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Ride On Today


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Ride On Today: what bus routes are running today?

Published in: Software
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Ride On Today

  1. 1. Ride On Today “what bus routes are running today?” Junxiao Shi, @yoursunny, 2018-08-14
  2. 2. I like to explore the region by bus ● I’m only available on weekends. ● Some buses are not running on weekends.
  3. 3. Official Ride On System Map ● Map includes all the routes. ● Many are not running on weekends.
  4. 4. Google Maps ● I want to explore somewhere new. ● Where can I go? ● Where are you going?
  5. 5. My App ● Select a date. ● A map shows available bus stops on that day. ●
  6. 6. Weekday vs Weekend
  7. 7. Trip Times are Important, Too
  8. 8. How it Works
  9. 9. General Transit Feed Specification ● Ride On publishes bus schedules in GTFS format. ● It’s a ZIP of TXT files. – Actually, CSV. ● Can I get the information out of these files?
  10. 10. What’s in the GTFS? ● List of bus routes. ● List of bus stops, with GPS coords. ● A calendar of “services”. ● List of trips under each “service”. – trip: a bus serving a route from start to end. ● When does each trip depart each stop.
  11. 11. stops.txt in GTFS
  12. 12. How the Map was Created 1.Import GTFS files into SQLite database 2.Write SQL queries to find out: • what “services” are active today • what trips belong to these services • where are the stops served by the trip 3.Plot today’s available stops on HERE Maps
  13. 13. Future Work ● Automatic GTFS updates ● Multi-agency: MetroBus, Fairfax Connector, and more ● Interactive maps ● “where can I reach within 75 minutes?” ● “what’s the latest time I must head back?”
  14. 14. Ride On Today ● Try the app: ● Imperfect source code: – is proudly built with PHP ● Follow me on social media: