Sneaker MSRP Rising


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If we do not decrease resell activity anytime soon manufactures such as Nike and Addidas will raise the retail price for higher end shoes.

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  • One of the most popular shoes in history are signatures of a great player by the name of Michael Jordan who retired in 2003.  Michael Jordan’s shoes were one of the first basketball shoes to feature color and not be all white, and Michael Jordan was even fined for wearing them during basketball games.
  • Jordan shoes have been popular and high in demand since the first release in 1985
  • Jordan shoes have been popular and high in demand since the first release in 1985. Retailing at $150.00 and now are retailing on average $175.00-$250.00. Do to economic times these shoes are in high demand but not enough product is being produced.
  • Manufactures don’t want to over produce and end up not profiting also with a marketing plan to keep the shoes rarity in a sense. Resellers are taking advantage of this and causing shoes to be sold on sites like ebay and craigs list for triple or more the amount of retail value.
  • Big Idea:Manufacturers will charge higher prices for shoes if they see ordinary people making thousands of dollars more then suggested retail price off shoe sales.
  •   Do to the purchases of shoes being sold via resell there is a possibility that you can be paying even more for your shoes in the near future even if your lucky enough to purchase them at retail.
  • I myself am what is called a sneakerhead and have been victims of having to purchase from resellers do to not much availability of popular shoes in my demographics from retailers.
  • If resellers had to pay a fee or were boycotted to the point where they were not able to profit then they will leave it up to retail stores to sell product.
  • This will also allow more customers to purchase sneakers at retail stores at retail price.
  • Manufactures are trying to make shoes more available to customers via retail but without manufacturing more product. • Techniques are being implanted for example via social networks like retweeting or hashtagging certain code words to reserve a limit of one pair of shoes per customer.  
  • Retail stores offer raffles as well for some of the popular shoe releases.
  • Resellers are able to purchase large quantity of shoes via networking with employees at retail stores if not already an employee.
  • • If you check the sellers history on sites like ebay, you’ll see that most of the sellers have 100% rating and promise shoes even before they are available and also state the fact that they’re either an employee at a shoe store or have a credible relationship with shoe retailers employees.  
  •   While demand is staying the same retail price is slowly increasing. • Shoes are still selling out and because of this resellers are asking for outrageous amounts and also even robberies have occurred do to criminals knowing the value that these shoes have.
  • I am asking the audience to try and limit purchasing shoe from resellers to attempt them to reconsider purchasing mass quantities of shoes in efforts to profit.
  • 1. Manufactures are making attempts for you to purchase shoes via retail 2. Cracking down on shoe retail employees and bulk quantity sells 3. If resell activity continues to rise so will retail prices
  • Resell activity needs to decrease so that manufacturers cannot put that in to consideration along with material cost rising and increase retail value.
  • If we are able to decrease mass purchase for resell then not only will shoes be more available via retail but also manufactures will not have that thought of “why don’t we just squeeze the customers for every penny”. 
  • Also this will decrease violent attacks in order to obtain these shoes as well.   References   Air Jordan-History of the Franchise . (n.d) retrieved September 7 2013, from Sneaker News Web Site:
  • Sneaker MSRP Rising

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    16. 16. Decrease Resell Activity
    17. 17. want you to purchase from retailers! Manufactures <a href="">achimh</a> via <a href="">Compfight</a> <a href="">cc</a> selling bulk quantity or store stock for their own profit need to face punishment! Employee <a href="">TheeErin</a> via <a href="">Compfight</a> <a href="">cc</a> MSRP Rising do to resell activity rising and must decrease!
    18. 18. Decrease Resell Purchases! <a href="">achimh</a> via <a href="">Compfight</a> <a href="">cc</a>
    19. 19. <a href="">thetaxhaven</a> via <a href="">Compfight</a> <a href="">cc</a> Win! Win!Win! Win!
    20. 20. THANKS!