LinkedIn Essentials Checklist


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LinkedIn Essentials Checklist will give you a broad overview of the most necessary steps you need to take in order to build your LinkedIn network quickly and easily.

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LinkedIn Essentials Checklist

  1. 1. LinkedIn Essential Checklist LinkedIn Essentials Checklist14 Tips That Lead to Instant Success LeveragingLinkedInAs you probably know by now LinkedIn is an awesome FREE resource forbusinesses that in all honesty is invaluable to entrepreneurs and small –medium sized businesses. You will find a variety of people on LinkedIn likecontractors, vendors looking to win sales, professionals, and career seekingindividuals trying to find their dream job.If you have an intention using LinkedIn to its maximum potential thenthere are a few things that you can implement quickly to become asuccessfully branded authority in your field using these proven methods tocreate a Long-lasting Loveable Brand!The first step to success on LinkedInCreating an expert profile – This means you want to leverage this asset andmake it as dynamic as possible. Think of it as a snapshot of your resume. Ifit commands attention than your potential is limitless.  Utilize a photo of yourself that portrays you in the light you are trying to position yourself. If you want to portray yourself as an expert or professional then use a professional photograph. Never use a photo taken with a cell phone camera.  Create an attention grabbing headline that is clear and most importantly searchable, i.e. “Board Certified Athletic Trainer.” Want more information on networking? Just ask
  2. 2. LinkedIn Essential Checklist Always be sure to include your websites, blogs, and Facebook fan pages Give a strong summary of your qualifications and skills followed by a directive that tells people what to do next if they are interested in connecting with you. Make sure it is keyword-rich so that it will be easy for people to find you. Be sure to include all your jobs and write a comprehensive summary for each one. Remember to keep your information updated because many employers use the internet to check your resume for accuracies. Whatever you do NEVER EVER embellish or lie. You don’t want this to come back and bite you. You should list relevant volunteer work, memberships or leadership in clubs, associations, and other organizations. List as much education and training as the page will allow. Add a YouTube video of your bio to stand out. Add a slideshow presentations, PowerPoint’s, articles, reports, whitepapers, and pdf documents to your profile to solidify credibility and expertise in your field. Use the new twitter app to integrate twitter into your LinkedIn profile. This adds interaction features that allow people to get toWant more information on networking? Just ask
  3. 3. LinkedIn Essential Checklist know you. If used correctly you will clearly stand out from the competition.  Include your relevant awards and accomplishments to your profile.  Always be sure to spell check your work when you are finished in order to avoid looking unprofessional on your first encounter.Note: Hopefully you noticed that I continually emphasis “relevant” content.Nothing is worse than going to a person’s profile and trying to guess whatthey specialize in because they have so much unrelated informationincluded in their profile. Do you think a potential employer or partner isgoing to fish through that information or move on to the person who clearlyconveys their message with clarity.Finally I would like to make you aware of the #1 mistake that LinkedInmembers make and that’s simply not completing their profile. It will onlytake a couple of hours to implement the steps above and we have evencreated a Step By Step LinkedIn Video Series to help you through each step.Here are a few of the benefits you will gain from leveraging thesetechniques:Benefits:  Find your dream job  Find qualified employees  Attract highly targeted clients  Multiply your income quickly  Become a credible authority in your industry  Leverage social medians to provide buying customers with exactly what they want  Find & build life-long relationships with mentors Want more information on networking? Just ask
  4. 4. LinkedIn Essential Checklist  Create profitable partnerships  And much more…Now that you have your profile setup you’re probably wondering how youcan connect with more people and grow your reach. One of the quickest andfastest ways is to use the search feature at the top of the page to search forpeople you know that are very well connected.Simply send them a quick message letting them know that you are now onLinkedIn and that you would like to connect. Once they accept yourinvitation you will have access to their networking database as well.During the invitation process you can also search for companies that youhave worked for or a presently working for. You can invite people fromwithin the company to join your network as well. Be careful though becauseyou don’t want to get banned for sending invites to people that you don’tknow.Once you have built up a few connections you may want to put yournetworking circle on steroids using a group of LinkedIn members wholeverage each other to grow their networking channels. We put our nameson a list that allows people to send us invites that we will accept.If this is something that interests you then you can join us that you have connections you can begin interacting with your newassociates to promote a business, get new customers, createpartnerships/joint ventures, and much more. Be creative and think of howyou can leverage LinkedIn. Just don’t forget the golden rule.Give, give, give and you will see results!I would love to hear how this has helped you, so feel free to connectwith me.ConclusionFinally if this report helped you be sure to drop me a message below. Themore responses the more complimentary reports I will put together (I don’t Want more information on networking? Just ask
  5. 5. LinkedIn Essential Checklistwant to waste time putting these together if they’re not helping you guys).If you would like to know more about any of the following simply send me atweet or comment on Facebook and I will put a report together for you on:LinkedIn SEO Secrets – Ranking at the Top of Your Niche/market in 24Hours or LessLinkedIn Etiquette – The Proper Way to Introduce Yourself on LinkedInLearning 2 Love LinkedInTweet MeFacebook MeAlso if you enjoyed this special report and you’re willing to write a briefrecommendation about what you learned from this report, I would trulyappreciate it. I totally understand if you would prefer not to as well. You canalways connect with me on any of the following:LinkedIn.com can also reach me immediately by sending an e-mail I look forward to a lifelong friendship. Want more information on networking? Just ask
  6. 6. LinkedIn Essential ChecklistWelcome to an innovative way of networking! I will continue to do my bestto help you position yourself as the authority in your industry.Warmest Regards,Michelle SnowIf you are ready to be able to physically see observable results in yourbusiness then take ACTION and visit us online at: Want more information on networking? Just ask