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Hoi an local guide


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Hoi an local guide

  1. 1. LOCAL GUIDE The Essential information Getting There Getting Around By Plane On foot Hoi An does not have a domestic terminal, The centre of Hoi An is very small and the nearest airport is in Da Nang (30km pedestrianised, so you will be walking away from Hoi An), which has frequent connections to Ho Chi Minh, Ha Noi City and some international flights. There are two that service Vietnams domestic routes: Vietnam Airlines and Jestar Airline From Da Nang you can travel by public bus, private car or taxi to Hoi an. A shared airport transfer service from the airport to Hoi An is the best way to get to Hoi An. The journey takes around 30 minutes and cost from $3. If you take bus, you will get to the bus station (not in the airport) before going to Hoi An. around most of the time. Motorbikes are By Train only banned from the center of townH oi An is a small town in Central Vietnam on the coast of South China Sea. Hoi An was used to be a busy international commercial port in the 16th and 17thcenturies. Today Hoi An stands as an example of ancient architecture and is declared as There is no railway station in Hoi An. Most guests going to Hoi by train must stop at Da Nang or Tam ky Railway Station. Everyday during certain times of day (Mon-Tue- We d - F r i - S a t , 8 a m - 11 a m , 1 4 p m - 16h30pm). there are many domestic trains from Haa World Heritage by UNESCO for being one of the best preserved ancient Southeast noi, Ho Chi Minh City, Hue, Nha Trang etc. TaxiAsian trading ports. Its buildings and its street plan reflect the influences, both From Da Nang you can travel by bus, It is easy and cheap to find a taxi.indigenous and foreign, that have combined to produce this unique heritage site. From private car or can take a taxi to Hoi an.the moment you enter the city, the mystique of an secluded ancient town isolated Da Nang Railway Station: 202 Hai Phong, Motorbike Tan Chinh Ward, Thanh Khe District, Da Traffic in Hoi An is minimal, so if youvefrom the modern world will take your feeling back to old countryside society of Nang City. been avoiding getting on a bike in the bigVietnam. cities, Hoi An is ideal to get used to the Check train schedule on road rules. Rental motorbike is available In this Guide... www.hoian-tourism.com from guesthouses, cafes, travel agencies, etc. Rent a bike for US$3 per 1.The Essential information 2.Local Taste By Open Tour Buses day (60,000 dong) for a semi-automatic ?there Getting 3.Things do not miss Hoi An is one of the stopping spots of Open or $5 (100,000 VND) for a fully automatic. ?around Getting 4.After Dark Tour cars from Ha Noi, Ho chi Minh City, Useful phrase ? 5.Mark your calendar Hue, Nha Trang, Dalat, etc. There are Weather ? many night buses which can help you save 6.Top attractions ? Contact Tourism 7.Unravelling the architecture more time. The bus will pick up you at your Hoi An Tourist ticket ? Hoi An Full moon ? features of Hoi An hotels. 8.Around Hoi An Check bus schedule on www.hoian-tourism.com www.hoian-tourism.com Your Local Buddy
  2. 2. The Essential information The Essential informationBicycle Hoi An Weather Hoi An tourist ticket Hoi An is comparatively warm especially The tourist office sells Hoi An Tourist ticket during the entire year, and can be classified for admission to any five attractions into two main categories namely wet and (90,000VND/ticket), including an old dry seasons. Experience a dry season in house, assembly hall, museum, and one Hoi An during the months of February to other attraction. Tourists can choose any May and accompanied with sunshine, along with a warm and mild raise in interesting places introduced in tickets. temperatures. The hottest month is June Tickets can be purchased at one of six and July, with a daily temperatures outlets in Old Town. ascending to mid 90s F. pedestrians are allowed, in fact you Hoi An Weather experiences its monsoon 52 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai ? cannot even peddle or push your bicycle showers especially during the months of ? Trung 19 Hai Ba through the town until 10 pm. Check ourBy far, the most enjoyable mode of September to January. The months of ? Dieu 05 Hoang calendar to note the date of this monthlytransport in Hoi An is the bicycle. You can December and January are considered as ? Chau Trinh 12 Phan event.rent them for about 10,000 VND/day or the coldest wintry months. The daily ? Phu 37 Tran 17-18/01/2011 ?5,000 VND/half day. Rental bicycle isavailable from guesthouses, cafes, temperature rises beyond 70s F reaching 78 Le Loi ? 16-17/02/2011 ?travel agencies, etc. mid 60s F especially during the night time. 18-19/03/2011 ? Group more than 8 people are entitled to a free guide for the day; otherwise, you can 16-17/04/2011 ?Useful phrases Tourism Contact hire one for around $15. The ticket outlets 16-17/05/2011 ? are open from 7am to 6pm, as all the sights 15-16/06/2011 ?Hello/ goodbye – xin chao / tam biet Hoi An Tourism Information Office included in the scheme 14-15/07/2011 ?Im glad to see you – rat vui duoc gap Add: 45 Le Loi St, Hoi An 13,14/08/2011 ? Hoi An Office of Tourist Service Hoi An Full Moon Festival- Legendaryong/ba 11-12/09/2011 ?Thank you- Cam On Add: 12 Phan Chau Trinh St, Hoi An Night Festival Hoi An 10-11/10/2011 ?Youre welcome- Khong co chi Immigration Management Office The Full Moon Festival is held on every 14th day of the lunar month (Chinese 09-10/11/2011 ?Yes- Vang Add: 88 Phan Chau Trinh St, Hoi An calendar). Under the full moon, Hoi An ? 08-09/12/2011No- Khong Hoi An Police becomes one big center stage where all the Check www.hoian-tourism.com forSorry- Xin loi Add: 8 Hoang Dieu St, Hoi AnHow are you? – ong/ba khoe khong? locals come out and participate in reviving update information Tel: ( 84-510) 3 861666Im fine, thank you – cam on, toi khoe the golden days of prosperity and folklore Guide OfficeWhat is your name? – ong/ba ten la gi? cultural activities. The festival starts around Add: 5 Hoang DieuMy name is … - toi ten la … 6.00pm when the whole of HoiAn town is Tel: (84-510) 3 862715 lighted with only dainty lanterns andOpen: Mo cuaClose: Dong cua Taxi Hoi An everyone takes a stroll on the old narrowHow much?- Bao nhieu? Tel: (84-510) 3. 919919 streets absolutely free from the sound of vehicles engine. In the old quarter, only Hoi An Private Airport Transfer Start from $20 USD www.yourlocalbooking.com
  3. 3. Local Taste- Local Experience Local Taste- Local ExperienceWhite Rose delicious, albeit pungent. Simple as it tastes. Similar to ravioli, wonton is made seems, the contrast of texture and flavour with rice flour and filled with ingredients (crunchy/soft, salty/sweet) makes for a like shrimp, pork, egg, and spices. There tasty snake. are many kinds of wonton dishes: fried Price: 6000VND- 10,000VND/dish wonton, wonton soup or wonton and noodle soup are a few examples. Hen Xuc Banh Trang (clams served with crispy rice paper) Also Cam Nam specialty, Hen Xuc BanhWith a recipe that has descended over Trang are tiny clams served with crispy ricefour generations, White Rose is a must paper. The clams are boiled and then fried Price: 3000VNDtry local favourite. Its a shrimp dumpling, with a myriad of local herbs, vegetables Where to eat Che Bap: Cam Nam villagethat due to its shape (similar to the rose) and spices. Spring onion, scallions, blackand white starch colouring, was given its pepper, chilli, ginger, and peanuts are Chi Ma phu (black sesame sweet soup)memorable name. In Vietnamese, it is necessary.called “Banh Bao Banh Vac” Where to try: Eating Place 62 (Mr Son) atWhere to eat White Rose: 533 Hai Ba An Hoi IslandTrungPrice: 70,000-100,000VND/ dish Cao Lau Cao lau noodles are carefully made fromBanh dap (smashing rice paper) local new sticky rice. The secret is theBanh Dap is made from rice paper, one water used to make it, and authentic caobeing crispy and the other wet. They are lau uses only water from Ba Le Well. On the Cao Lau noodles were some meat Ground black sesame seeds are mixed slices mixed with fat made from fried with sugar, vegetable juice, and thanh dia noodles served with fresh greens and Price: 15,000VND- 20,000VND/ dish (a kind of Chinese medicine) and then herbs and bean sprouts. Where to eat Hen xuc banh trang: Cam boiled to make a pudding. Chi Ma Phu is Nam village also a tonic for people recovering from recent illness. Che bap (sweet corn soup). Price: 5000VND- 8000VND Che bap is made from tender corn and Where to try Chi Ma Phu: sugar. Hoi Ans sweet and sticky corn is perfect for this soup. Local nutritionists say Wontonfused together on the table and served this soup is very beneficial for the elderly.with a potent nuoc mam (fish sauce) that This dish comes from China but has beenis mixed from soybean, onion, chilli and adapted by the inhabitants to suit localother spices. The sauce is indeed Price: 20,000-25,000VND/bowl Hoi An Shared Airport Transfer Start from $4USD www.yourlocalbooking.com
  4. 4. Local Taste- Local Experience Local Taste- Local ExperienceBanh Beo (Rice Flour Discs with Dried go to Phan Chau Trinh St, between Le Loi some regional and family recipes will use Tofu soup sellerShrimp) and Nguyen Hue chicken and even duck. Accompanying It has custard-almost crème caramel-Banh beo is made from a mixture of rice There is no menu - its a set meal. They vegetables are water morning-glory, semblance and is made from silkenflour and water. The mixture is poured charge based on how much you eat cress, young banana flowers and herbs. soybean that has been cooked withinto small, clay bowls. The delicious coreof Banh beo are stuffed with small Especially, the famous Tra Que savory of ginger and sugar. Each bowl is betweenshrimps and the dipping sauce is made Chicken rice Quang Nam Province will give the dish 5000VND-7000VND (0.3USD)by mixing fish sauce, sugar, garlic, chilly, Hoi An chicken rice is very simple: the more flavour. depending on the size. You can find Mrsfresh small shrimps and watery grease. recipe includes only rice, chicken, sauce Thanh walking around the old quarterPrice: 5000VND/ dish and pickled carrots. The combination of the everydayWhere to try Banh Beo: opposite Duong different ingredients further create aThuong Assembly Hall wonderful blend of flavors between the Banh My (Vietnamese Baguette saltiness of the topped onions, spiciness of Sandwich)Banh xeo the Vietnamese coriander, pepper and It is pronounced "bun me." Sometimes“Banh xeo” is Vietnamese style crepe chilli, sourness of the papaya and the spelled banh my. Banh My includes freshwith whole shrimp, thinly sliced pork coriander, pickled vegetables, chili. They sweetness of the chicken and rice. Alland bean sprouts. Like the salad roll, can be filled with barbecue pork, grilled these pleasant tastes fused together in a chicken, tofu or even scrambled eggs in athe “banh xeo” is a do-it-yourself dish that single meal would make anyone truly breakfast version. For Vietnamese style,involves the messy but delicious process savour your dining experience. they can be filled with slices of cha luaof wrapping the crepe in lettuce with (also known as Vietnamese devon) and Where to try Quang Noodle: Mr Hai 6A thit nguoi (ham). Trýõng Minh Lý?ng, near Yaly shop Where to try Banh My: Ms Phuong, Hoang Dieu, near Cam Nam bridge Sticky rice vendor Pho Bo (Vietnamese Beef noodle Using glutinous rice as main staple, this is Soup) a dish enjoyed by Vietnamese households This iconic Vietnamese Beef Noodle but many visitors also like the sweet/ salt Soup or Pho Bo is probably one of the most well-known noodles to come from taste. Mixing rice with either green or black Vietnam. It features succulent medium beans, peanut, salt, sugar and small stir- rare beef slices on top of the pho =, Price: 20,000-25,000VND/dish fried onion, the dish is sold hot and comes together with some wonderfully freshcilantro and basil. Though the filling might wrapped in banana leaf. A meal of sticky veggies and herbs that bring a freshfall out on your table, you will be Where to try chicken rice: Ms Buoi 22 Phan balance to the tasty and nutritious soup.completely lost in the crispy, warm Chau Trinh, Ms Ty 27 Phan Chau Trinh, Ms rice should never run more thancombination of lettuce and crepe, and the Huong Le Loi, near Thu Thuy shop, Ms VND10,000 (US$0.5). Where to try Pho Bo: Mr Tuan- 323 Cuaattentive staff will happily clean up after Thuan 17/4 Nh?trýng Where to eat: The lady (Mrs Nam) plods Dai, Near Pacific Hotel, Lien Noodle- Leyou. through town every day. She sells from 5 Loi St, opposite Luong Gia Restaurant, Quang noodle Le Loi StBa Le Well. The restaurant is in a little am to noonalley just off of Tran Hung Dao Street. Or Quang noodle soups are generally pork and dried shrimp broth based, although Hoi An Hotels Instant Booking Confirmation www.yourlocalbooking.com
  5. 5. Things do not miss Things do not missVietnamese Cooking Classes in Hoi Hoi An Eco Tours Hire Motorbike or bicycle - A fantastic Hire a boatAn Hoi An Eco-tour - "A unique cultural way to see the town While many motorized boats offer river tours, but hiring a boat is a nice change toVietnamese cuisine is globally known for window into The Vietnamese way of life" If the traffic scared you in Ho Chi Minh or instead glide along the water. You canits varied flavors, presentation and will help you to understand more about the Hanoi, Hoi An is a good place to learn. The find many local people along the Bachfreshness. Classes usually take a half a daily life of the locals. A green-minded tour quiet streets makes it becomes an ideal Dang riverside, or near Japaneseday and there are several to choose from Covered Bridge offer this service.in Hoi An. Highlights include a guided tour offering localize experiences with the Hoi place to hire a bike to get around andof Hoi Ans colorful central market, boat surrounding Hoi An. You will have thetrip on the Hoi An River, and hands-on opportunity to ride your own motorbike orcooking classes. bicycle, which gives you the freedom of being in control of your own destiny. You will travel along, never rushing, really enjoyable. Diving site in Cham Island Hoi An Cham Island Marine Park is still an unexplored diving site, many other dive sites and also old wrecks are yet to be Fee: 15,000VND-20,000VND/ hour An people with the focus of preserving the Morning: 8-9 am environment and giving tourists a real Afternoon: from 3-5 pm. Night: Only for full moon nightPrice: form 12$- 15$ insight into rural life.Become a farmer at Tra Que Custom Made Tailor Hoi An marketVegetable Hoi An is best known for its custom clothing Hoi An market retains an appealinglyThis is an interesting discovery of Hoi An trade and is the multitude of tailor shops. traditional atmosphere, despite thetraditional values with a tour called "one You might have a nice outfit just in several days or hours with a reasonable price. You number of tourists. Like most, its the bestday of becoming an old town resident". will find an array of different colours, in the early morning, spectacle best patterns, textures & quality of fabric. captured between 6 and 7 am when the fishing boats are unloading their catch, discovered. During the good season, from especially among the riverfront fresh beginning of March till end of August, the food stalls. Look out for jars of tiny water gets clearer and can offer up to 20 preserved tangerines, a regional meters underwater visibility, revealing some beautiful coral reefs near all the speciality, amid neat stacks of basket islets and also Rang Manh pinnacles that ware, bowl-sharp lumps of unrefined will make many experienced scuba divers cane-suger, liniments, medicinal herbsIt was a delightful and very affordable very happy. and every variety of rice.way to spend the day and learn about thefood and culture of the area. The varietyof herbs and vegetables was amazing. Cham Islands High Speed Boat www.yourlocalbooking.com
  6. 6. Hoi An After Dark Mark Your CalendarFor the most part, Hoi An is a town that espresso and some great baked treats. February people that was inherited and is still keptsleeps early, but you can find a few Treats Bar & Café Chinese New Year nowadays. Apart from the ceremonies Add: 158 Tran Phugood nightspots Treats Bar & Café in Hoi An creates a very comfortable environment with aTam Tam Café picturesque view of the river from theAdd: 111 Nguyen Thai Hoc dining tables.One of the busiest night spots in Hoi An isthe popular Tam Tam Café. This place Hoi An Cargo Club and Patisseriecombines class with fun – make sure you Add: 107- 109 Nguyen Thai Hocgrab a balcony seat. Cargo Club is a good place to reconnoitre if traveling in a group or to meet other travelers. Their Italian and local dishes are and their legends, festival-goers can also all first rate and the patisserie ensures enjoy art performances, fashion shows, a excellent desserts. This has both street national beach volleyball tournament, and river views. photo exhibitions on Quang Nam, and River Lounge seminars on culture preservation. Add: 35 Nguyen Phuc Chu On these days, Hoi An inhabitants are This restaurant offers a European cafe involved in many activities and organize April style atmosphere with an Asian menu. traditional cultural festivals. Visitors can There is an actual lounge upstairs along see performances of many traditional Lady Thien Hau Worshipping Festival with a manmade beach next to the main dances like the four noble-animal dance The festival is held annually by the ground restaurant, giving guests a chance and the unicorn dance. Chinese living in Hoi An on the 23rd of theTip: Try to get a table on the balcony or in to experience all kinds of chill. You willfront of the building and you can watch 3rd month of the lunar year, at the Fujian have a perfect view over the old town. The Nguyen Tieu festival is celebratedthe passers-by from up there. Mango Rooms annually by the Chinese living in Hoi An onHai Scout Cafe Mango Rooms is the towns most popular the 16th of lunar January, at Guangdong little bistro and gathering point for local and Chaozhou Assembly Hall. On this expats and visiting literati. The Mango occasion, people organize formal offering Rooms effusive owner, Duc, knows how to rituals at village pagodas and temples to throw a party. Ducs imagination has gone wilder with more local dishes being honour Emperor Shen Nong. You will meshed with Mediterranean and Latino experience an exciting atmosphere with tastes. Signature dishes include the red many and interesting activities such as and the Duong Thuong Assembly Halls. snapper and squid rings Devotees come to this pagoda in order to Vietnamese poetry reading, lantern Before & Now Restaurant and Bar festival, lottery games ... pray for happiness, prosperity and Add: 51 Le Loi fulfilment. The festival is organized in a Before & Now is a lively place that s March widely decorated environment, with suitable for all ages. If you want quite, there Lady Thu Bon Worshipping Festival colourful flowers and lanterns.Add: 98 Nguyen Thai Hoc is an upstairs area for dining, otherwiseHai Scout Cafe is a popular late-night soak up the music and mingle downstairs. This festival falls on the 12th day ofhangout for travelers, offering standard They offer a meny of mostly international February of the lunar calendar. It is abar drinks as well as cappuccino and and Vietnamese dishes traditional festival of the ancient Cham Pa Hoi An Private Airport Transfer Start from $20 USD www.yourlocalbooking.com
  7. 7. Mark Your Calendar Top attractionsMay The Vu Lan Day in Hoi An is an event Japanese Covered bridge The architecture of the house has beenLabour day, also a public holiday. associated with the annual wandering of The Japanese Covered Bridge in Hoi An is kept almost intact. Only small repairs a beautiful example of Japanese have been made.Otherwise known as May Day or the souls of ancestors that has its architecture of the period. It wasInternational Worker Day The Diep Dong Nguyen House counterpart in almost all religions across the world. On the occasion, lights are setAugustLong Chu festival float on the river to guide the wanderingLong Chu festival is celebrated on the souls to nirvana. Also, on this night food is15th of the lunar July, when the new spread out on an altar within the house toseason is coming and the old one is appease their hunger; and false money isleaving, and the entire climate is offered as a burnt offering to honor them.uncertain. It is held in the summer constructed in the 1590s by the Japanese community of Hoi An in order to link themmonths, when plagues and other types of September with the Chinese quarters across theepidemics are most likely to break out in stream. Over the centuries thethe fishing villages. As a result, religious Mid-autumn festival ornamentation of the bridge has remained The festival, held annually on the 15th of relatively faithful to the original Japanese Diep Dong Nguyen is an ancient house Lunar August in Hoi An, helps create the design. located at 82 Nguyen Thai Hoc street. most charming and picturesque night of This is considered the first private Tan Ki Ancient House museum in the central part of Vietnam, the year. It involves the customs of moon Tan Ky House is located at 101 Nguyen which a lot of tourists and researchers contemplation, procession of stars & moon Thai Hoc Street, and was constructed consider as an invaluable antique using shaped lanterns, lion dance, as well museum. The house opens 8:00 - 12:00 as parties with moon cakes and fruits and 14:00 - 16:30 daily. It was built for a Chinese merchant in the late 19th century. You dont need to purchase aceremonies are carried out to fight the ticket, there are no security guards....diseases. Phung Hung Ancient House The house is located at 4 Nguyen ThiVu Lan Day Hoi An Minh Khan Street. It was built in 1780 when Hoi An was prospering. The architecture of Phung Hung house represents the combination of Vietnamese, Japanese and Chinese almost two centuries ago as the house of a styles. The house used to be a shop Vietnamese merchant. The owner of the house has preserved its interior design trading in cinnamon, pepper, salt, silk, and old furniture, as well as many relics of chinaware and glassware. Now part of the prospering trade and cultural the house is used as a workshop for exchanges among the Vietnamese, making commercial embroideries. . Chinese and Japanese the late 17 century. Hoi An Shared Airport Transfer Start from $4USD www.yourlocalbooking.com
  8. 8. Top attractions Top attractionsPhuc Kien Assembly Hall granted money to build this assembly hall centuries. The museum is a precious The carpentry village of Kim BongPhuoc Kien Assembly Hall is located at to worship the forever. material treasure, which helps confirm the belongs to the Cam Kim commune, just46 Tran Phu Street was founded in 1690 important role of Hoi An Trade Port in Sa Huynh Culture Museum trading transactions. on the other side of Hoi An river. There were many Kim Bong carpenters were Thanh Ha Pottery Village organized by the King of the Nguyen dynasty in order to build Hue capital. Kim Bong villagers are doing the same work in the same way that their forefathers did in the past. Besides that, Kim Bong carpenters had built big trade ships helping to exchange easily transport goods everywhere.and served the largest Chinese ethnicgroup in Hoi An (the Fujian). It displays Located at 149 Tran Phu Street of the Hoirich architectural and artistic features. An heritage center. The museum suppliesYou must visit this assembly hall to plenty of information about ancient peopleencounter an excellent work of of Sa Huynh civilization who were the firstarchitecture that is also considered as a owner of Hoi An trading port, having The Thanh Ha Pottery Village is located by Unravelling the architectureheritage of historical significance. exchanging relationship with China, India, the Thu Bon river, 3 Km to the West of the features of Hoi An and South East Asia. Most of the articles on ancient quarter. The products made by theThe Hainan Assembly Hall display in the Sa Huynh Culture Museum villagers mainly serve the daily lives in An date back to the 1st Millennium BC A typical feature of Hoi An architecture is which is better known as the Iron Age. domestic markets and are lighter than the “eyes” which means to ward away bad same products in other places. Thanh Ha luck. The eyes are often carved with the The Museum of Trade Ceramics Pottery craftsmen had been invited by the The museum was opened in 1975 and yin-yang symbol in the centre, Court of Nguyen Dynasty in Hue to create located at 80 Tran Phu Street. There are a surrounded by eight trigrams in Chinese special products for various activities of the imperial palace. geomancy. The yin and yang symbol became fashionable in the nineteenth Kim Bong Carpenter Village century and is the most commonly used image on houses, sometimes set in a chrysanthemum flower, such as the TanThe house is located at 10 Tran Phu Ki House, or as the octagonal talismanStreet. It was built in 1851 by the representing eight charmsoverseas Chinese people. ThisAssembly hall is used to worship 108Chinese merchants who were unjustlykilled because they were mistaken for total of about 430 ceramic artefacts thatpirates. Later, they were vindicated and stand as a testimony of the ceramic tradenamed “deities” by King Tu Duc who network that date back to the 8th to 18th Hoi An Hotels Instant Booking Confirmation www.yourlocalbooking.com
  9. 9. Around Hoi An Arts, handicraft and shopping WCycle to Cam Nam Village and the Brimming with marine life and corals from 5 ith the influx of tourists, Hoi An is Nguyen Thai Hoc, where they also givecraft villages am to 30m below the water, the islands becoming a centre for the arts. A folk concerts, and the House of could be described as a divers paradise. delightful hour- long medley of traditional Traditional Handicraft at 108 Nguyen The main Cham island has a small, friendly music and dance is performed most Thai Hoc, and look out too for a tiny stall community and harbours some beautiful evening in a cramped rather grandly know beaches and jungle at 49 Le Loi where the same family has as Traditional Art Theatre, 75 Nguyen Thai Hoc ( Mon-Sat 9pm, 45 000VDN) Folk been making silk lanterns for generations Thuan Tinh Ecological Tourism Zone musicians also play short concerts at the Hoi An is now well known for its silk and Thuan Tinh is a typical ecological tourism Hoi An Handicraft Workshop, 9 Nguyen tailoring, with prices generally cheaper zone in Hoi An town. You will enjoy the Thai Hoc )Mon-Sat 10,15 am& 3.15 pm; than Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh. You ll find poetic natural landscapes. Under the included in ticket scheme. green willow forests howling in the wind, shops all over the town but the original Tourism has also led to revival in local outlet was the market, where even now you can row a boat on river or take part inEven closer at hand, you can take a bike the folk games, go fishing, watch water crafts, though there are plenty of second- rows of tailors sit at sewing machineseither Cam Nam or An Hoi bridge and puppet performance or contemplating rate souvenirs on sale as well. Dedicatedcycle round Cam Nam Island. Sandy next to rainbow coloured stacks, and for a handicrafts and fine arts displayed in the browsers can occupy several hours in thetracks lead off in all directions between few dollars will make up beautiful ancient house with typical Vietnamesesmallholdings and private house, but the shops and galleries along Tran Phu, garments in the matter of hours. Its worth countryside style.first lane right over Cam Nam bridge Nguyen Thai Hoc, and Le Loi, while just shopping around- ask to see somebrings you to a great viewpoint with Hoi over the the Japanese bridge cluster of oldAn across the other side of the river. You Cua Dai Beach finished articles before placing an order.can then work your way round to the White sandy beach, deep blue sea, pristine houses double as showrooms If you have time, its a good idea to havesouth side of the island (or simply follow water, bright sunshine, cool sea breeze, Scattered here and there are workshops one item made first to check the qualitythe metalled road from Cam Nam bridge) and sloping sea floor - that is the perfect where you can see a range of local crafts, and fit. A few places with a reputation forand you will reach a row of waterside description of Hoi An beaches. This beach from embroidery, wood-carving andrestaurants serving Banh Dap (a reliable include Bi Bi Silk 13 Phan Chausandwich of crispy and clams). Even if pottery to silk being made by traditional Trinh, with a good range of linen, woolyou arent tempted, its a nice breezy methods; visit are free, though afterwards and silk. And the more upmarket Yaly atplace for a drink. youll be directed to the souvenir shop- 47 Nguyen Thai Hoc cum-showroom, not that theres anyCham Island obligation to buy. The most interesting are the Hoi An Handicraft Workshop at 9 is the closest to Hoi An (5 km away from centre), very beautiful and well worth a visit to cool off when the heats starts to get to you. The beach is well known for its seafood because their tastes seem to beThese exquisitely preserved islands more delicious than any other places.comprise of eight islets altogether. Cham Islands High Speed Boat www.yourlocalbooking.com
  10. 10. A Day in Hoi An About Yourlocalbooking.comDay 1 in Hoi An 4. Hire a bicycle and cycle to Cam Nam Yourlocalbooking.com was developed in 10%-50% cash discount for services1. Have breakfast at any restaurant, try Village. There is much to be seen: a 2010 when our CEO - a PhD holder of such as spa, restaurants, tours, bars.Cao Lau noodle, Vietnamese Coffee and shipyard, local people who are making National University of Singapore (NUS), We have everything you need for yourwatch life go by for a while. major in Computer Science and our safe and perfect holiday. baskets, rice paper, cooking fish, carving Marketing Director- a MBA graduated from2. Buy the open ticket to visit Hoi An wood, making shoes and more! You will get Management Development Institute ofAncient Town. Dont miss Japanese a good impression of the local workshops Singapore (MDIS) identified a niche in theCovered bridge, Tan Ki Ancient House, and the traditional and daily life of the market to introduce online instant Ø partner Strategic with Hoi AnPhuc Kien Assembly Hall, Sa Huynh bookings into airport transfers, hotels, people on Cam Nam Island. GovernmentCulture Museum, The Museum of Trade high speed boats, tours, restaurants.Ceramics We are proud to be the strategic partner 5. Roaming the streets, speaking to locals, T h e s i t e o ff e r s e v e r y t h i n g t h a t3. Hire a bicycle, cycle up to Cua Dai enjoying the rustic French influence, independent travellers need to have a with Hoi An Government in promoting HoiBeach, have lunch on the way back at traversing up laneways for some great perfect holiday in Viet Nam. An Tourism. We currently are managingSon restaurant (near river bank), have a photos. What make us different from other Hoi An Tourism Information Portalcoconut and enjoy the beautiful of nature. www.hoian-tourism.com- One stop for global booking sites?4. Visit House of Hoi An Traditional Day 3 in Hoi An everything about Hoi An.Handicraft at 41 Le Loi Street. In reality, itis a silk shop, but they give you a free tour 1. Join tour “Become a farmer at Tra Que Ø local buddy” We are “Yourwhere you get to see the silk worms and Vegetable” Ø Secure Payment At Yourlocalbooking.com, we believethe whole process of producing silk. 2. Buy your souvenir At Yourlocalbooking.com, we take excellent customer service is a given, not a5. Park yourself on the other side of the 3. Try White Rose - a type of shrimp payment security very seriously. We use luxury. We will be there when you getriver, have a few cold draught beers and dumpling made from translucent white PayPal as our payment processor to dough bunched up to look like a rose at 533 there. Youll never roam alone. Our Localwatch the foot traffic on the other side. conduct our online transactions. We Hai Ba Trung. Customer Support team will always be never gain access to your credit card 4. Have a dinner at Moon restaurant & pleased to provide you with all the possibleDay 2 in Hoi An information. We only receive notice that lounge, 321 Nguyen Duy Hieu. You can advice and assistance to make your1. Before doing anything, go to Hoi An youve made payment. trust the cocktails since its made of holiday even more enjoyable.fish market hall. It is a unique experience genuine brand spirits.to visit the Hoi An fish market at early Join Us on our Facebook:morning while the whole town sleeps.The fishermen are bringing their nights Day 4 in Hoi An Ø No Service Charges or Booking www.facebook.com/yourlocalbooking.comcatch to shore. Conical hats are 1. Join My Son Tour Fees to get Free Coupon!everywhere. If you are brave enough, go 2. Hire a boat glide along Thu Bon river.there and buy something by yourself! You can find many local people along the If you make a booking with2. Go back and have breakfast at any Bach Dang riverside, or near Japanese Yourlocalbooking.com, you wont pay us arestaurant near Hoi An Fish Market, try Covered Bridge offer this service. booking fee or service charge. 3. Have dinner at Hoi An Cargo Club andVietnamese Coffee. Sit watching locals Patisserie. Add: 107- 109 Nguyen Thaiin their market absorbing smells and Hoc. Their Italian and local dishes are all first rate and the patisserie ensures Ø Exclusive promotion from localdaily life excellent desserts. partners3. Have a walk around Hoi An and 4. Spend night at Before & Now Bar (51 Le We work very closely with our local partnerorganize some custom made cloth. Bring Loi)your photo and make a copy. to ensure that we get the best deals for our customers. You will have a chance to get www.yourlocalbooking.com Your Local Buddy