Very Hue: A Report on the Vietnamese Librarian Project


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In October of 2005, Simmons College received a $1.8 million grant from The Atlantic Philanthropies to train a new generation of Vietnamese librarians for leadership roles. Professor Pat Oyler, who oversees the grant, has been working with Vietnamese librarians for more than 13 years. This report describes a 10 week program of four GSLIS courses, taught by Patrick McGlamery (Simmons GSLIS adjunct teacher) and Terry Plum in Hue, Vietnam from June – August, 2007. Participating were 25 Vietnamese university librarians from four different areas of Vietnam: Can Tho (in the Mekong Delta), Hue, Da Nang, and Thai Nguyen (north of Hanoi). Many of the Vietnamese librarians were as new to Hue as the teachers. This talk discusses teaching LIS in Vietnam, technological determinism, the role of the academic library in supporting university education, and how constructions of the cultural landscape can affect teaching and learning.
This lecture was co-sponsored by Simmons International Relations and the GSLIS Research Colloquium

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Very Hue: A Report on the Vietnamese Librarian Project

  1. 1. Very Hu!: A Report on the Vietnamese Librarian Project Terry Plum Assistant Dean Simmons Graduate School of Library and Information Science Boston, MA October 2, 2007
  2. 2. The Project • Atlantic Philanthropies • Chuck Feeney • Giving while living • Andrew Carnegie •!The man who dies rich dies disgracedquot; • #3.8 billion $ spent by 2006 • #4 billion $ spend by 2020. • Pat Oyler $ #1.8 million
  3. 3. Is this your %rst visit?
  4. 4. Hu!
  5. 5. Teaching Digital Information Services •New Databases •AGORA •HINARI •OARE •Blackwell Synergy •Oxford University Press •Highwire
  6. 6. Teaching Digital Information Services •New Databases •eIFL •INASP - PERI
  7. 7. Teaching Digital Information Services •Old Questions • In file 6 (NTIS), how would you create a comprehensive search for hybrid cars? • You’re working with medical students who need information on the effectiveness of physical therapy on TMJ (TemporoMandibular Joint) problems. Can you point them to some useful articles published in the last three years? Provide three citations to articles in English that meet the students’ criteria, and prepare the results in a useful format. • You are working at a small college library, and your patron needs to verify a citation to an article from 1985 in the Journal of Law and Education on student rights and freedom of speech. He has the full text of the article but it’s missing the page numbers; he needs the complete citation for his paper.
  8. 8. Teaching Digital Information Services •New Questions • You are looking for technical articles on non-point agricultural pollution in the Mekong Delta region. Use AGORA. First try the CAB search engine. What did you find? Then try AGRICOLA through AGORA and after you find a good article, see if it is available through AGORA. You are looking for the fulltext of the article. • Ca Tru is a traditional style of music performance originated in the north of Vietnam, typically around Ha Noi in the 15th century. It used to be a favorite musical entertainment of all the kings and royal officials. Can you help me find an article about Ca Tru for my music history class? • I would like to get as much financial (not news) information about ORNAPAPER BHD as possible. It is a company in Malaysia, which operates in Vietnam. I think they make cardboard boxes.
  9. 9. Teaching Digital Information Services •Real Life Search • Enterprise resource planning in Vietnamese higher education institutions. • Designing and organizing language activities for effective accuracy and fluency practice in an English class at Hue upper secondary schools • Inheritance patterns of Cucumber Mosaic Virus (CMV) - resistance to CMV strains in pepper (capsicum) • Differences between the effects of pre-task planning and other planning approaches on fluency, complexity and accuracy in second language acquisition. • Women ages 15-49 with HIV/AIDS in Vietnam and health management information systems
  10. 10. Very Hu!
  11. 11. Very Hu!