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Published in: Education, Technology
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  1. 1. Objective: Equip Educators to Empower the Next Generation
  2. 2. FIRST BOOK GOALS Add 25K Motivate registered Drive TeachersRaise Awareness Teachers To schools / to Purchase Register programs CHALLENGES Teachers and Each district Convinceadministrators and classroom Teachers that Teachers are do not know handles book- First Book is a busy this program buying good solution exists differently
  3. 3. Insight: IT TAKES A VILLAGEThe teacher is not a stand alone decision-maker, they are the core of all touch pointsEveryone from the children to parents and administrators can affect the curriculum and book purchasing protocol ADMINISTRATORS: In some districts, administrators determine the curriculum and Target areas with a higher concentration of eligible purchasing of books schools TEACHERS: PARENTS: OTHER EDUCATORS: The teachers who Participate in Teachers look to select and children’s education each other for advice purchase their at home, PTAs and and lesson plans classroom books other organizations influence curriculum directly STUDENTS: Teachers derive parts of their curriculum from student preferences and student needs
  4. 4. Media Strategy: PUT FIRST BOOK ON TEACHERS’ RADAR Target teachers making purchase decisions, also reach out to the influencers who help shape the classroom environment Generate Engage the Spread the Drive Sales Awareness Community Word aaaFIRST KIDS & FIRST CONTEST SHARING FIRST BOOK CLUB BOOK Partner with the Build upon existing Repurpose the Create the FIRST First Kids, Sasha relationships with content collected BOOK CLUB toand Malia Obama, First Book and throughout the promote ongoing as faces of First forge new ones contest and participation to Book distribute the facilitate ease of Encourage teachers Convey the & influencers to testimonials to class planning and benefits of First share experiences educators and book purchaseBook, intercepting by submitting influencers in while sustaining the target in the multimedia to the districts with Title I involvement of media they landing page and schools both teachers and consume enter the contest students
  5. 5. FIRST BOOK & THE FIRST KIDSInvolve Sasha and Malia as the faces of First Book to raise awareness and establish credibility, elevating the importance of the First Book messageThe Obamas have a broad appeal to reach the entire community—teachers as well as parents and are role models for children to relate and look up toBoth parents are already involved in various child education and welfare programs Click to Skip in 0:30 Advertisement 0:01 creative example: video preroll creative example: online banners creative example: print ad
  6. 6. CREATE A CONTESTUtilize Sasha and Malia’s endorsement to create excitement around a contest before the end of the 2011-2012 school year Current Participants: Prospective Participants: Drive teachers and communities currently involved in First Book to Each new teacher that registers submit their stories to an online throughout the contest will be landing page to win $10,000 worth of automatically entered to win $1,000 books for their school worth of books for their school Stimulate community sharing around the benefits of the program through social media Distribute bookmarks to children in classrooms and local bookstores to be brought home with information and the contest URL Create a QR code for easy registration and submission Utilize Shared Direct Mail inserts targeted to parents in eligible communities, encouraging family participation Promote the contest through targeted media and First Book’s existing social channels
  7. 7. REPURPOSE CROWD-SOURCED ASSETSUse the submissions gathered through the contest to develop share-worthy media assetsDistribute to DMAs with low income and high concentrations of Title I schools through targeted media buys, reaching educators and administratorsSpeaking to to current and prospective registrants CLICK HERE TO REGISTER Click to Skip in 0:30 Advertisement 0:01 creative example: video preroll creative example: print ad
  8. 8. THE FIRST BOOK CLUB Registered teachers will gain access to customized lesson plans only available through the FIRST BOOK CLUB & one click purchase options through the First Book MarketplaceOnline communities for teachers & students:“Read Along with Sasha & Malia,” favorites from the First ChildrenSuggested reading lists & lesson plans available only through the FIRST BOOK CLUB produced by media partnersStudent logins track reading progress and earn stars, have an impact by voting for the next book read in the classroom (from teacher- created list) creative example: site mockup
  9. 9. MEASURABLE RESULTSFirst Kids & Primary awareness driver, creating PR and breaking the through teachers’ inertia in previous buying habits First Book Motivating teachers to involve the community & creating incentives Contest for promoting First Book and their classroom involvement as well as driving registration, helping reach 25k registrants Sharing Engaging everyone who has been a part of First Book and inspiring additional teachers to participate in the programExperiencesFIRST BOOK That Drives book sales by offering a value proposition to teachers in the for of exclusive content and a streamlined course development Club and book purchasing process, platform for continued involvement
  10. 10. FLOWCHART End of Year ----------------------------------- Back to School --------------------------------------------- Semester End MAY JUN JUL AUG SEP OCT NOV DEC TACTICS Generate Awareness:Multimedia & First Kid Partnership Engage the Community: Contest and driving media Spread the Word: Teacher-targeted Multimedia Drive Sales: FIRST BOOK CLUB OFFLINE $375,000 $375,000 SOCIAL $1,000,000 ONLINE DISPLAY $1,000,000 ONLINE VIDEO $1,000,000 MOBILE $500,000 PAID SEARCH $439,000 PRODUCTION FEES/ CONTEST PRIZES $36,000 $25,000 $5,000,000