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Youth4work AICTE Letter to Institutions

Instructions by AICTE to the colleges regarding Youth4work Online Test

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Youth4work AICTE Letter to Institutions

  1. 1. @Phone : 01 1-26131576, 77, 78, B0 Website : www.aic, eTfud qn-fi-q ilo-ffi frrmr (qrra wt-on oI '6 sifrfuo f{6rq) qr+q sff€r{ ftrm {Trdq. qRd $t.DIl idg{ ri*dr cr.f. T{ ftd_110067 ALL INDIA COUNCIL FOR TECIINICAL EDUCATION (A Statutory Body of the Govt. of India) Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt. of India Nelson Mandela Marg, New Delhi-.| 10067 {l$'september,2017 F'No' I 0- I /AICTE(p&ApyMou-AICTE&youth4w orw 20 1 7 To All Principals/I)irectors AICTE approved Institutions Subject - MOU between AICTE and youth4work. Sir/Madam. Regards, AICTE in its 49th meeting of the council held on 1 4th March , 2017 approved a package of measuresto be implemented by all technical institutions upprou"a by AICTE to improve the standards oftechnical education and to provide competent technical manpower for the nation. All India council for Technical Education has signed Mou with youth4work on l2th September,2017 to facilitate Job and Intemship opportunities along with Skill based Assessments for studentsof AICTE approved institutes using www.Youth4work.cor! platform. This Mou aims at benefitingall the stakeholders of talent ecosystem for career opportunities for students of AICTE approvedinstitutes' The MoIl signed between AICTE and Youth4work can be viewed on the AICTE The AICTE approved technical institutions are requested to adequately publicise this information ontheir websites so that students can be benefitted. we hope your institution will take maximum advantage of this partnership for the benefit of students. Yours faithfully, --'U--('-- ""1Q(Prof. a.f.Mittat; Member SecretaryCopy to : l ' All vice chancellors of State Technical universities 2. Director, Technical Eclucation fof all Stut.rruirl---- o H qErlT?5r 3lftIfir{ EeEaq**