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Joel Young - QB2011 - Listening and Boundaries


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Insight into the complexity of truly hearing or listening to another.

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Joel Young - QB2011 - Listening and Boundaries

  1. 1. “When people think youredying, they really, really listen toyou, instead of just.....instead of just waiting for theirturn to speak?” – Fight Club ”
  2. 2. ASSUME
  3. 3. Don’t ASS YOU ME• What’s that like for YOU?• What might YOU need?Stay CURIOUS!• You never really know them.• They feel different from you.• They think different from you.• They need different solutions from you.
  4. 4. AREAS OFRESPONSIBILITYBOUNDARIES – What is mine? What is yours?
  5. 5. What happens if you take responsibility forthat which you have no control over?AREAS OFRESPONSIBILITY
  6. 6. My boundaries arehealthy and include onlymy ownfeelings, thinking, actions.My boundaries include theirfeelings, thinking, actions.I’m in your space, but I don’t know itand I think you want it or need it.