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  1. 1. Story Board Functions of my Product ‘Mobile phone app & ride bracelet’ Story in Theme Park younglong Kim.
  2. 2. Brian and Rina’s Story in Ever Land EVER LAND Wow!! We are in the Ever Land, now!! So Exciting!!
  3. 3. Visitors will get help from the They wear the ride bracelet bracelet. RFID is on the bracelet which detects number of poeple in the line. Also, it provides other exciting functions through visitor’s mobile phone. Ever Land Ever Land Welcome to EVER LAND Yeah! We got rides bracelet. Let’s go for rides!!
  4. 4. Visitors’ mobile phone will provide information about rides. They don’t want to spend time for They want to ride on ‘Swings’ waiting the ride. They can check how many people are waiting and can go on other rides if there are too many people. This function helps visitors can manage their time. 2 3 1 I want to ride swings. Oh, don’t worry But I don’t know Hey, which ride I can check do you want to if there are too many it through people in the line. go on? my mobile phone.
  5. 5. They use EverLand App Ever Land provides information through mobile phone. This application has a lot of functions that visitors can enjoy and get help. WELCOME TO Look this. EVER LAND There is ‘Ever Land’ application for visitors. It helps us to know anything about Ever Land!!
  6. 6. Functions on Application There are several functions for people in Ever Land. The application will provide many features that visitors can enjoy. So far, five main functions have been developed (just ideas). Map: Visitors can observe rides, restaurants, event hall and any facilities through Ever Land Map Rides Info: Visitors can find information about the rides such as how many people are waiting for Rides Map Info a certain rede. Exciting Bracelets: Visitors can have a fun with their Exciting Events distinct bracelet. e.g They can control laser colour in Bracelets the laser show at the night time. People Event: Bracelet vibrates when visitors pass around Emergency near Call event board or things related to any events. you People near you: Visitors can use their bracelets to communicate with others. Each bracelet can be detected by mobile application and provide a fun. e.g. You can see where people have been near you. Emergency Call: Visitors talk to security.
  7. 7. Brian clicked ‘Ride Info’ to see ‘Swings’ information. There are some categories of ‘Swings’. How to get the ‘Swings’ info He selected ‘Check the line’ to see how many people are waiting. Type Ride’s name Rides Swings Map Swings Info Check the history Exciting Events Bracelets Check the location People near Emergency Check the line you Call
  8. 8. Queue detects visitors bracelet and counts number of people ‘Queue detects bracelet’ waiting in the queue. RFID tag will be attached on the bracelets and reader on the queue will detect what type of bracelet, number of people and check the visitors’ height. When people enter the queue, your bracelet will be detected by sensor on the queue. Beginning of the queue End of the queue Rides bracelet RFID tag on it Sensor Sensor how many people go out. how many people come in.
  9. 9. It shows the flow of interaction: how to provide information through ‘The flow of interaction’ the theme park system for visitors. For exampel, the queue sensor will detect the bracelet and send the information to database system. The database system will analyse and provide the information that visitors want to know. Theme Park DATABASE SYSTEM Collect and Analyse the data from rides Send information to Count user’s mobile phone Number of People Visitors can interact with others(need to develop)
  10. 10. Visitors can check maximum number of people ‘Swings’ and can see how many people are waiting, types(colours) of bracelet, Waiting time and else. See. There 39 people are waiting Swings now. I think if we leave Swings now, we can ride on it Maximun Number: 33 next. Oh, let’s check Check the history 21 the location, first! 15 Check the location 3 Check the line No. of people wating: 39 Wating time: 15min
  11. 11. Check where is ‘Swings’ about Visitors can check the location of rides. It shows where you are at and calculates time to get the rides. 7 min by walk Swings Yaheee!!! You are here Go. Go. Let’s go! Oh, it takes only 7minutes! Let’s go anyway!! I can’t wait for it!