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Present perfect and present perfect progressive


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brief introduction to present perfect and present perfect progressive tenses in English

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Present perfect and present perfect progressive

  1. 1. Present Perfect and Present Perfect Progressive
  2. 2. What’s the difference? Present Perfect Present Perfect Progressive• She has visited a record- • He has been visiting the breaking 112 countries same tropical island for 16 during her tenure at the years for vacations. State Department. • We have been learning• One of the most important how to make money, buy lessons that I have learned things, and build things in life is to "face your fears." since we were children.
  3. 3. Answer these questions… (Use complete sentences.)1. What cities in the U.S. have you visited? When did you visit them?2. How long have you been studying at UD?3. What has been your favorite experience in the U.S. so far?4. How has your English already improved?5. What have you been doing since you were a child?