Kony 2012


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Kony 2012

  1. 1. Kony 2012 By: Morgan Cook.<33rd hour Social Studies
  2. 2. My Focus QuestionMy Focus question is ‘Who is Kony and what is he doing?’
  3. 3. My answer• My answer is Joseph Kony is a terrorist that is capturing children, and making them kill their parents and making them solders.
  4. 4. Intro and ThesisKony affects the children by abducting them and turn girls into sex slaves and boy into soldiers. My project will prove that Joseph Kony is doing terrible things to children and what we need to do to get him.
  5. 5. Overview• The issue is Kony takes children and makes them kill their parents and makes them become slaves. This problem occurs and it affects the children negatively by they can know someone like their friend got taken and the children that do get taken have to do terrible things and that can affect a child really bad.
  6. 6. History/ Timeline» 9/18/1961- Birth of Kony» 9/18/76- Kony drops out at 15» 1/1/87- Beginning of LRA» 10/6/05- arrest warrants made fro several members of the LRA» 8/12/06- LRA commander shot» 8/12/08- Kony get on the US global terrorist list» 1/11/12- Kony 2012, get him famous then capture him» 3/1/12- Jason Russell releases kony 2012 video» 3/5/12- Invisible children organization make world-wide video» 3/23/12- African union sends more solders» Has 60,000 to 100,000 LRA solders» 4/20/12- Cover the Night (With Kony posters).
  7. 7. Location/ Map• The place that this is happening is in Uganda, Africa.
  8. 8. Worst Affected Area• The worst affected area by kony are Uganda, Africa. This is such an issue there because that’s the only place is happening, Uganda, Africa.
  9. 9. Compare/Contrast• The comparison of kids with Kony and kids in America are they both are children who don’t need to be treated like this, they both have feelings, you just cant treat them like dirt.
  10. 10. Solution• People are trying to stop Kony by sending troops in Uganda, Africa to go find Kony and kill him. This solution hasn’t helped yet but, it will when the troops find Kony then problem will be solved. Other ways the people can help is keep putting up posters and tell more people about Kony and make him ‘famous’ and donate money to take down Kony.
  11. 11. Personal ConnectionThis issue effects me because once I saw the video it hit me that is real, that kids really do get taken and have this happen to them.
  12. 12. Your SolutionsMy solution is was to send out more troops and find him again, like they did while ago. My idea would help to solve this problem because it would end Kony, everyone would be happy, and the children will finally get to be free.
  13. 13. Human Impact• Some long lasting effects this issue has on people is the children in LRA, they have to deal with that all their life.
  14. 14. Aid organizations• Theres only one BIG organization for Kony, Its called Invisible Children, It I really big it gets donations and everything there
  15. 15. Financial ImpactThe financial impact is having to send out troops and getting money donations
  16. 16. Before/ after comparision• Before Kony Africa was just a place and it had its other problems, during Kony it is just a terrible place to be and after hes is gone it will kinda be the same with differences.
  17. 17. Free choice/ information• Kony is about 51 years old.- Courtney K.
  18. 18. Sources/ references• www.kony2012.com• En.wikipedia.org/wiki/kony_2012• Wikianswers.com• Kony.com
  19. 19. Conclusion• My problem is Kony taking children and making them kill their parents. I hope that this will be solved soon because then those kids get to be free and have a better life then that and Kony will be gone. I think that this problem wont be resolved soon because Kony keeps moving and its hard to find him. To get him we can make him ‘famous’ and we’re only half way, we have so much farther to go.
  20. 20. Facts• There is one person that got away, his name is Jacob he lost his brother to Kony, his brothers neck got slit.• Kony abducted about 30,000 children• The group Invisible Children is an non profit group that bring awareness to Kony.