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European Campus at DrupalCon 2010


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European Campus at DrupalCon 2010

  1. 1. youth agora. Enhancing online youth information European Campus Erasmus Mundus Action 4 Enhancing Attractiveness Antonio De Marco Andrea Pescetti Creative Director Technical Director Youth Agora Youth Agora
  2. 2. Core Partners UNICA: Project Coordinator and grant holder Erasmus Student Network: Adviser youth Youth Agora: Conceptual and Technical Development agora. Enhancing online youth information
  3. 3. European Campus Project Enhancing Attractiveness for overseas students Improving Information Provision Promoting Standardisation in Higher Education
  4. 4. First Step
  5. 5. Master Course Information Charter
  6. 6. ( ) (Non) Formal Information
  7. 7. The Tool a.k.a. Get-a-Decent-Website-for-Your-Students
  8. 8. Master in Nanotechnologies in... Stories coming from... Paris, France Students Projects Spin-offs Pierre and Marie Curie University “ Uppsala, Sweden Uppsala University It was a great experience being there. By far the best year of my life, I loved the city and the Warsaw, Poland ” Warsaw University course. Antonio De Marco International Master Student More about this Master 28 years, Italy + MORE STORIES Not to miss about this master... 15th May 2009 5th May 2009 Nanotechnologies The more unusual degrees are turning out legions of bright graduates - and are proving a hit with employers. The Business Secretary Lord Mandelson acknowledged today 12th May 2009 that major Government projects Optimism returns to the Scottish property market... would have to be put on the “back burner” as part of the effort to 25th May 2009 balance the nation’s books. In our sixth annual price guide for Scotland, our Home Scotland editor. + READ MORE Follow us on...
  9. 9. Collecting Information
  10. 10.