WW1 to WW2 Econemy Eldon


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WW1 to WW2 Econemy Eldon

  1. 1. WW1 and WW2 economy Change By: Eldon McCabe
  2. 2. • How did the economy change from Pre- World War 1 through World War 2
  3. 3. Problems through War• Problems Occur In the economy because when men have to go off to war there isnt always people to replace them in there current jobs.
  4. 4. Pre-WW1 through WW2 Economy Timeline• Pre World War 1 London had just been proclaimed as having one of the best economies in the world.
  5. 5. • When WW1 began Englands Firearms Factories employment went up 75,000 people 28,000 Being Women Who had to replace men that went to fight in the war.
  6. 6. • During the early 1920s began the roaring 20s when the U.S went from war time to peace time there was a stall in the economy.
  7. 7. • In 1929 the roaring 20s came to an end but there was a stock market crash that started the great desperation. If a worker was lucky enough to keep a job there income droped 43% between 1929 and1933 it was the worst economic disaster in the United States of America.
  8. 8. • In most of the world World War 2 began Sep. 3rd 1939 but for the United States it began Dec.7 1941 when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor.
  9. 9. • When World War 2 started the economy boomed and it was back on track with employment on the rise employment rose 40% if it was being in the military or working for a company that supplied for the military.
  10. 10. • After World War 2 there was the 1950s where nothing eventful good or bad happened.
  11. 11. Russias economy was most effected During World War 1 and not to help the countrythey where being run By a Communist Dictator that effected the way they live.
  12. 12. Good through war• Through war the economy is made greater with more jobs created whether through joining the Military or working in a factory that supplies for the Military.• Although many lives were lost during WW1 and WW2 many families made more money and lived a better life when the wars where over.
  13. 13. SolutionsA solution to this problem would be have no more World Wars then there would be no dramatic change to the economy and lives would not have to change suddenly.
  14. 14. How this problem Effects us• This problem still effects us because if there never was any World Wars we would not live the same we live today
  15. 15. Could this problem Ever be solved• This problem is about how the economy and how its always changing I believe that there will never be a perfect economy.
  16. 16. Sources• Www.answers.com-Employment rate during and between wars.• http://www.timetoast.com/timelines/73961 used for graphs and most information.• Yahoo.answers.com- information on other countries.