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Informer 3


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POETRY MAGAZINE 1967 Martin Petavel, Michael Newman, Victor Delainey (James MacDonald).Joan Lee. Phoebe Timpson, D.M Kendall, David Gill.
Alistair Wisker, Rosemary Kent-Barber, Patrick Hare, Margaret Perkins.Veronica Timpson. Kaye Tea. Steve Sneyd.

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Informer 3

  1. 1. INFORMER 3 Content Details Page 3- Poem by Martin Petavel. Page 4- A Problem by Martin Petavel, Fire Burning by Michael Newman, Poem by Victor Delainey (James MacDonald). Page 5- World Problems by Michael Newman, Early Warning Station-Fylingdales by Joan Lee. Page 6/7/8- A Pearl of an Island, prose by Phoebe Timpson Page 8-In the Mindless Warmth of Summer by D.M Kendall, Port Meadow by David Gill. Page 9- Morning by Alistair Wisker, Why She Was Out by Rosemary Kent-Barber, Buttercup Spring by Rosemary Kent- Barber, Found: A Friend by Rosemary Kent Barber. Page 10-Christ Amongst The Auctioneers by Patrick Hare, Collection Awaited by Margaret Perkins. Page 11-Nocturne by Michael Newman, After Requiem by Margaret Perkins. Page 12/13/14- Mine, a short story by Patrick Hare. Page 14- The Storm (in St. Jean de Luz) by Veronica Timpson. Page 15-Time Is Slipping Through Your Hair by D.M Kendall, Trust by Phoebe Timpson, Ode To A Frog by Kaye Tea. Page 16- Beatrix Potter by David Gill, Fog By Night by Margaret Perkins. Page 17- The Algarve by Phoebe Timpson, A Few Minutes Only by Martin Pavel, Tracks by Steve Sneyd. 1 2 4 5-6 8