(Youthlab indo) youth trend 2012 kaleidoscope


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Back to back of what's happening around Indonesian Youth in 2012
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(Youthlab indo) youth trend 2012 kaleidoscope

  1. 1. Yes, the battle is on! Since the buzz of Apple sued Samsung regarding the copycat matter hit the net, the fan boy of each brand bashing each other on twitter, blog and other social forum. They defend Apple or Samsung because the brands represent themselves, they feel like they ‘own’ the brands.That’s how strong Apple & Samsungengage to their loyal followers
  2. 2. When Facebook is too crowded and Twitter is too noisy?Path emerge between those giants social network. Path using ‘privacy’ as their unique point, only the friends in the circle (limited to 150 friends) could look at the posting.
  3. 3. “Galau” described as the ‘unstable’ condition of teenagers’ emotional condition. The cause may be varied; from boy/girlfriend, BFF and parents. It become popular through Twitter.Brand using this ‘galau’ buzz recently to their ad campaigns, but they’re only using it for the content while they’re missing the context & concern of it
  4. 4. Twitter is a media to build a ‘self-image.These popular twitter icons;@aMrazing, @newsplatter, @ferdiriva, @mi und launched their books and promote them through twitter. It works well because they already has a solid fan base of thousand followers
  5. 5. The red velvet & rainbow cake trend is about the social status, not merely because the taste of it. Youth sees their friends start to post the pictures of these cakes in every social media (instragram, twitter, path). To be exist! This is what matters the most for youth.
  6. 6. The first emerge of roller skate or we used to call it ‘roller-blade’ was around the late 90’s. It’s trending again among youth. The trend is also inspired by the ‘Roller-Skating’ Indonesian athletes who swipe all the 12 gold medals in SEA Games 26th
  7. 7. The Dark Knight Rises (TKDR), Perahu Kertas, Skyfall and of course the last part of Breaking Dawn are all the most anticipated movies by Indonesian youth this year. They queued for hours in the cinema even before it opened. The earlier they watch those high-rated movies, the proudest they would feel to tweet about it.
  8. 8. This year, from radio to radio, in the malls and even in the mini market, we heard Adele’s gloomy voice in “Someone Like You”Yes the song is definitely about a broken heart girl who has an exlover married to someone else, but the impact of this song is huge to the ‘galauers’ especially female youth, they even tweet about it.
  9. 9. Since the emerge trend of Instagram, Indonesian youth are really into photography. Though some of them don’t have specific skill on photography, but they are proud to use and ‘show’ the SLR cameras when they traveling or just hang out with friends.
  10. 10. It all started with the Governor Election in Jakarta a few months ago. One of the candidates, Jokowi-Basuki, used the “Kotak-Kotak” as their attire trademark. Youth sees this as the breakthrough between the other conventional. Then, youth endorse them voluntarily, through YouTube parody video and the massive “Kotak2” flash mob in car free day.
  11. 11. It’s obvious, that Gangnam Style should be in this 2012 kaleidoscope list. The video now hit 1 billion views. What a record!Gangnam Style goes international, also endorsed by artists like Britney, Ellen De Generes and Madonna
  12. 12. Report By Youth Laboratory IndonesiaYouthlab is the first factory and repository ofIndonesian youth insight, compromised ofmulti-talented youths of variousbackground, the research and consultingcompany helps corporations and organizationscreate precious connection with the fickle yetprecious market segment.Through ethnographic research, onlinetracking, creative focus group discussion, andother means, we help you create a dialoguewith the youths of Indonesia in the mostefficient manner.We Here to Make that happen to you Find more about Indonesian Youth trends, data, & insights: www.enterthelab.com Contact us Tara.talita@gmail.com faisal_sii@yahoo.com