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Elibrary usa presentation


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Elibrary is a free service for students at the department of English of the Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences of Ibn Zohr University in Agadir. Students can register and have an account at an individual level which they are required to use appropriately if they wish to keep it.

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Elibrary usa presentation

  1. 1.  What is Elibrary? It’s an online library with free access to authoritative and update databases. It’s free of charge. You can print, email. How to become a member? What does it include?
  2. 2.  Books – full-text of literature Essays Encyclopedias – Adults and Children Reports News articles Periodical articles Documentary Films
  3. 3.  Literature Science Health Business Library and Information Science U.S. Government Current Events and Issues English Language Learning
  4. 4. PRIMO
  5. 5.  How to search?: 2options The search box in the upper right corner. Select the subject. Each database has a guide to help you to conduct your research.
  6. 6. Arts and Culture Filmakers Library Online Literature Resource Center Litfinder: you can bookmark
  7. 7. Lit Finder
  8. 8. Business News & Information Business News Premier Gale Directory Library Regional Business News
  9. 9. Current Events Academic OneFile CQ Researcher Online CQ Global Researcher E Journal General One File Global Issues in Context IIP Books Middle Search Plus
  10. 10. Educational Resources Book Flix Encyclopedia Britannica Encyclopedia Britannica for Kids English Language Learner European views of the America’s: 1483 to 1750 Grolier online Teacher Reference Center True Flix
  11. 11. Health Resources HIV Teen health and Wellness
  12. 12. Reference Resources Ebrary: 20,000 books Encyclopedia Britannica Encyclopedia Britannica for Kids Gale Directory Library Gale Virtual Reference Library Grolier Online
  13. 13. Science & Technology Gale Science in Context GreenFile Greenr Library, Information Science & Technology Abstracts PowerKids Life Science
  14. 14. Advantages of Elibrary: Offers a lot of information and more for youth and adults. Instant access to information. Save time. Articles written by experts and journalists. Update and accurate information