(youthlabindo) Indonesian youth social universe:youth marketing for energy drink


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Find out why most energy drink brand failed to create real engagement with the Indonesian youth segment
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(youthlabindo) Indonesian youth social universe:youth marketing for energy drink

  1. 1. Indonesian Youth Social Universe Case Study of : Copyright of Youth Laboratory Indonesia Brand Audit (2/2)
  2. 2. “ In effort to attain young customers, brands should be able to grab youth’s life from both side, online and offline. The social media mega-trends should not mask the fact that youth’s desire to be social is larger that the media it self. Social acceptance is a major necessity for any Indonesian youth. Peer group serves as self esteem recovery, also as soil to grow one’s identity . That’s why the so called ‘indie’ movement should be considered seriously, thus they’re the innovators that provide the perfect social universe for any young person” Social Media Over rated Offline Currency Under rated
  3. 3. Did you remember who were at the ‘Kantine’ during Recess time (waktu istirahat)?
  4. 4. “ Tous le monde!”
  5. 5. Are you already part of their Social World?
  6. 6. “ Youngsters do love anything that is free and practical” Arian Stone, Fixed Gear Community Leader Bandung In their social world: Listening is a part of the Engagement it self
  7. 7. How much time have you spent off your desk, trying to understand their Social universe?
  8. 8. <ul><li>Two of the most popular energy drink in the market, Extra joss & Krating daeng. Both competing on the same price, the ‘thick’ youth segment. Different approach were used by the two. </li></ul><ul><li>Even though it’s the same type of product, the distance of youth perception on both are by miles. One should remember that youth attachment is to brand not product. </li></ul>Case Study: Extra Joss & Krating Daeng
  9. 9. Comment by a young man on twitter: “ Why extra joss ads shows ‘construction worker’ all the time? I think they should change their tag-line to:Construction worker are real Man who drink Extra Joss!!!” Case Study:Extra Joss Youth are ‘risk averse’ to brands that could damage their social identity
  10. 10. <ul><li>Appel and Blackberry marketing are examples of how ergonomic serves as main selling values for the youth segment. Qwerty keyboard and touch screen are innovation that accommodate youth usage habit. In context of energy drink, brand such as extra joss should emphatize more on youth usability pattern. Whereas krating daeng/red bull aready reach success in US and Europe with its can and bottle packaging. </li></ul>Case Study:Krating Daeng In the age of discovery, ergonomic is everything for the young people
  11. 11. <ul><li>Iconism is a marketing approach that put the faith of a brand on a charismatic and popular icon. It was the most effective approach for youth in the late 80’s, due to the power of TV that shape the way youth think and behave. In the era of crowd reference, youth see iconism solely as entertainment with less impact. Brand like extra joss should pull themselves out of the iconism black hole to create real influence to the young people. </li></ul>Case Study:Extra Joss Iconism is a paradigm that works for the Gen X, only a placebo for Gen Y
  12. 12. Case Study:Krating Daeng “ Youth Community” is born organically, any attempt to create one for a brand will be uneffective The succes of Red Bull internationally is not by creating a so called ‘Red bull/Krating Daeng’ community. But, by immersing into communities that already existed, then facilitate their social need by creating a ‘common room’ for them to perform. The right way to sell energy drink to the already energic segment.
  13. 13. Reality Check: Extra Joss has already a potential Youth Market
  14. 14. <ul><li>“ In my opinion, the taste of extra joss is original (yellow extra joss mostly). While other similar product tastes weird in my mouth. </li></ul><ul><li>Mamus , 24, Doctor </li></ul>
  15. 15. Mira, 22 F “ I used to drink Red Bull. It helped and gave me energy for my exam preparation. I choose and liked it much better than Extra Joss due to its practical package (in bottle). Extra Joss is too ‘manly’” Namira, 22 F, Model
  16. 16. <ul><li>“ I love to drink extra joss. I used to mix it with milk, the taste is fantastic. I prefer extra joss better than Krating Daeng because Krating Daeng is not mixable. “ </li></ul>Boii, 25 M
  17. 17. ‘ Tarkam’ or ‘Turnamen Sepakbola antarkampung’, meaning ‘tournament between villages’ is the football tournament among rural youth in their local field. They’re keen to energy drink before each match. Since Red Bull is viewed as urban and expensive brand, extra joss has chance to engage them due to the fittest of their characteristics as niche market ‘ TARKAM ’
  18. 18. To be Social, is to be sensitive to those ‘Organic’ Communities
  19. 19. Is about leveraging their small world to the BIG idea, instead of forcing the BIG idea into their small world
  20. 20. Build This City Movement by UNKL 347 Lack of Skate Park in Bandung since 1990 initiate UNKL 347, a well-known youth clothing store, to create a public space for youth. Even though illegal, it succeed to empower the board riders segment to amplify about the brand. Leveraging their small world to The BIG Idea http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j1BSPfF15JE
  21. 21. Leveraging their small world to The BIG Idea ‘ CUMI’ character created by Darbotz CUMI, a well known mural arts character developped by Darbotz, embedded in many corner of Jakarta. Became an Icon for Nike http://www.radarnois.com/blog/?p=1081 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ESwSZ0B8eVA
  22. 22. Social Media is only one mode of expression
  23. 23. Visual and descriptive: Narrative Statement : Physical Appearance : Group Inclusion : Photo upload Photo tag Re-blog Link of videos Check-in foursquare Joining fans page Facebook status Tweet Blog Article etc Joining community Choosing particular peer group School choice etc Handset choice Clothing style Shoes choice etc Real self Social Media Unconscious Subconscious Conscious/Aware Indonesian Youth Self Expression Matrix Copyright of youth laboratory Indonesia
  24. 24. Request free download of this presentation: http://enterthelab.com/index.php?m=insight&s=presentation Find more about Indonesian Youth trends, data, & insights: www.enterthelab.com Contact us for a presentation of this slide [email_address] [email_address]