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The informer 5 6


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Terence Heywood, Joan Lee, W.D Pearson,, Rodney Coe,, J.Clement,
Vi Bradley,.Wes Magee, Veronica Kendle, Phoebe Timpson,Marguerite Edmonds,,
David Telling, Yvonne Abbatt, Nigel Godsiffe, Terry Kingham, Anna Scher, Roy Bennett, R.G.T Harris-Bick-Ford, Robert Lowe, Peter Hoida, G.Levine, John Stevens Wade,
Jennifer Birt, Patricia Stughton, Peter Finch, Hilda Whelan, K.E Walker, N.S Jackson, Colleen MacNamara, Hugh McKinley.

Published in: Education
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The informer 5 6

  1. 1. The INFORMER 5 & 6 Content Details P3-4 Tercentennial Ode for Richard Crashaw by Terence Heywood P4- The Permitted Area by Joan Lee P5- Time For Bed by W.D Pearson, Coming and Going by Rodney Coe, Happiness by J.Clement P6- Broken Perspective by Vi Bradley. P6-7 Notes on National Service by Wes Magee P7- Remember by Veronica Kendle P8-12 The Good Seed, a short story by Phoebe Timpson P12- Noon on Tresco by Marguerite Edmonds, Backwater by David Telling P13- Refugee by Yvonne Abbatt, Grovelling for Life by Nigel Godsiffe, Where the Poem Ends by Terry Kingham, I Hear a Calling by Anna Scher P14-15 Race Riot by Roy Bennett P15 So I'll Take Flowers by R.G.T Harris-Bick-Ford P16- Nine Guineas A Week Rent by Robert Lowe, You by Peter Hoida P17-18 Darling This Is My Last Letter by G.Levine P18- Broken Bottle by John Stevens Wade, The Excavator by Miss Jennifer Birt, The Tree by Patricia Stughton P19- When the Images Don't Flow Right by Peter Finch P19-20 Betrayer of His People by Hilda Whelan P20- Soliliquy at Eventide by K.E Walker P20-21 Orders by N.S Jackson P21- Reviews by David Gill (Left Luggage by Robert Leach, Non Multa Sed Multum by Colleen MacNamara P22-27 Summer Passed By, a short story by Hugh McKinley Edited by Keith Armstrong & David Gill