Religion - God's sweet home


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The slide reflects upon the important role religion plays in all our lives and the goodness this faith brings in our mind and soul.

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Religion - God's sweet home

  1. 1. Religion: The God’s Sweet Home - Sirisha Akshintala
  2. 2. What is the religion?• It cannot be defined as it is the way of life.• One may be a Hindu or Christian or Muslim or Jain or Buddhist etc.• But on the whole we are humans and every religion finally enlightens us to be a better human.• A religion always creates an optimistic view on anything and everything irrespective of living or non-living.• In simple terms, religion is a pathway which connects humanity and spirituality.
  3. 3. Is it mandatory to have a religion?• If we look at the government application forms we can notice a separate column to fill in ‘religion’.• That means we must be a member of one or the other religion.• People around us judge us based on which religion we belong to.• Hence religion is more or less equal to our name.• And one must have a positive opinion on it instead of having chaotic feelings.
  4. 4. Secularism. Is it correct?• There is famous quote which goes this way, “Science without religion is lame, and religion without science is blind.” Isn’t so true?• Being a secular human is not wrong but condemning the religious values and ethics in the name of secularism is wrong.• Religion is a morality touched by emotion which finally inculcates devotion.• With or without religion, we would have seen good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things.• But for good people not to do evil things, that takes religion.
  5. 5. Unity, it is!• India is a vast country consisting of many religious faiths including Islam and Christianity.• The strength lies in everyone respecting each other’s beliefs unlike many other parts of the world where we are forced or coerced into believing one particular religion.• This is why while many parts of the world are burning; there is so much of unity in India’s diversity with some small internal communal riots here and there.
  6. 6. The path to stability• Religion also affects the human to its core, at higher index of religious moral beliefs in adolescents enables better control of impulses, providing better mental health stability.• Religious preaching’s always stress on prayers and meditation which enables the transformation of that psychical energy into neutral energy which supports the growth and development of personality.• In this way it helps in not only the youth but in every human being towards his/her growth, development and socialization of the personality, leading to the improvement in mental health.
  7. 7. The home of God!• As a bottom line the one who believes in God can do wonders in the world hence the home of God is the religion.• Follow your own religion and respect the other religions.• God is the protector of mankind and it is so much safe to be under him to save ourselves.• We own to decide our own spiritual owner and follow his guidelines.
  8. 8. • The best way to know God is to live our life in a good way in his home by following his preaching and spreading the goodness of God through religion.• Respect the religion and follow it faithfully to meet God after the completion of our life.• The sweet home is God’s home called ‘religion’ if we understand it we will surely sense the essence of the God’s grace.
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