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Environment Idioms


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Environment Idioms

Published in: Education
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Environment Idioms

  1. 1. Environment Idioms Image shared under CC0
  2. 2. To go solar - collect solar energy through the use of solar energy panels Image shared under CC0 You don't have to sacrifice luxury by going solar, because these houses have all the modern comforts.
  3. 3. To go green – to change one's lifestyle for the safety and benefit of the environment Image shared under CC0 Our local bakery has gone green by using paper bags for all their pastry.
  4. 4. Environmentally friendly - designed not to harm the natural environment Image shared under CC0 Electric cars are more environmentally friendly than gasoline ones.
  5. 5. A green belt - an area of land around large cities where no buildings are allowed in order to protect the countryside Image shared under CC0 Not far from where we live, there is a green belt area. It also has a trail which is perfect for running and walking.
  6. 6. Carbon footprint - the amount of carbon dioxide a person, organization, building, etc produces, used as a measure of their effect on the environment Image shared under CC0 Buying local groceries helps to reduce the carbon footprint, because the food doesn’t need to be shipped for long distances.