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Opinion Polling History - Polldeep


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History of polling is a tool to get reviews from public regarding any topics. Public Opinion polling is a marketing research tool and its history goes back to 18th and 19th century . PollDeep is an online poll maker tool that gives quick feedback from people , and in ease.

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Opinion Polling History - Polldeep

  1. 1. History of polling “Polling gives every man the right to be his own oppressor”
  2. 2. Polling ...way back Polling commonly known as “Public Opinion” today, laid its root in 19th century when interested groups and newspapers attempted to investigate voting preferences among common people. Polling organizations needed to prove that they could accurately determine public sentiment using a small sample of population. So it was agreed upon that the most efficient way to get to the final or ultimate decision was , “Public Opinion”.
  3. 3. Straw Poll The first known example of a poll was a local Straw Poll done by the supporters of Andrew Jackson who was elected as President in 1824 by conducting polls in rallies and gatherings for Jackson. This poll showed Andrew Jackson leading by 99 votes in the contest for the US Presidency. Since he won the popular vote in that state, such straw votes became more popular in the city level.
  4. 4. Straw Poll In the year 1936, Literary Digest conducted a polling for that year's presidential election. Mock ballots were sent to people to mark their preference. Finally this magazine embarked the national survey and predicted Woodrow Wilson's election as president. It does not matter whether the sample is selected from all the people in one country, or from a bunch of colored balls in a barrel; the same rules apply. These rules will apply only if every person in the country or every ball in the barrel has an equal chance of being selected every time a choice is made.
  5. 5. Polling .. to Brand Loyalty End of 20th century showcased polling as a customary feature in newspapers and magazines. Statistical methods of analysis brought greater understanding of sampling in studying large segments of population. John Watson, founder of American behaviorist psychology, performed surveys to determine customers opinions about specific products. Watson became one of the first researchers to pay attention to “brand loyalty ” to a particular product. New methods to increase polling accuracy was started by many specialists in 1932. George Gallup founded the American Institute of Public Opinion in 1935.
  6. 6. Polling , pacing up with time  The National Opinion Research Center was established at the University of Denver in 1941 and later found a new home at the University of Chicago.  In 1960s, majority of people expressed positive opinions about polling.  Between 1940s and 1970s, more than 60% of people believed opinion polls were a good thing for a country.  After 1970s, most polling companies switched from face-to-face interviews to telephone surveys.
  7. 7. Thank you Find us?? Creating a poll with Poll Deep gives you and your voters the ability to see more than the answer that is the most and least popular. Poll Deep digs deeper into the voter’s profile, providing you with their home location, gender and age bracket. Through custom analysis, you can even find out the voter’s ethnicity, political affiliation or whatever, like finding out if they are right or left-handed. Visit Us @ Support: Sales: Enquiries: