things like “listening to certain song”. Some group of youth therefore see him as a cool and down to earth politician. Some of his tweets are also engaging, with a few mentions or interaction with his followers. Collaborative Research by:
  22. 22. Collaborative Research by:
  23. 23. @Pramonoanung • • • From Pramono Anung time of conversation in twitter, we can see that he does not tweet regulary. Not like many politicians, that most of the time “spam” their followers timeline with their political opinion. From hour of conversation,it can be concluded that the interaction happened in the morning, 6 am (when people has just wake up or on the way to school, campus, or office) and 9 am (when they get bored in morning shift). In the evening, 6 pm and 9 pm are the peak hour of conversations. 6 pm is time when people on the way back home from their routinity while 9 pm is considered as free time between daily activities and sleeping (Some of them are accessing twitter from PC). Midnight and predawn are the times when the interaction are less active. Only a few people are still engaged with Mr. Pramono Anung. Due to his hobby of watching football broadcasted late at night, this time is the exact time for him and his football followers discussing the match. Collaborative Research by:
  24. 24. @Teretorial Social Capital 1.917 tweets | Following 464 people | 24.687 followers • • • • • Started her career as a singer, Theresia or known as Tere now a parliamentary member for Democrat Party. As a young member, Tere is also known as a flexible person among her colleagues. Beside her responsibility in the Parlement, she will release her album with kid’s song theme Tere don’t tweet everyday, only on several occasion. If we see deeply, the frequency of conversation in her account is low. Only in some date it gets higher. On average, 9 am until 11 pm is the peak hour of coversations between Tere and her followers. The highest peak are at 10 am, 11 am, and 9 pm. As noted earlier, 10 and 11 am are the time when worker and college students are bored in morning shift during their activities. 9 pm are considered as peak hour due to the young adults leisure time after work at home Collaborative Research by:
  25. 25. Collaborative Research by:
  26. 26. @Time of Tweet Insights on @Time of Tweet Rachmania Arunita (@Petitenia_) Online Creative Director Associate Expert: Youthlab Indo Collaborative Research by: Everybody have different schedule activities that will influences their schedule to tweet. From this tweet schedule we could map their segment, either they’re a young executive, students, teens, or entrepreneur Photo: http://www.flickr.com/photos/57404107@N06/5342492534/sizes/m/in/photostream/
  27. 27. @tifsembiring Social Capital 13.370 tweets | Following 1.839 people |326.773 followers • • • • • He is a politician from Prosperous Justice Party (Partai Keadilan Sejahtera) and now appointed as Minister of Communication and Informatics. His conservative background often clash with his role as the minister that supposed to have a modern and technologist mindset. You can find some counterfeit accounts related to him due to his controversial policy. Lot of young people follow him not because of his twitter content, but to mock and attack him through tweets. Mr. Tiffatul Sembiring actively tweet to inform his policy. In some dates, amount of conversations are high due to his tweets about controversial policy From morning to night, it can be concluded that frequency of conversations between him and followers are relatively low. Only in 5 am and 6 am it getting higher, because of his habit to give morning greetings and joke poem. Something that is considered lame by the young people. Collaborative Research by:
  28. 28. Collaborative Research by:
  29. 29. @tifsembiring Insights on @tifsembiring Tifatul sembiring have an interesting timeline.In whatever he’s talking about, he always put his character and always try to interact with his followers and audience Rachmania Arunita (@Petitenia_) Online Creative Director Associate Expert: Youthlab Indo Collaborative Research by:
  30. 30. Community Twitter Account Collaborative Research by: Picture:http://www.flickr.com/photos/39963933@N04/5389980082/sizes/m/in/photostream
  31. 31. @YoungOnTop Social Capital 43.056 tweets | Following 272 people | 33.153 followers • • • • • • A community that focused to encourage youth to catch their dream and succeed with their passion, involving young and successful figure such as financial planner, job coach, activists, CEOs. Beside tweeting, they also hold several events or forum that present young and successful speakers. Their followers are mostly first jobber, young adult, and college students. One of the initiator is @BillyBoen This account tweet mostly give what we usually call “kultwit” or kuliah twitter (twitter lecturing) about passion and matters related to youth empowerment. They often hold discussion on twitter with initiator such as Rene CC and Billy Boen Tweet mostly about passion, job, dream, and ways to achieve it. One hundred mentions are the average of conversation amount From morning to night, interactions between them and their followers are realtively high except for 6 am. The contents of tweets are popular among the young people because its related to their basic needs to self actualize and succeed in the professional world. 7 and 9 pm are the peak hours of conversation. Due to the segment of the followers that are mostly first jobber and passion achievers, 7 an 9 pm are time that considered leisure time to have discussion on twitter. Collaborative Research by:
  32. 32. Collaborative Research by:
  33. 33. @Lomonesia Social Capital 4.961 tweets | Following 45 people | 7.853 followers • • • • • Lomonesia sparked on the first time in August 2004. Lomonesia perform routine activities such as PhotoHunting, Gathering, Exhibition and Workshop with Lomography cameras to use, they also provide consulting services for Lomography cameras. The Interesting thing is that they have representatives in every city in Indonesia, including Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Solo, Bali and Pontianak. Lomography, as a camera trend in Indonesia (since 2005) still have a place on their enthusiasts’ heart. Since Lomenesia provide all their needs(latest information, cameras, workshops, events, services, etc.) about Lomography, they follow lomonesia to be connected. They also become such a community, a place/platform to share about this particular hobbies. For other un-segmented followers, they follow Lomonesia as a conformity behaviour since it becomes a trend. Youth will valued smart and ‘gaul’ when they are knowledgeable about the latest trend. @lomonesia tweets regularly active each day with the number of conversation quite stable, only on a certain day they increased. The peak hour of conversation is at around 12 and 6 pm with a quite big number of conversation(+/- 200). It shows that Lomo is still a trend. Collaborative Research by:
  34. 34. Collaborative Research by:
  35. 35. @lomonesia Insights on @lomonesia Rachmania Arunita (@Petitenia_) Online Creative Director Associate Expert: Youthlab Indo Collaborative Research by: The follower of @lomonesia is like a car lover who always have the time to enjoy reading Saturday’s newspaper scanning the “car for sale” column. Not intended to bought one but only to inquire what’s on the market these days. The follower of @lomonesia don’t lineary means that they have a lomo camera, but they could be someone who are seeking entertainment. For example, #gomballomo create the highest conversation on January 28, this proves good jokes will always be retweeted and everybody love to laugh. Photo:http://www.flickr.com/photos/sendisndx/6832669761/sizes/m/in/photostream/
  36. 36. @Greenerationid Social Capital 13795 tweets | Following 932 people |9265 followers | Noted as one of the biggest green movement community in Indonesia • • • • • Greeneration ID is a community with concern towards the environment. It’s also a social enterprise. They have an unique approach of using social media, their twitter and website engage strongly with environment activist and other related communities. Greeneration is very segmented. Greeneration ID has a strong positioning among their followers. Their informative tweets attract their followers to share and re-tweeted it due to it’s relevancy to the current enviromental problems. Celebrity who has concern on environment such as Dewi Lestari, Maylafayza often retweeted Greeneration ID The highest frequency of conversation happened mostly in the morning before the beginning of the daily activities and in the evening, after the daily routines. Collaborative Research by:
  37. 37. Collaborative Research by:
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