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Yousemble SEO Slides - Meetup Feb 2012


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SEO Basics - For more great information take a look at

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Yousemble SEO Slides - Meetup Feb 2012

  1. 1. Search Engine Optimization February 2012
  2. 2. Why is SEO so Important?
  3. 3. Feb 2011, Google said they had 2 Billion+ searches per day! Global Search Growth Millions of Searches per monthData via ComScore qSearch:
  4. 4. Organic vs. Paid Search Paid Organic
  5. 5. Click-Through Rates 20% of Clicks 80% of Clicks
  6. 6. How do Search Engines Work?
  7. 7. Providing Answers to user queries Here you go!Millions of results in seconds.
  8. 8. Crawling and indexing.
  9. 9. Your site needs to be SEF ..SE who?
  10. 10. Accessible to Search Engines HUH?? I can’t read this…Images, Flash, Java Applets & not text elements are invisible.
  11. 11. Keywords Good use of Keywords and Phrases.Research and use words your customers use.
  12. 12. Clean, Crawlable URLs Good Bad on good URL structures -
  13. 13. XML Sitemaps on sitemaps -
  14. 14. Duplicated Content Removed from primary indexDups get tossed out.
  15. 15. What can I do to improve my SEO?
  16. 16. Title TagsTitles (Keep it short between 3 – 5 words), Less than 66 characters, Brand Name | Keyword and Keyword
  17. 17. Meta DescriptionsUse Keywords, less than 150 characters.
  18. 18. Create Great Content Headings The “Tree Falls in the Forest” Effect <h1> Make a noise and be found <h2> This is perhaps the most important concept to grasp about the functionality of search engines & the importance of search marketers. Even when the technical details of search-engine friendly web Bold development are correct, content can remain virtually invisible to Keywords search engines. This is due to the inherent nature of modern search technology, which rely on the aforementioned metrics of relevance and importance to display results. LinksOptimization (H1, Bold, Keyword use in your content, Links).
  19. 19. Image Names Good beautiful-large-oak-tree-near-table-mountain.jpg Bad IMG_DSC_P0325665402.JPGHuman readable filenames, add keywords in alt tags.
  20. 20. Image Alt Text Beautiful large oak tree near table mountainGood keyword usage in the alt tag.
  21. 21. Webmaster Tools Settings > Webmaster ToolsTell each search engine to come take a look, add your sitemap XML and gain insights from results.
  22. 22. Google Webmaster ToolsWebmaster Tools help spot errors and suggest keywords.
  23. 23. Analytics Settings > AnalyticsGoogle Analytics is totally free!
  24. 24. Inbound Links Without links, Search engines might never find this pageGet as many people as possible to link to you Blogs, Sites, Clients, Friends & Directory Listings.
  25. 25. RSS Feeds - – is a great tool for setting up and monitoring feeds
  26. 26. Spread the word across the Web News/Media/PR SEO Email Research/White Papers Blogs + Blogging Infographics Comment Marketing Social Networks Online Video INBOUND MARKETING! Webinars (Find Your Audience Organically on the Web) Forums Document SharingSocial Bookmarking Word of Mouth Direct/Referring Links Podcasting Type-In Traffic Q+A SitesLoads of ways to create link-backs and organic growth.
  27. 27. What about Social Media?Google + Bing Now Counting Facebook & Twitter
  28. 28. Social Media Platforms Keywords, links in Tweets, Retweets, Posts & SharesGrab your username (keyword) and enter your URL (Link Back).
  29. 29. Q+A @yousemble
  30. 30. Resources Google Trends (Keyword Demand) - Google Insights - Google Analytics - Google Feedburner - Google Webmaster Tools - Yahoo! Webmaster Tools - Bing Webmaster Tools - Science of Retweets – SEOmoz (Good Resources) - http://seomoz.orgThere are plenty of resources out there, this is a good place to start.