HerStory - Year in Review 2013


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HerStory is India's first media platform that scripts the narratives of women shaping a new economy. HerStory aims to celebrate, rejoice, inspire and drive every woman to be the most awesome version of what she can be. In this deck, we bring to you a quick recap of the year 2013.

HerStory is a YourStory Media initiative. Contact us on her@yourstory.com

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HerStory - Year in Review 2013

  1. 2013 Review HerStory in Quotes Stories of women shaping a new economy - A YourStory.com initiative
  2. In my first job, I was the only woman on the factory floor. Uma Rani, SVP, SAP
  3. I always have my close mentors who act as my personal board of directors. Sukla Chandra, GM, GE Global Research Bangalore
  4. Every time I am confronted with a problem I tell myself I have to think of it as an opportunity. Ambiga Dhiraj, MuSigma
  5. In the long run, short-term breaks and sabbaticals don’t matter at all. Aruna Jayanthi, CEO, Capgemini
  6. Be self-critical, be aware of your strengths and weaknesses, play to your strengths. Lula Mohanty, VP, IBM India
  7. Be aggressive about your career goals. Prasanna Anireddy, Director Engineering, Progress Software
  8. You can get to the top by being who you are. Finance Veteran Gita Nayyar
  9. Don’t forget your roots. Sheenam Ohrie, VP, SAP
  10. Women need to help other women. Sangita Singh, SVP, Wipro
  11. Do not follow the herd. Sejal Shah Gulati, President, TAS
  12. Looking back, you will regret the opportunities you did not take. Liz Centoni, VP, Cisco
  13. I love a good challenge. Zarina Screwvala, co-founder, UTV
  14. I believe in the potential of India and my own potential. Neha Kirpal, Founder, India Art Fair
  15. Women, stop feeling guilty, set a course and go after it. Nandita Das, Actress
  16. Women can’t do finance is a myth. Srikripa Srinivasan, CFO, EMC India
  17. I have this naive belief that everything is possible. Ann Rosenberg, Head of SAP Global University Alliances
  18. Stop feeling guilty about dreaming big. Debjani Ghosh, MD, South Asia, Intel
  19. You are the choices you make, be confident of your choices and move ahead. Mitika Kulshreshtha, Head of Marketing, VeriSign India
  20. One thing that clearly got me where I am is discipline. Ritu Madbhavi, DraftFCB Ulka Advertising
  21. Change is what keeps me going. Anu Vaidyanathan, Indian Triathlete
  22. If you are ambitious, you will feel alone. Accept that. Yeshasvini Ramaswamy, MD, E2E People Practices
  23. Women need to stop playing by the rules made by men. Anu Parthasarathy, Headhunter
  24. I am 66 and still jump out of my bed every morning thinking of my work. Laila Tyabji, Dastkar
  25. Be the best version of yourself, everyday. Chandra Gopalan, India Director, Contours
  26. You can achieve success by being who you are. Babita Jaishankar, Makeover Consultant
  27. Don’t try to do everything yourself, seek help. Aarti Mohan, Sattva Media
  28. Learn to be independent. Garima Satija, PoshVine
  29. You are the person who holds your destiny in your hands. Anita Nair, Author
  30. Arts are incredibly important to our lives. Arts make us human. Sameera Iyengar, Junoon
  31. I believe there is no alternative to hard work. Not just in sports but in all facets of life. Saina Nehwal, India’s Ace Badminton Player
  32. Women should play competitive sports. Winning is a habit. Kiran Bedi, India’s First Woman IPS Officer
  33. We shall bring to you stories of many more pioneers in 2014! Stay tuned! Contact - her@yourstory.com her.yourstory.com