(youthlab indo) Indonesian animology: Trends on youth anime community


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A trends shift in how indonesian youth community, specifically anime community, consume mainstream media
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(youthlab indo) Indonesian animology: Trends on youth anime community

  1. 1. Indonesian ‘Animology’<br />case study on: Indonesian Youths & Anime<br />Youth research insights by Youth Laboratory Indonesia <br />
  2. 2. Case Study: Indonesian Youths & Anime<br />www.enterthelab.com<br />“Since Hiroshima and Nagasaki was bombed in second world war…”<br />-Indonesian Anime die hard fans-<br />The hyperbolic statement above is a common joke among anime lovers in Indonesia when they’re asked about the first time they fell in love with anime culture<br />Indonesian gen X, Y, and Z was raisedwith Japan anime. Among the most popular one are: Doraemon, Sailor Moon, Jiban, Ultraman, & Kamen Rider. It was the regular afternoon show that was broadcasted on national tv and collectively watched after an “hour on the soccer field”.<br />Most anime character stays deep in many Indonesian youth heart. One could see it influences through youths belief & preferences as they grow.<br />Youth Laboratory Indonesia <br />
  3. 3. www.enterthelab.com<br />Case Study: Indonesian Youths & Anime<br />From Regular Audiences to Seeker<br />The issues among Indonesian anime fans are thatlocal TV cannot provide updated anime anymore, to much re-runs. On the other side, cable TV is too expensive and sometimes doesn’t reach certain area. This situation push Indonesian youths to become more dependent to the net. Downloads, online sharing forum, and pirated anime CD’s are the heuristic alternatives.<br />Youth Laboratory Indonesia <br />
  4. 4. In Indonesia, anime community grew slowlydue to Indonesian people’s stereotype that anime or cartoon are only for kids.<br />Mostly, Indonesian anime community are ‘lurker’, means that they’re fans who just follow the hot and current gossips.<br />Offline encounter amonganime community in Indonesia is now quite rare. Except for a peculiar anime series community<br />such as gotei13 (bleach), indoatsukiand the top HIT (Naruto).<br />www.enterthelab.com<br />Case Study: Indonesian Youths & Anime<br />www.enterthelab.com<br />“Anime is not just for kids!”<br />Youth Laboratory Indonesia <br />
  5. 5. Case Study: Indonesian Youths & Anime<br />www.enterthelab.com<br />Anime Beachheads<br />#Kind of Bleach freak<br />#Loves anime a lot<br />#Member of Gotei13 for 5 years<br />#Actively engaged in Gotei13 community<br />#Share everything on Gotei13 forum, not only<br />#actively supporting Gotei13 offline activity <br />#Actively promoting and amplifying Gotei13 community in Indonesia<br />“we love to meeteach other amongmembers, even though the activities are quite simple such as hanging out, and karaoke-ing” <br />DIPTA, 22 M<br />Post Graduate Student<br />Youth Laboratory Indonesia <br />
  6. 6. Case Study: Indonesian Youths & Anime<br />www.enterthelab.com<br />Anime Beachheads<br />#Head admin, RP Head Manager, and Designer for Bleach Indonesia Forum since 2005.<br />#Have a vision about upgrading and amplifying Gotei13 Forum to other young people so other parties from brands would help him support his advocacy for anime<br />#In the middle of developing Gotei role play, a RPG text based where the members of the community are able to create a story together.<br />Adip, 20 M<br />College Student<br />Head admin of forum.bleachindonesia.com<br />Youth Laboratory Indonesia <br />
  7. 7. Case Study: Indonesian Youths & Anime<br />www.enterthelab.com<br />The Need to be Recognized<br />The anime communities do want to expand their community. They need opportunities to promote and amplify the ‘anime virus’ to other youth. They also have dreams about meeting the creator team of their favorite anime, or at least people from local TV who broadcast anime in Indonesia. Expecting an engagement with experts on anime culture.<br />Youth Laboratory Indonesia <br />