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Youth4work AICTE MOU


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Benefits that colleges and students can avail from this association

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Youth4work AICTE MOU

  1. 1. Youth4work Identify, Improve and Showcase Talents
  2. 2. Trending Question How do I find Internships/Jobs?
  3. 3. Trending Question How do I find Internships/Jobs?
  4. 4. The Correct Question How do companies find me for Jobs?
  5. 5. Challenges Faced 2012-2013 2013-2014 2014-2015 2015-2016 2016-2017 0 0.2 0.4 0.6 0.8 1 1.2 1.4 1.6 1.8 Students Passed Placement Millions Passing Vs Placement Scenario 2012-2013 2013-2014 2014-2015 2015-2016 2016-2017 • 1.7 M Engineers Graduating Every Year. • Placement Offered ~0.6 M • 90% Jobs are skill based • 2% Population in Vocational Training
  6. 6. We help identify, improve and showcase talents for Opportunities About Us: 24 Lac+ Profiles 11000+ Institutes 15000+ Companies 60000+ Jobs 60 Million+ Tests Attempts
  7. 7. Online Talent Test (yTests)
  8. 8. yTests – Online Tests for Skill Assessments 400+ tests in 15+ Categories Free for Youth Rank against professionals and other students Rank Boards for each Talent Learning while Testing400+ Skills 25 Mn Q Attempts
  9. 9. Testing  Learning Scenario 9 Each question gets timed based on Artificial Intelligent algorithm – based on user responses Crowd-sourced Qs User Rating And Discussion on Questions Learn with every attempt
  10. 10. Algorithm Insights on Every Question 10
  11. 11. Test Level Insights 11
  12. 12. Youth’s Profile Showcasing their talent to the world
  13. 13. Every youth’s skill profile Skill Profiling of People Ranks on Each Talent Ranking Algorithm Active Profile + Perceived Skills + Online Tests + Forum Reputation + Certifications Knowing people’s Interests, talents, Details, Communities/Discussions
  14. 14. Skill Graphs and Talent Insights for Every Youth Detailed personal insights to empower youth to understand and work on desired professional areas
  15. 15. Skill-based / Role-based Talent Search Try a search here:
  16. 16. Companies Find & Contact People Quickly and Easily Quickly find and contact ranked skilled people Candidates quickly respond back to the messages (WorkMails) from their mobiles as well as web Try a Search here 
  17. 17. Employment Impact Status Companies Connect Companies Hiring Youth Profile Completed and Tested(Top Rankers) 51.7% 15% Youth Profile Tested 23% 4% Youth Profile Neither Tested nor Completed 1.8% 1% ProbabilityofgettingyRank
  18. 18. College Profile College Reports and Insights
  19. 19. • Info on institute, students, courses, etc. • Effective Data Management Real-time Profiling for 10000+ Institutes
  20. 20. Monitoring - Employment Opportunities for Candidates 1. Companies Connection • Important for Placement Opportunities • Mgmt / TPO can check companies contacting the students • Companies can be contacted for placement drives* • No. of students are replying back to companies *To be done by Institute / TPO independently. Youth4work will only show jobs posts by companies
  21. 21. Monitoring – Skill Distribution of Students 2. Skill Distribution of Candidates • Showcasing institute’s talent profile • Comparing own student’s talent w.r.t. • Other College Students • Professionals • Report for every talent mentioned by each student in ones profile • Helps management to understand which talents need overall improvement for students
  22. 22. Monitoring – Top Skills Comparison of an Institute 3. Top Skills Comparison • Shows institute’s top talents • Compare the top talents with all other institutes’ students • Helps management to understand what most students perceive as their talents
  23. 23. Monitoring – Top Skills and Skilled Candidates 4. Top Talented Students • Year-Course-Talent wise 5. Institute Talent Profile • Year-Course wise
  24. 24. Monitoring – Students Activeness 6. Student Activeness • Year-Course wise 7. Student Profile Stats • Profile completion, location preference, Tests status
  25. 25. Testimonials I am happy in choosing Youth4work services. Their Workmails are helpful for employers like us who are on the lookout of both fresh and mid-level experienced talent. It make the recruitment process real easy, above all at an affordable cost. We were able to contact and hire the right talent for the company without much hustle. Kushal Dev Kashyap | HCL TSS We wanted to reach-out to young creative people for our New product launch offers. Interestingly, Youth4work gave a good targeted audience to us! Sudhish Sitaram | Adobe Systems (I) Ltd. One day, I was just surfing net and discovered this platform. I thank god today as slowly I started realizing, this platform is more like a friend-cum-guide who helps you in your difficult situations at various levels of your professional journey. Lot of time we are confused by the enormous question that keep creeping in our mind, this is where Youth4work comes with a helping hand. Amrin Shaikh | Engineering Graduate This is an amazing platform where I’ve been able to assess myself on my IT talents. I’m yRank 1-3 in most IT talents in Bangaluru. Shrishail Shankar Bande | Java Developer COMPANIES YOUTH
  26. 26. Thank You Kindly ask your students to give online talent test here: For any query call/whatsapp: Shubham Swarup - 9818826705 Neha Nijhawan - 7290025437