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European Campus Selection New


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Published in: Education
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European Campus Selection New

  1. 1. Erasmus Mundus Action 4 Enhancing Attractiveness youth agora. Enhancing online youth information
  2. 2. Core Partners UNICA: Project Coordinator and grant holder Erasmus Student Network: Adviser youth Youth Agora: Conceptual and Technical Development agora. Enhancing online youth information University Pierre and Marie Curie: Active Member Pilot Group Tallinn University: Active Member Pilot Group Brussels Education Services: Evaluation and Promotion ORION: Promotion and dissemination
  3. 3. European Campus Project Enhancing Attractiveness for overseas students Improving information provision Promoting Standardization in Higher Education
  4. 4. The Master Template tool Make it look as you want. Make it do what you want.
  5. 5. Standardization Making Information comparable (by humans) Making Information consumable (by machines)
  6. 6. At a Glance Requirements Programme Fees Accreditation Contacts Master Course Information Charter
  7. 7. Master in logies Photonic techno s o ter in Nan Mas Mast er in d Astr at ion an onom i n Migr elations y Master tural R l Master in Computer Intercu Engineering Master in Business Administration
  8. 8. Stories Enhancing your attractiveness by ... Collecting the stories and people behind your master Making use of online media
  9. 9. Involve different actors by collecting... It was a great experience being Stories from students there. By far the best year of my life, I loved the city and the course. This new student project allowed us to Stories from projects strengthen new skills such as project- planning and and team-work I’m really proud about this new Stories from spin-offs research project. It is the result of a close co-operation with many industrial partners
  10. 10. Central Website with Quality International Master Programs Collecting Master Course information in a uniform way Collecting attractive stories from students. projects, etc... Providing European wide search tools for students
  11. 11. nanotechnologies At a Glance Programme Accreditation Requirements z Contacts Fees It was a great I found what i experience being was looking there. By far the for: good best year of my atmosphere, life, I loved the great city and the research. course.
  12. 12. What to do* Key steps • Select International Master Programs to join European campus • Fill in their Master at a glance • Add a nice header • Launch the story competition and start collecting attractive stories * if you are interested