Hispanic market social media in the US


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Hispanic market social media in the US

  1. 1. Hispanic 
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  3. 3. Long game. Cost-effective, driving down promo cost. Yields engaging social. Lives in controlled environment that encourages conversion. Fast action. Requires media for fast wins. High-cost. Drives social activity and accelerates growth of content engagement. Ideal distribution channel for content and promos. Encourages user participation. SPEAKEASY
  4. 4. Overview SM is making an effort at reaching a larger percentage of the US Hispanic Homeowner community. In helping SM with social media marketing, Speakeasy’s question is how best to address this market in social media. Which networks? Which platforms? What language(s) TEXT
  5. 5. The market 46.1% of Hispanic households in the US are homeowners. Leading growth surge (51%) 56% do so because indicator of success / achievement (vs US average of 32%) Will be 40% of net new households over next decade 59% of buying power in 2nd/3rd generation (English) Digitally: Overindex for all social nets Heavy SMS use Dramatic mobile use Native to US (English-speaking) 30% more likely online 21% higher use of online shopping; 54% shop mobile 15% more likely to look for coupons; 20% more on mobile 30% more likely to buy from brand followed on social More credulous: Trust reviews online over friends TEXT National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals, RPCG, AOL Advertising, Zocalo Group
  6. 6. header Text National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals, 360i
  7. 7. header Text Pew Research
  8. 8. header Text Forrester
  9. 9. header Text National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals
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  12. 12. header Text Challenges No single Spanish language Popularity (and difficulty) of Spanglish as true second language among key demographic Despite buzz of dual pages, major brands getting only 1-6% of English FB audience And then, on average, 12% of that audience sees average post
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  14. 14. Best practices header Text Use of genuine humor Music with cultural affinity Appealing celebrities / role models Family / children scenarios Latin American scenery Elements of escapism ! Millward Brown
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  16. 16. Twitter-tunity header Text
  17. 17. Recommendations header Text Start small and test Spanish-language targeted posts on core FB Crosslink to English version, where applicable Maybe test a Spanish-language Twitter If results support, add more channels Integrate Hispanic imagery in all channels All Spanish-language materials mobile-optimized Hispanic promotions SMS marketing Spanish-language review site?
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