9 11 event,alyssaclaveau2


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9 11 event,alyssaclaveau2

  1. 1. 9-11 EventBy: Alyssa Claveau
  2. 2. My Focus QuestionMy Focus Question For my presentationis…..Will the 9/11 event effect the World in thefuture? We will find out if it will or not.  Enjoy!
  3. 3. The Issue On September 11th, 2001(Tuesday),terrorists from the Islamist militant group, Al-queda hijacked four passenger jets. Thehijackers intentionally piloted two of thoseplanes into the Twin Towers of New of theWorld Trade Center in New York. Both of theTowers collapsed within two hours. Nearly3,000 people died in the attack. This is a storyto never forget.
  4. 4. 9/11’s Thesis StatementA thesis for mypresentation isabout the 9/11event and Will itaffect the world inthe future? Mypresentation willmay or may notprove that the 9/11event affect thefuture or notbecause we aretalking about thefuture and thishappened.
  5. 5. Worst Cases of 9/11• The worst cases of the 9/11 event took place in the Twin Towers in New York.• There was so much smoke around people tried to survive through it but for some people, they couldn’t resist it.
  6. 6. Affection on Children Negatively This problem occurs and it affects children negatively because over 3,000 people died from the attack and the some children are sad because maybe one of their relatives or friends died from all the smoke and they couldn’t take it much longer.
  7. 7. Why is it such a Problem? The 9/11 event is such a problem inNew York because from all the fire in theTwin Towers, the Towers were collapsingand the construction workers had to buyall the materials for the Towers and re-build them, and it cost a lot of money tobuy all the materials.
  8. 8. MapThe event occurred (arrow) in New York and that is where the most problems are.
  9. 9. My Solution A solution that I have for this issue is that Iwould do is talk to some people that were thereand saw it happen and let their feelings comeout and make them feel a little bit better. Also Iwould ask some airports if they could check theluggage really good just to be sure if the peopleare safe, and also make sure to check thepeople going on the airplane a little bit better tooso that the planes and the people are moresafer.
  10. 10. Supporting Details My idea would help to solve this problem because people would be less scared about less plane crashes and less pollution in the world from all the smoke.
  11. 11. Financial Impact on 9/11The financial impact of the 9/11 event isthat when it was all over and the fire wasout, the clean up crew had to clean upeverything that was laying on the groundand in the Twin Towers. Also someinvestigators had to investigate the crimescene and the construction workers had tofix up the Twin Towers again, so really thewhole thing was a financial impact.
  12. 12. Will the 9/11 problem be solved soon?I hope the problem will be solved soonbecause everyone in the world can be alittle bit safer than what we are right now,and our world can do many things if wesupport it.
  13. 13. Sites I Used for My Research• www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/september_11_attacks• www.cnn.com• www.google.com/images• www.youtube.com
  14. 14. Video For 9/11
  15. 15.  