(Youthlab Indo) 10 social media excess among indonesian youth 2012


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(Youthlab Indo) 10 social media excess among indonesian youth 2012

  1. 1. Social Media Side Effect: Twitter Excess 10Social Media Excess Trends & Youth Culture Report By Youth Laboratory Indonesia Among Indonesian Youth
  2. 2. Facebook, 39.5 Twitter, 4.5 Source : www.indonesiakreatif.net *In million online users Facebook and Twitter Users in Indonesia until October 2011 enTwitterexcessesamongIndonesianYouth
  3. 3. With What Devices Do You Update Your Twitter? 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 Internet Rental My Mobile Phone PC at School PC at home Laptop Other Devices 3.2 31 3.9 8.4 34.2 19.4 Percent Copyright Youth Laboratory Indonesia www.enterthelab.com enTwitterexcessesamongIndonesianYouth
  4. 4. Social media, especially twitter is the top of mind media among youth. Nowadays the medium has transformed into a social catharsys, replacement for SMS, movements, and advertising tools for the entrepreneurial
  5. 5. But actually, a lot of ‘Social Media Excess’ happened since ‘Friendster’….
  6. 6. The medium has changed how the young people think and behave, unfortunately not all of these effects are positive…
  7. 7. These are 10 Social Media Excess found among Indonesian Youth
  8. 8. 1. Hard Addiction “I tweet therefore I am” is a common joke among youth due to their addiction to social media. Tweeting is like having drugs from doctor but in many fold. They tweet during class, eating, meeting , even while driving! Safety and politeness are neglected due to this medium
  9. 9. Eventhough social media is not for bullying directly, yet it is used for media sharing among the bullies. The seniors at school command their juniors to act and pose ridiculously, they record it, then upload it on facebook. The virtual crowds then verbally abuse the victims through social media. 2. Virtual Bullying
  10. 10. Due to the opennes and freedom to explore everything, now social media convert into a tool that allow people stalk on other’s personal life. More than that, what they get from stalking became the raw materials for gossiping with peer group. Gossiping became habitual. The social border for privacy is lost 3. Un-Privacy
  11. 11. Our culture emphasize on family involvement in almost every important activity. Therefore, family time is highly valued. As children getting older and become teenager, they start to loose the family time due to children’s new life with friends. This condition often exacerbated by young people addiction to social media. Social media have become the replacement for ‘parenting’ role, conflict with the ‘folks’ is inevitable. 4. Conflict with parents
  12. 12. In social media especially twitter, we can keep in touch with anyone we want, from friends, lecturer, to celebrities. The emerging phenomenons are where many youths are trying to stay current with idols via twitter. They catch idols attention with mentioning, giving compliments, or swearing. The ultimate goal is to get reply or retweet from idols. Once they failed, they keep trying, but after many efforts if they keep failing, they will feel rejected. In the end, it could also effect youth’s vulnerable psychological condition 5. Feel Rejected
  13. 13. Due to the freedom of self-expression, somehow, the young people doesn’t know how to separate their personal and collective content. One of these handicap is swearing and protesting toward something without filtering the words first (government, people, even their friends in socia media). They forget to recognize that even a single tweet has its own social audience 6. Emotional Displacement
  14. 14. Have you seen people that have thousands of follower on twitter but unrecognizable in offline world? This is what we call twitter ghost. Many “celebs tweet” are considered as twitter ghosts. They only exist in online world. They talk about almost every issues intensively, but in real life nobody knows them Photo : Juan Blazquez (Flickr) 7. Twitter Ghost
  15. 15. Most young female teens still have no idea about ‘how to’ behave with opposite sex and how to treat their “special” friend in front of public. So they express their need by doing PDA (Public Display Affection).In extreme cases, some youth segment tend to upload nudity content, not only with “special” friend, but also collectively with their friends. For some youth having a private documentation like this is an achievement. A psychological disease moderated by social media Photo: Kanditha Rechta (Facebook) 8. Nudity
  16. 16. losing followers and friends is like losing their true friends. Youth sometimes keep asking on themselves what they have done until their followers are gone. Some youth have hard time separating the virtual from the real. In urban cities, the young people never put ‘off’ their mobile, they sleep and bath with them. The importance of offline encounter is degrading in fast rate. 9. Losing Offline Ground
  17. 17. This warning is simple yet give many impacts on younger users. By using twitter, it means that we already learn on how to use words simply and effectively in 140 characters (less than sms with 160 characters. It effects the young people habit to be more straight to the point and forget to build rapport proccess (Indonesian culture). In final exam as well, the young people write everything more shortly without any comprehension “Your Tweet was over 140 characters. You'll have to be more clever”. 10. Fragmented in 140 Characters
  18. 18. Catch all our Youth Trends Report out December 2012 Indonesian Youthniverse 3/4 series: 1/3 Indonesian Youth & Social Media 2012 2/3 Indonesian Female Youth Trends 2012 3/3 Indonesian Mobile Trends 2012 3/4 Indonesian Youthpedia (General trends) 2012 Call us for 2 hours of presentation of this Report, or include us in your marketing strategy elaboration Visit our web for more info www.enterthelab.com Or contact: Muhammad Faisal Faisal_sii@yahoo.com Tara Talita Tara.talita@gmail.com Youth Laboratory Indonesia www.enterthelab.com The first repository of Indonesian youth culture & behavioral insights What is the next steps?
  19. 19. Request free download of this presentation: http://enterthelab.com/index.php?m=insight&s=presentation Find more about Indonesian Youth trends, data, & insights: www.enterthelab.com Contact us for a presentation of this slide Tara.talita@gmail.com faisal_sii@yahoo.com Youthlab is the first factory and repository of Indonesian youth insight, compromised of multi-talented youths of various background, the research and consulting company helps corporations and organizations create precious connection with the fickle yet precious market segment. Through etnographic research, online tracking, creative focus group discussion, and other means, we help you create a dialogue with the youths of Indonesia in the most efficient manner. We Here to Make that happen to you Research Report By Youth Laboratory Indonesia