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A Brief History of Slide Design


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Changes in the way visual aids have been designed over the years. Starting with textual slides commonly used on overhead projectors, through early powerpoint with color and clip art, to more modern highly graphical slides with one idea per image.

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A Brief History of Slide Design

  1. 1. Graham
  2. 2. There are three key aspects to having a healthylife:1) Eating good healthy food to ensure your bodyhas the right fuel2) Participating in regular exercise to keep fit andmaintain muscle tone3) Going to bed early and having enough sleep tobe refreshed in the morning
  3. 3. With colour, fonts and the omnipresent“Clip Art”
  4. 4.  High quality minimally processed food Feed your body with the right fuel Regular Exercise Tone your body with an exercise regime Consistent sleep Refresh your body with ample rest
  5. 5. Images became more available
  6. 6. QUALITY FOOD EXERCISE SLEEPFeed your body withthe right fuelTone your body withan exercise regimeRefresh your bodywith ample rest
  7. 7. One Idea per SlideMinimal Text
  8. 8. Quality Food
  9. 9. Exercise
  10. 10. SLEEP
  11. 11. Visual Aids should add to what thepresenter says, not repeat