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Course creation with the blind guy

this is the slide deck for the course creation with the blind guy webinar given on October 21nd 2016. Listen to the entire broadcast on the Your Own Pay podcast in iTunes, Stitcher, IHeart Radio, Google Play Music, or whatever else you consume podcasts. If you can't find it in your favorite podcast directory, let me know.

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Course creation with the blind guy

  2. 2. WHO AM I • Why I got started online • How I got started online • What happened next
  3. 3. CPA OFFERS • Seeing people do better then me • Figuring out why I wasn’t doing what I expected to do • Started to see courses be created
  4. 4. BRANDING FAILING • Brand with authority • Everyone is teaching branding • But did take the knowledge as a free give away
  5. 5. MLM/NETWORK MARKETING • Didn’t enjoy selling the products/services and giving the resources • Didn’t see the value and didn’t feel others would be able to use it • But I did make money with this service and did like to see what others were able to accomplish
  6. 6. FIRST EXPERENCE WITH COURSE CREATION • Created my first course based around the BWA content • Used paid memberships pro with wordpress and another plugin that stripped the menus
  7. 7. DID IT WORK? • Yes but had problems with maintaining it • Kept plugins up to date, but didn’t give the best experence to my customers • Felt like it was hacked togeather
  8. 8. HOW DID I GET MY FIRST FIVE CUSTOMERS? • Though it wasn’t best experence • Sent an email with an audio file to a mailing list • Asked for beta members who could get in at discounted rate to give me feedback
  9. 9. FEEDBACK IS IMPORTANT FOR CREATING A COURSE • Courses grow with feedback • It’s ok to ask to be paid for the course • It’s not purfect but the next version should be better
  10. 10. FAILED BY NOT FIXING SOONNER • People provided me feedback • Didn’t get new version out fast enough • Wasn’t happy with my setup on WP
  11. 11. LOOKED FOR LMS • Didn’t want to pay for zippy courses • Tried teachable but wasn’t happy • Maybe I didn’t give it a good enough chance
  12. 12. THINKIFIC • Why I chose thinkific • Taking there pricing course on my iPhone and noticed how purfect this platform was for a student
  13. 13. FIGURED IF HALF WAY AS ACCESSIBLE • On the admin side then maybe it would be worth it • Started to move my old course for wordpress with a blind guy into the thinkific platform
  14. 14. WHAT I’M DOING • I thought that others may want to know what I was doing • Didn’t have much hope but figured why not offer • If you don’t offer they can’t buy
  15. 15. BETA PRODUCT • Created another beta program • Let five people in at $67 • Offered these people discounts on future courses I release
  16. 16. OVER THE SHOLDER COURSE CREATION WITH THE BLIND GUY • Thanks to yvon of freshoutlookcoache for her idea • Was “With A Blind Guy” • She made me change to “With The Blind GUY”
  17. 17. COURSE WAS CREATED TO SHOW PEOPLE HOW I CREATED THIS WORDPRESS COURSE • Has given me more leverage when conversing with others • And allowed me a chance to market another product to my customers
  18. 18. 3 THINGS I’VE LEARNNED • 1. course creation isn’t for everyone • People think they can do it quickly • And it can be done quickly • But if you don’t know what your doing often it’s not good to teach others at the same time
  19. 19. SECOND OF 3 THINGS • 2. create a course outline • Gives you a chance to know what your going to cover • Know that that outline will change • And hint, can be a free giveaway for people who you are chatting about with your course
  20. 20. BE OPEN WITH WHAT YOUR DOINGTHE THIRD THING • 3. Be open with what your going to do • Others can sign up for a waiting list • Or get your free outline • And you can have a list of people to market the course to when it’s released
  21. 21. TOOLS YOU NEED FOR COURSE CREATION • 1. AN LMS • Helps with producing your course • I suggest Thinkific
  22. 22. MORE THINGS YOU NEED FOR YOUR COURSE • 2. email marketing service • Either to capture subscribers waiting for the course • Or to follow up with your current customers • I suggest thinkific
  23. 23. FINAL TOOL FOR YOUR COURSE YOU NEED • 3. way of producing content • This can be screen capturing software, e.g. screenflow or camt • Your iPhone camra • Or your text documents/ppt’s
  24. 24. STEPS TO TAKE WHEN PRODUCING A COURSE • 1. figure out what you want to talk about • If you don’t “want” to talk about it • Just trying to make money with it • Make it eassier on yourself
  25. 25. WHO DO YOU WANT TO TALK TO • 2. who is it that is best surved by your course • For me it was blind small business owners looking to bring there webiste online • Then blind small business ownners looking to produce there first course
  26. 26. DO THEY KNOW? • Figured it out • Go whare they are • Produce free content to show you’re the authority
  27. 27. CREATE A MAILING LIST • while producing content as an authority • Give a CTA to join your mailing list
  28. 28. GET FEEDBACK OPTIONAL • Why I made this optional • What to get feedback
  29. 29. PRODUCE THE COURSE • Put this toward the end of the steps because • Feedback is going to help you build a better course
  30. 30. CONFIGURE AND SELL • Configure your course • Market it to the people who are on the list but didn’t buy • Optionally provide another discount for feedback • Then encurage to sell
  31. 31. FUTURE PLANS • Continue to revise course to make better • Don’t feel bad about increasing prices for future clients
  32. 32. COACHE YOU THREW THIS PROCESS • If you want coached threw the entire process working on a package • Contact me via email at for info • This coaching program is a work in progress • May turn into a future course
  33. 33. THANKS • Thanks for your time •