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RfID apps


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this ppt introduces an application for rfid tags

Published in: Engineering
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RfID apps

  1. 1. RFID APPS
  2. 2. Intro • The RFID tag can be affixed to an object and used to track and manage inventory, assets, people, etc. For example, it can be affixed to cars, computer equipment, books, mobile phones, etc • RFID offers advantages over manual systems or use of bar codes. RFID tags can be read hundreds at a time. Bar codes can only be read one at a time using current devices.
  3. 3. Intro • Access management • Tracking of goods • Tracking of persons and animals etc • Smartdust (for massively distributed sensor networks) • Airport baggage tracking logistics • SPORTS • Etc…
  4. 4. Apps Commerce • Cars • Accessories Promotion tracking
  5. 5. Apps Transportation and logistics • RFID tags are used to identify baggage and cargo at several airports and airlines object tracking
  6. 6. Apps smartdust People tracking