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Dubset partnership

  1. 1. Partnership
  2. 2. WHY THE MUSIC INDUSTRY NEEDS US We provide a platform that various people can use and display their talent and generate revenue. Members will benefit from transparency, competition, and becoming their own independent contractor. Artist, Producer, DJ development. Record labels do not want to pay for artist development. By us developing our membership, it will be a major benefit for us because we will now have control over the up and coming talent pool. Record label’s will now have one central place to send their A&R to scout talent. Record Labels will have a platform they can send their current artist to generate more revenue. Independent artist will not have to depend on record labels to become relevant, generate cash, and control their destiny.
  3. 3. WHY THIS PARTNERSHIP NEEDS TO HAPPEN We have a common goal. We both want to disrupt the music industry We both want to empower creative people with a platform they can be used to generate income and develop their talent and build a fan base. Both company founders are passionate and determined to achieve greatness and success, for both of their company projects. Both companies have the skill and the relationships to pull it off.
  5. 5. WHY THE VARIOUS BRANDS Yourstageyourmusic.com Slogan is "Pick Your Lane" which means pick the genre or craft you belong too. All the different brands represent a genre. Lord of Lyrics – R&B, Rap Band Lords – Jazz, Rock, Classic Soul etc. Diva of Lyrics – Specifically for women Gospel, R&B, Jazz, etc. Lords of Production- Producer of music, film. Why? because most artist feel like they should have a record deal, or feel the public should come out and hear them play, sing or perform. Also people like to identify with what they are participating with. So each logo / portal ( Lord of Lyrics, Diva of Lyrics, Lords of Production, Band Lords) represents a genre, club, or society within a competitive music network that is named Your Stage Your Music.
  6. 6. BRAND RECOGNITION Also with the various brands, think of the various merchandise we could sell through the website online store. Each logo can be sold as a tee shirt, mug, or pen. Think about concerts, advertisers, lets say we have a Hip Hop event, concert, etc. in New York ( Lord of Lyrics), but then have a Jazz event in New Orleans (Band Lords), and then have a R@B concert in Los Angeles (Diva of Lyrics) each one could have its own brand associated with Your Stage Your Music. Which will help build the value of both Your Stage Your Music brand and each of the various subsidiary brands. So when a new artist comes to the site they automatically known where they belong.
  7. 7. HOW WE CAN WORK TOGETHER There will be a DJ section to put into the site and have a DUBSET logo or another logo that is a subsidiary of DUBSET so members can click on logo and enter the DJ section or lane of the website. The three things that would be huge for Yourstageyourmusic.com is to integrate DUBSET Mix Scan technology by using its mix transparency, search capabilities, and most importantly the data reporting. I would use it to track everything involving music on our website. Data reporting on all concerts / showcases being uploaded, and streamed live onto the website from every member. Also data on each video, show, or free performance being posted on Lyric TV. DUBSET already has it setup for DJ and the radio. Also for our monthly contest this will let us know how well the contest are doing, which contest genre are the strongest, how many people are actually following, etc. which would give us a distinct advantage. Work together on creating other technology that would strengthen our platforms.
  9. 9. MY GOALS Hosting our own live and branded concert tour online and in various location like a stadium or local venues etc. around the globe. Attract at least 10% of your 65,000 monthly unique visitors to utilize the services offered on our website. Try to match your stat of 60% of the unique visitors stay on the site for at least an hour. Your 900 + DJ’s participating with the services we offer, competing in contest, teaching the craft. Partnering up with record labels to stream their artist concerts from stadiums to our website to sell tickets from sold out venues. Hosting monthly DJ contest. Opening up our first concert store by 2015 Creating new technology for the website and continue to build on the mix scan technology. Our platform to have 1 million members by Jan. 2016, Members host 100,000 online concerts by Nov. 2015 and host our first World Tour 2015 with various A-list performers. Be a profitable company by Jan. 2016