Rodents – The Winter Pest No One Wants To Face


Published on – Young Environmental Solutions can help keep rodents out of your house this season guaranteed. Rodents are small creatures, but they can destroy your property &are a health risk to you and your family.YES Pest Pros offer a guaranteed rodent elimination program that is environmentally responsible and utilizes the latest strategies, technologies & materials to eradicate your problem and to help keep it from returning.

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Rodents – The Winter Pest No One Wants To Face

  1. 1. Rodents – TheWinter Pest NoOne Wants ToFaceY.E.S. can help keeprodents out of your housethis season guaranteed.
  2. 2. A DamagingInfestationThey may seem like tinycreatures, but rodents candestroy your property and createserious health risks for you andyour family. What’s more, though,is that they can introduce otherpest problems like fleas and ticksinto your home, putting you at riskof contracting other illnesses.
  3. 3. Mice and RatsWhile there are many types ofrodents, most people deal with twotypes when it comes to their homes –mice and rats. Mice are usually gray or brown in color. They’re typically 6 inches long, and they weigh about 1/2 ounce. Rats are either brown or black, depending on the type, and they’re often much larger than mice, though young rats are sometimes mistaken for mice. They have sharp teeth, designed for gnawing.
  4. 4. Do You Have AProblem? If you’re unsure if you have a rodent control problem, here are a few signs you may want to look for.  Gnaw marks around the molding or siding in your home.  Gnaw marks on your food.  Rub marks (also called skid marks) where the rodent’s body has touched your home’s walls.  Rodent feces anywhere inside your house.
  5. 5. Getting Some HelpContacting a rodent elimination expert is the bestway to eliminate rodents in and around your home.Using a variety of methods that are safe for yourfamily yet deadly to rodents, they can help you dealwith the problem and keep it from coming back.
  6. 6. CleaningUp After ARodentInfestation After you’ve dealt with rodents, you may have a real mess on your hands. You’ll need to do some disinfecting once a rodent control professional has eliminated the problem. If you can, air out the contaminated area. Spray a fine mist of a bleach solution, & remove up any droppings you find. Making sure that throughout the process, you ware protective gear and respiratory protection.
  7. 7. Rodent Prevention TipsIt’s not always going to be possible to prevent rodentsfrom entering your home, but here are a few tips thatmay help. Repair or patch any holes or damage to your home. Don’t forget about the eaves & attic. Keep your gutters & overhangs clear, as rodents can easily build nests in there. Store your yard waste away from the house. Keep bird seed in a sealed metal container. Rodents often enter around pipes. Make sure you’ve sealed every possible entry point & blocked any holes with steel wool.
  8. 8. Disposing of Dead RodentsShould you find a dead rodent in yourhome, it’s important to dispose of itproperly. Wear rubber gloves. Place the dead rodent in a plastic bag, then in a second plastic bag, making sure it’s tightly sealed. Then place it in a trash container with a tight fitting lid. Wash your hands thoroughly wash after you’ve removed the gloves.
  9. 9. Guaranteed Rodent EliminationYoung Environmental Solutions is the local expert onrodent elimination. YES Pest Pros offer a guaranteedrodent elimination program that is environmentallyresponsible and utilizes the latest strategies, technologies &materials to eradicate your problem and to help keep itfrom returning.Visit for more information.