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Corporate 401k TPA, Web-based Automation

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Vantage401k Presentation

  1. 1. What is Vantage401(k) Vantage401(k) is a turn-key retirement plan product with complete back-office administration and compliance services for employers who sponsor retirement plans. Vantage401(k) provides: Automation Open Architecture Daily Administration & Compliance Services Fiduciary Compliance Package
  2. 2. Vantage401(k) Automation Vantage401(k) automation provides: Employer online access to Participant Demographics Plan Reports & Plan Documents Census/Contribution upload and reconciliation Automated signature ready 5500 Employee online access to Education Retirement Planning Enrollment Account management Integrated Systems Retirement Administration system, including DB plans Section 125 Administration system Trust Accounting system Documentation system Online enrollment system
  3. 3. Vantage401(k) Open Architecture Vantage401(K)’s Open Architecture provides: Access to over 7500 funds from 300 Fund Families Self Directed Brokerage Account (optional) Unitization capabilities that allow ETF portfolios Removes the inherent conflict of interest that exists in most provider’s plans today Allows the plan sponsor and adviser to select best in class investments that better serve the participants needs
  4. 4. Vantage401(k) Daily Admin & Compliance Services Vantage401(k)’s Daily Admin & Compliance Services include: Daily administration services Determine eligibility, calculate and allocate contributions, distributions, forfeitures, and gains & losses Value participant accounts daily Provide weighted account balances and census audit trails Loan processing Reporting Compliance Services Design consultation Plan documentation Compliance testing including ADP/ACP, IRC 415 & 416, Age Weighted and New Comparability, and 401(a)/410(b) Signature ready form 5500
  5. 5. Vantage401(k) Fiduciary Compliance Package Vantage401(k)’s Fiduciary Compliance Package provides: A fiduciary evaluation and implementation process that offers long-term added value and reduced potential for a large adverse judgment against the plan as a result of poor investment decisions. Vantage401(k)’s competitive advantage Provides a documented investment selection process Adviser assists the Plan’s investment committee in designing a participant investment menu that includes best in class funds within multiple asset classes Includes a Model Investment Policy Statement Offers Quarterly/Annual investment reviews
  6. 6. Vantage401(k) Competitors Vantage401(k) competitors include Fund Companies and Insurance Companies: Bundled Providers Schwab, John Hancock, Principal, Nationwide Limited investment options Conflict of interest (Biased) trying to sell their funds/annuities Hidden charges; provider presents free administration but takes fees listed as “expense ratio” assessed to funds selected by the participant (fund company) or “wrap fee” based on total assets (insurance Company). In either case, fees collected by bundled providers are always charged to the participants account and currently have little or no disclosure requirements to the plan fiduciaries or the participants In-house legacy technology systems
  7. 7. Vantage401(k) Overview Vantage401(k) Provides: Investment Offering: Includes over 7500 funds from 300 fund families, ETF’s and an SDBA option Investment Education & Retirement Planner: An interactive web-based self help tool that explains the potential risks and rewards of investing and guides the participant through a detailed risk assessment and retirement planning session Strategy Builder: Offers portfolio strategy recommendations to participants using an automated Monte-Carlo simulation based on their risk tolerance score Third Party Administration: provide daily record keeping, discrimination testing, and IRS/DOL reporting to ensure plan compliance with IRS and DOL regulations Customer Service: Access to knowledgeable ERISA customer service staff via the web, Voice Response Unit (VRU), and toll free 800 number
  8. 8. The Value to Plan Sponsors Open architecture platform provides control over the investment options and reduces potential liability Economical and Transparent; No hidden charges Unbiased guidance; No hidden commissions, aligns the adviser’s interest with plan participants goals Efficient Internet web-based platform for enrollment, account management, and record keeping Convenient, user friendly system accessible via Internet, Voice Response Unit (VRU) and toll free 800 number
  9. 9. Vantage401(k) Competitiveness Typical Fee structure: Vantage401(K) Fee structure: Participant Fee Participant Fee Investment Mgmnt Fee: Investment Mgmnt Fee: .20%-1.00% .08%-1.00% Admin & Record Keeping: Admin & Record Keeping: .20%-.50% $4.00- $12.00 per quarter Plan Level Fee Plan Level Fee Admin & Record Keeping: Admin & Record Keeping: .20%-.25% .25-.50% Broker/Advisor Fee: Broker/Advisor Fee: .25%-.50% .25-.50% Fees Paid directly by Plan Fees Paid directly by Plan Sponsor for set-up Sponsor for set-up Plan Setup:$2,000- Plan Setup:$625-$2,000 $15,000
  10. 10. Vantage Benefits Sungard Administrators Transaction Network (TPA) (Technology) Penson (Custodian)