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Ho chi minh local guide


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Truly Ho Chi Minh local Guide
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Ho chi minh local guide

  1. 1. HO CHI MINH LOCAL GUIDE Ho Chi Minh Essential information Getting to Ho Chi Minh cruise between Angkor Wat and either By Planes Can Tho or My Tho in the Mekong Delta Getting to Ho Chi Minh City by air is easy aboard one of the luxury, shallow-draft and convenient way as Tan Son Nhat Pandaw Cruise Boats international airport, located 7 km away ( from the heart of the city is the main gateway for flights arriving from the rest of Getting Around Ho Chi Minh the world. By Taxi Vietnam Airlines office: 116 Nguyen Hue, Taxis are clustered around the bigger District 1 (tel. 08/3824-4482) hotels and restaurants. They cost 10,000 Ho Chi Minh Airport Transfer: 20 USD VND to 15,000 VND at flag fall and 6,000 ( B o o k o n l i n e a t VND or so for every kilometer thereafter. Call Mai Linh Taxi (tel. 08/3925-0250), Vina Taxi (tel. 08/3815-5145), or By Bus/Minivan Vinasun (tel. 08/3272-727). Saigon is the terminus of the "Open Tour" Ticket for budget bus tours. Most of the By Car buses usually drop passengers at Pham You can simplify your sightseeing efforts Ngu Lao. From there you have to take taxi if you hire a car and driver for the day. or another transport option for reaching the Contact city. Expect to pay about $45 for a days rental From Cambodia to Saigon, contact the with driver. likes of Capitol Tours in Phnom Penh (or Hochiminh to Vung Tau: 85 uSD any other budget tour office). Hochiminh to Mui Ne: 95 USD Local buses are, as anywhere in Vietnam. Hochiminh to Cu Chi: 60 USD Mien Dong Bus Station (292 Dinh Bo Linh Hochiminh to Can Tho: 95 USD Rd., Binh Thanh District; has services to the By Cyclo north of Vietnam, including to the Central Cyclos are available for an hourly rental Highlands and Phan Thiet. Mien Tay Bus of about 20,000 VND, a short jaunt Station (395 Kinh Duong Vuong Rd., Binh around the Dong Khoi area or for hops Tan District; tel. 08/3877-6594) serves the between some of the city sights isHo Chi Minh Overview Mekong Delta to the south. Cholon Bus memorable.Ho Chi Minh City, situated in the southern part of Vietnam, is still called Saigon by most of Station (84 Trang Tu Rd., District 5) connects with nearby towns in the Mekong By Bicycle & Motorbikethe natives. This modern city used to be considered as the Pearl of the Orient by the Delta, as well as west toward Cambodia Any hotel front desk can arrange rental atFrench. Unlike Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City may lack charm and and the town of Tay Ninh. an inflated fee, or try the many littleelegance, but the city with its essential French colonial character has enough to draw your storefronts on Pham Ngu Lao, just west By Car of the intersection with De Tham, where aattention. The citys colonial villas, wide avenues and a lively cafe society remind you the For safety reasons alone, if youre renting a full-day bike rental starts at $1 and adays of French dominance. The city with its teeming metropolis mingled with the elegance car, I suggest that you book a minivan with motorbike is from $5. Wear a helmet andof ancient culture, gives you a microcosmic view of the entire nation. a tour or arrange a car with driver. Book drive slowly, staying in the middle of the online at herd. or call + 84 979 58 77 44 Saigons Districts In this Guide... By Train Most of the hotels, bars, shops, and Saigon Railway station: 1 Nguyen Thong restaurants are in District 1, parts of St, District 3. which are easily covered on foot. District Saigon Railway Tourist Service Co: 1 is home to the central Ben Thanh 1.Hue Essential information 2. Ho Chi Minh Street Food 275C Pham Ngu Lao St. (tel. 08/3931- Market, Dong Khoi, as well as the ? to Ho Chi Minh by air, train, bus How to get 3. What to Buy in Ho Chi Minh 2828). (Opening hour 7:30am to 8pm) backpacker district of Pham Ngu Lao. ?around Ho Chi Minh Getting 4. Ho Chi Minh after Dark Most popular from Saigon is Nha Trang District 3 is just north and west of the Useful phrase in Vietnamese language ? (about 6 1/2 hr.), Danang (13 hr), Hue (14 central Dong Khoi area and is home to 5. Things do not miss 1/2 hr), or all the way to Hanoi (31 hr). many foreign business offices and ?Ho Chi Minh ATM in 6. Things to do in Ho Chi Minh Vietnamese trains are quite efficient and a embassies. District 5 is a fair ride west of ? Contact Embassies good way to meet locals. 7. About the town center and supports the citys ? information Essential large ethnic Chinese population, a Travel agent in Ho Chi Minh City ? By Boat Check out the unique options to connect by number of older temples, and a market boat from Phnom Penh or Chau Doc in the area. Mekong Delta. One option is the weeklong Hanoi Airport Transfer only 17 USD
  2. 2. Ho Chi Minh Essential information Street Food in Ho Chi Minh CityUseful phrases Canada, 235 Dong Khoi St. Street Food in Ho Chi Minh City Bookstores (tel. 08/3827-9899) Try Local Beer .The local drop is Hoavener, Xuan Thu, is at 185 Dong Khoi St.,1. Hello! - Xin chao! (seen chow!) across from the Continental Hotel. Daily2. Goodbye - Chao (chow!) Australia, 5B Ton Duc Thang St. produced by the Hoa Vien Brauhaus (28 bis Mac Dinh Chi Street in District 1). Try the 8am to 10pm.3. How are you? - Ban co khoe khong? (tel. 08/3829-6035) pilsner-style bia vang or the dark lager bia Best are the many small bookshops on(ban co kwe khome?) New Zealand, 9/F 235 Dong Skhoi St. den. De Tham Street in the backpacker area of4. Im fine, thank you! - Cam on ban toi (tel. 08/3822-6908) Try the shrimp in Tamarind Sauce (29-31 town. United Kingdom, 25 Le Duan St. Ton That Thiep) Camera Shopskhoe (gahm un ban thoy kwe) Thien Ngan (46 Nguyen Hue St.; daily5. And you? - Ban thi sao? (ban ty (tel. 08/3829-8433). Try Lang Nuong Nam Bo (285 Cach Mang Thang Tam), which specialises in Mekong 8am-10pm; MasterCard and Visasao?) Delta-style barbecue. accepted), line busy Nguyen Hue Street6. Whats your name - Ban ten gi (ban Essential information Vietnam still has plenty of fine French-style (just parallel to Dong Khoi) and can printthane zee) Hospitals & International Clinics: restaurants. If youre in the mood for Gallic and develop as well as fix or replace most International SOS is at 167 Nam Ky Khoi flair, Le Bordeaux (72 D2 Street,) does a amateur equipment.7. My name is... - Toi ten la (thoy thane Clothing Shopsla...) Nghia St.(08/3829-8520), 24-hour hot nice line in classics such as coquilles Saint Jacques and duck confit. Minh Hanh sells one-off designer8. Thank you - Cam on (gahm un) line, tel. 08/3829-8424. Local Food: Minh Duc (100 Ton That Tung, fashions, elaborate hats, scarves and9. Youre welcome - Khong co gi (khom The Family Medical Practice is at the District 1) d r e s s e s . Te l : + 8 4 8 8 2 4 5 7 7 4 ;go zee) Diamond Plaza, 34 Le Duan, District 1. (tel. Sexy Xu (first floor, 71-75 Hai Ba Trung Minh Khoa has versions of traditional 08/3822-7848). Street, District 1) Vietnamese silk clothing. Tel: +848 82910. Yes - Vang (vung) 8934;11. No - Khong (khome) Maps -- The Tourist Information Center, Pho Hoa (260C Pasteur, District 1) Quan An Ngon (138 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia Khai Silks offers silk blouses, robes, and12. Excuse me... - Xin loi (seen loy) at 4G-4H Le Loi St., District 1 (tel. 08/3822- other clothing for men and women. Tel: 6033), has free detailed city maps. Street, District 1)13. Can you help me? - Ban giup toi Banh Xeo An La Ghien: 54A Nguyen Van +848 829 1146;duoc khong? (ban zoop thoy duc Post Office: The main post office is at 2 Troi Indochina Boutique sells scarves andkhom?) Cong Xa Paris, District 1 (tel. 08/3827- Banh Mi Bui Thi Xuan: 122 E Bui Thi blouses. Tel: +848 822 4971 1149) Xuan, District 1, HCM Coffee and Tea14. Good - Tot (thote) The best place to buy coffee or tea is at15. Bad - Khong tot (khome thote) Safety: The biggest threat to your safety in Tin Nghia: 9 Tran Hung Dao, District 1, markets such as Ben Thanh in Ho Chi Saigon is likely to be the street traffic. Cross HCM Minh City or Dong Xuan in Hanoi. Street Com Nieu Sai Gon: 6C Tu Xuong, District vendors also sell them but overcharge. the wildly busy streets at a slow, steady 3, HCM pace. You can find a local who is crossing 3T Restaurant, Saigon: 29-31 Ton That Saigon CentreATMs in Ho Chi Minh and stick to his heels! Thiep, 2nd floor Dist.1 Ho Chi Minh City On the corner of Pasteur and Le LoiMajor banks in Saigon include ANZ Pickpocketing is a big problem in Saigon, Ben Thanh Market food stalls: Ben streets. It has coffee shop and and a golfBank, 11 Me Linh Sq., District 1 (tel. Thanh Market, Le Loi St, District 1, Ho Chi shop, childrens items, supermarket and especially motorbike drive-bys, with home furnishings. Most of the shops sell08/3829-9319); Citibank, 115 Nguyen someone slashing the shoulder strap, Minh CityHue St. (tel. 08/3824-2118); HSBC, 235 Restaurant 19, Saigon: 19 Ngo Duc Ke, goods imported from Thailand grabbing the bag, and driving off. Keep Dist. 1, Ho Chi Minh City Computer AlleyDong Khoi St., District 1 (tel. 08/3829- your bag close and away from traffic. Hang All along Huynh Thuc Khang Street, from2288); and Vietcombank, 29 Ben Son Ha Restaurant, Saigon: 147A, Hai Ba Nguyen Hue to Pasteur Streets, are on to your wallet, and dont wear flashy Trung, P.6, Q.3, Ho Chi Minh City many small shops selling computerChuong Duong, District 1 (tel. 08/3829- jewelry. Be especially wary in crowded7245). All offer international ATM wares and related items, including CDs, places like markets. games, software and peripherals. Theservices. Telephone -- The city code for Saigon is 8. What to Buy in Ho Chi Minh software and games are mostly copies.Standard Chartered: Saigon Trade Dong Khoi is Saigons premier shopping ParksonsCenter, 1st Floor (37 Ton Duc Thang street. There are lots of Japanese Zakka Youll find a wide range of cosmetics asStreet, District 1; Ground Floor), Etown Travel agent in Hochiminh City shops with cute -- though overpriced -- well as international clothing brands.1 Building (364 Cong Hoa street, ward Book jewelry, accessories, and shoes. Youll also Saigon Kitsch & Gallery Dogma tours, hotels, airport transfer online find little watch shops, repair shops, and old 2 9 A D o n g K h o i S t r e e t13, Tan Binh district) camera vendors (the street adjacent toA good currency exchange is at 4C Le Sinh Café, 246-248 De Tham, District 1 The name alone was enough to entice us Dong Khoi, Nguyen Hue, is lined with into this small shop on Dong Khoi StreetLoi St., right in the town center. (tel. 08/3837-6833;, camera shops). Good silk tailors abound. Sinh Café II near the Dong Khoi area at 24- near the Majestic Hotel.Western Union:104-106 Nguyen Hue Listed here is just a short selection of the Dolphin Shop 16 Ton That Thiep StreetSt. (across from the Rex Hotel; tel. 26 Pho Duc Chinh St. (tel. 08/3821-7421) many choices. Explore. Has variety selection. Theres also a08/3823-9116). Exotissimo, Saigon Finance Center, 9 Art Galleries smaller shop in the Renaissance Dinh Tien Hoang St., District 1 Apricot Gallery, 50-52 Mac Thi Buoi St., Riverside Hotel. Saigontourist, 49 Le Thanh Ton St., District 1, near Saigon Sakura Restaurant Gallery Thanh Mai: 52 Dong Khoi StreetEmbassies Contact District 1. Particular Art Gallery, 123 Le Loi St., They have some truly striking works, andUnited States, 4 Le Duan St. District 1 the prices are not all that expensive for(tel. 08/3822-9433) top-line modern art. Hanoi to Halong Bay by Private Car only 86 USD Hue airport Transfer only 14 USD
  3. 3. Ho Chi Minh after Dark Things to do in Ho Chi MinhHo Chi Minh After Dark drinks, ice cream, and a simple food menu famous Vietnamese "Banh Mi". Bread is including the Chinese Chua Quan AmBars & Clubs including eggs and rice dishes. baked fresh in the store. Temple and Cha Tam, which is a CatholicThe Pham Ngu Lao area stays up late, Poppy Café 217 Nguyen Dinh Chieu, D3. Barbecue Garden , 135A Nam Ky Khoi cathedral.and there are a number of good watering Modern lounge café where the specialty is Nghia – District 1. The restaurant is a Cu Chi Tunnelsholes that cater to young travelers. On De fruit-topped natural frozen yogurt. The only barbecue specialist with both VietnameseTham Street, about 100m off Pham Ngu café in SG that serves this refreshing and International recipes.Lao, youll find a host of little cafes, healthy treat. Free wifii, flat-screen TVs, Lion City Cafe & Restaurant, 45, Le Anhrestaurants, and bars. For a club or and English-speaking staff. Xuan, District 1 (Opposite New Worldchilled lounge vibe, stick to the streets Sozo has two locations, including one in Hotel), 7PM-3PM. The biggest chain ofaround the Opera House. Pham Ngu Lao. Prices are reasonable, wifi Singaporean restaurants in Vietnam, all is free, and all proceeds benefit needy ingredients imported.Coffee Shop Vietnamese families. Papaya by Chi Nghia , 68 Pham VietCafe 5 Sao Near the Turtle Pond, on Trung Nguyen, The Vietnamese version Chanh, Binh Thanh District (near the Zoo).Pham Ngoc Thach. Plays loud techno of Starbucks, but with much better coffee. Small place specializing in northern stylemusic. Attractive but pretentious crowd. Two convenient outlets are east side of Vietnamese cuisine. Very clean, andBobby Brewery Coffee, on Bui Vien st., Nguyen Hue right before City Hall, and nicely decorated.opened and operated by an American corner of Thu Khoa Huan and Ly Tu Trong. Ngoc Suong Marina,19C Le Quy Don, isguy who is used to offering money for the Regina Coffee 84 Nguyen Du Street, a restaurant specialising in seafood. Fishcharity. Used to show the movies on 2nd District 1, HCM City. Its a great p* salad and clams cooked in white wine. Crawl through the extensive network ofand 3rd floor. Vietnamese coffee or American style Sushi Bar, with four locations: corner of nearly 500 km of tunnels utilized by theLa Fenêtre Soleil 2nd floor on the corner cappuccinos Le Thanh Ton and Ton Duc Thang in Viet Cong in the 1960s to fight Americanof Le Thanh Ton and Nam Ky Khoi Nghia. Window 4 Cafe, near the Reunification District 1. They serve a larger and more soldiers. Tours involve a description ofSave the world from pint size caramel Palace. This is a pen for Vietnams fashion interesting variety than the typical the tunnels and tour through the tunnelslattes. Brave the decrepit stairway and slaves and seems to be the place to be American or European sushi restaurant, at where tourists can crawl through them.enter an oasis. seen. Pretentious atmosphere (its not the half the price Museum of Ho Chi Minh CityGloria Jeans Cnr Dong Khoi and best for those who want to relax), but their La Habana, 6 Cao Ba Quat, District 1. Not to be confused with the “Ho Chi MinhNguyen Thiep (opposite the Sheraton). coffee is very good and their menu is quite Outstanding Spanish and Cuban-style Museum”, the city museums history hasPopular international cafe chain. satisfying, the place is always packed. food, including a large tapas menu. included a Governors Palace,Kem Café Nearest place for many in La Hosteria, on Le Thanh Ton a few committee building and Revolutionarydowntown D1 to go with a local. Pull up a Restaurant blocks east of the Hilton. A gourmet Italian Museum. Nowadays, its picturesqueplastic chair and sit on the pavement. Dong Ba, 110A Nguyen Du, Dist 1. This is restaurant with excellent home-made grounds attract newlyweds posing forCine Café 116 Nguyen Du, inside the a shop that sells Hue Food including Hue pasta dishes. photographs. Youll find a collection ofGalaxy Cinema complex. Quiet beef noodles and traditional banh beo rice Four Season Restaurant, 2 Thi Sach weaponry and memorabilia from theambiance with views of the park. cakes. Street, District 1, Vietnamese and countrys revolutionary struggle as wellGivral Café, Dong Khoi (opposite Pao restaurant & caffe, 158 Bui Vien, Dist Malaysian cuisine as captured U.S fighter planes and tanks.Continental Hotel). More in the French 1. Truly Vietnamese food like spring rolls,tradition, with fresh pastries, collared hot pot, pho, 35,000-60,000 dong. They Things do not misswaiters and elaborate portions of ice have a live Vietnamese instrument show - Cross the street without getting hit bycream. on every Friday, Sunday. motorbikesHideaway Café, 41/1 Pham Ngoc Pho Bo Vien Quoc Ky, 52 Ngo Duc Ke - Shop in Cho Ben Thanh MarketThach, Q.3 Decent Western menu, (near Nguyen Hué, District 1). A nice and - Try their street foodalthough slightly pricey, is good. Free cheap place for a soup. Try the sate - Try Iced Coffee in the backpackers streetwifi. version of the usual Pho or My, a spicy of Bui VienHighlands Coffee is an upscale, delicacy.somewhat pricey chain serving Western- Thi?n Duyên B?n Thành (vegetarian Things to do in Hochiminhstyle as well as local-style brews in prime restaurant), 174 Calmette (near the city Chinatownlocations around the tourist district. They bus station) Well presented vegetarian Chinatown is a hive of activity, it is a mazealso serve food and pastries. food. of temples, restaurants, jade ornaments,Cafe Napoly on Pham Ngoc Thach near Banh Mi Bistro, 76 Vo Thi Sau, District 1, and medicine shops. Aside from thethe Turtle Pond. Menu is typical for an across from Le Van Tam park. Great fresh sprawling Binh Tay market, youll findupscale Vietnamese cafe -- coffee, fruit gourmet sandwiches, especially the some fascinating temples in the area Hue to DMZ by private car Hoian to Hue by private car: 70 USD
  4. 4. Things to do in Ho Chi Minh About Yourloclbooking.comVietnam History Museum Cao Dai Holy See Temple About Private transfer to all destinations in VietThe History Museum is a great place to The Cao Dai religion is relatively new at Nam. You can hire a private car andlearn about the colorful events of less than 100 years old. The temples are driver and travel in your own way.Vietnams past. The museum houses a distinguished by the “all seeing eye” which Who we are?fantastic collection of ceramics, dominates the architecture. This Cao Dai is an ambitious All Hotels in Viet Nam. You can bookweaponry and cannons. There are temple is the main temple for the religion young company, launched in 2010 when online and get instant confirmation.photographs, clothes and household and is hugely ornate and impressive. Most our founders identified a niche in the Long Term accommodation in Hoi An.objects dating back as far as the 1700s. people combine a trip to the temple with the market to introduce online instantThe English translations leave a lot to be Cu Chi Tunnels excursion. bookings for local travel businesses. www.yourlocalbooking.comdesired though. Ben Thanh MarketEmperor Jade Pagoda Think of as your info@yourlocalbooking.comEmperor Jade is one of the most gateway to a large searchable database ofimpressive pagodas in Vietnam. The local businesses in Vietnam, includingintricate carvings and depictions of restaurants, spa, tours, hotels, bars,deities including the Emperor Jade airport transfer, car rentals, long term Our Promisehimself. accommodation. Its like having VietnamNotre Dame Cathedral at your fingertips. - Money back guarantee How we start? - Best value at all times We like you, as independent traveller. We not only looking for good online travel - No hidden fee booking sites which offer best prices, but - Be there when you need also looking for something special such as Though the market is crowded and rife with interact with local people, explore local - Value travel advices pickpockets, it is the ideal place to pick up a culture, where to eat local food with truly bargain or try some traditional (and local taste. We are looking for some helps - Network security inexpensive) Vietnamese food. Its an ideal and support from local people who can shopping place. speak your language in case someThe Notre Dame Cathedral is an Can Gio Island problems arise while travelling. This isimposing red brick building built between The Can Gio island is popular with tourists where we felt existing global online1877 and 1883. The two towers that front and Ho Chi Minh locals as a way to escape the chaos of the city. The beaches here sources were not helping much. That is ourthe cathedral tower over visitors at nearly200 feet tall while the neon lit statue of the arent mind blowing like they are in core idea. We focus on local customerVirgin Mary is also an arresting site. Thailand but its a great place to relax and service; you never travel alone. This isWar Remnants Museum one of Vietnams better islands. The how was born.The War Remnants Museum is a must islands monkey sanctuary and mangroves We also work with best local supplierssee for anyone with an interest in are great for wildlife fans. who could be small or large butVietnams history of combat with both the considering quality and customerFrench and the Americans. Inside youll service are priority like us. Local suppliersfind informative exhibits focusing onbiological warfare, weaponry and in are carefully selected to ensure that theydepth statistics of Vietnams armies provide the best service at a competitiveduring the conflicts. The museums best price.exhibit is the collection of bombs, tanks, What we offer?planes and war machinery which can befound in the courtyard. The museum has Airport Transfer services to Hanoi, Ninha very pro-communism, down with the Bình, Hai Phong, Hue, Hoi An, Nhacapitalist pigs bent to it and its interesting Trang, Phu Quoc, Da Lat, Mui Ne, Hoto see. Its as much propaganda as it is Chi Minhhistory. Nha Trang to Da Lat, Phu Quoc Airport Transfer Ho Chi Minh Airport Transfer only 22 USD